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Swagbucks Review


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Swagbucks is a way to earn and build SWB points and then convert them into cash or other gifts. You can earn points by completing surveys, watching videos or by a number of free trials and paying for products and services.

Is it though, worth the time invested and is it legit? – our UK Swagbucks review will help you find out!

Swagbucks is legit. It is worthwhile, and a Swagbucks UK user can earn up to £30 per month or more by completing online surveys and watching online videos. For example, a 30 SB Point survey taking 2mins to complete will earn an average of £13.50 an hour, but these are rare.

We, at Money Boost, put Swagbucks through its paces. We tested various ways of earning SB Points (SwagBucks Points). You may be surprised by what we found out!

What is Swagbucks UK


Let’s start as all great stories start – at the beginning. So, what exactly is Swagbucks and why recently has it grown in popularity?

Swagbucks calls itself ‘the web’s most popular rewards program’. A pretty bold statement.

The nature of Swagbucks is to reward you for your time, effort, knowledge, personal information, experiences and take up of free trials and paid purchases.

Swagbucks has teamed up with a number of known, and less known, retailers and service providers. This allows them to use their vast army of Swagbuck users to complete surveys for companies, watch videos and partake in free trials and special offers.

As Swagbucks grew, as did other businesses interest. Product and service providers, knowing Swagbucks had a growing number of users, wanted to find a way of promoting what they do. This allows Swagbucks to team up with companies looking for feedback and personalised recommendations.

Swagbucks will be paid for this, and therefore can reward their members with points – known as Swagbucks Points (or SB Points for short). These points can be redeemed for prizes such as cash payments straight into your PayPal account, or by way of gift cards – like an M&S £10 Gift Card for instance.

The more you participate, the more you are rewarded. It’s as simple as that. You can though be extra smart with Swagbucks to make sure your time for points is invested well.

Depending on how you use Swagbucks you could earn between 90p per hour to over £13 per hour. Read of more for information on how to use Swagbucks to your advantage, and what to look out for to boost your SB Points.

How can I make money on Swagbucks

There are lots of ways of earning SB Points and making money through Swagbucks. Many of these we have already touched upon – like surveys, shopping, watching videos and even searching the web.

Swagbucks is split into the following Categories:

Swagbucks Categories


This section is all about quizzes and will mean trading time for points. You have various options such as taking part in a daily poll for 1 SB for answering quizzes and surveys. This can work out at anywhere between 1 SB per minute and up to 10 SB or more per minute.


This is where you can make purchases at various shops and stores, using the links on Swagbucks website or app, and will earn you SB points every time you do. This works because Swagbucks will receive a commission for your purchase from the store. There is no extra cost to you – you still pay the same price as if you visited the store itself – but Swagbuckets rewards you with SB points, and those you can convert in to cash or gift cards.


This is the like the bric-a-brac section of offers. There are a range of ways of to make purchases and take on free offers to earn SB Points in here.

For example (SB Points correct at time of article publication):

  • Switch your energy provider through Energy Helpline to earn 750 SB Points (about £5);
  • Switch Electricity providers through Bulb and earn up to 2,000 SB Points (about £16);
  • Purchase a NowTV Entertainment pass and earn 250 SB Points (about £1.65);
  • Join Match.com and earn 1,500 SB Points (about £12);
  • Subscribe to Disney+ and earn 1000 SB Points (about £8);


From time to time you have the option to watch various adverts and promotional videos in return for SB points. Although we have found very few videos recently.

Swagbucket offers its own web search, similar to visiting Google or Bing. For every search you make you will earn 1 SB point. You may wonder how Swagbucket earn any money in order to reward you, but if you make a search on either the Swagbucket website or mobile app, you’ll see cleverly placed Swagbucket adverts at the top of your search result – and then the actual search engine results underneath. Please note: You need to complete the Captcha on the page to earn your points!


Yes, this section rewards you for playing games. It may sound a little too good to be true, so let me explain.

The games you will play are generally popular games you will find on your Apple or Google Play App Store. They are free to download and free to play, but all of these games are known as ‘freemium’, meaning they are free to play and get you started but in reality if you want to progress far in to the game you will need to start spending money.

Many games offer this model including games like Candy Crush and Game of Clans. You can play completely free BUT you must reach a certain level or stage before you are rewarded with your SB points.

Playing for free to reach the levels needed to earn your SB Points could take weeks, but by paying in the game through in-app purchase for the virtual rewards, tools, points etc… you can reach the targets and levels needed sooner.

This is how the game makers make their money, and how they can reward Swagbucket – to in turn reward you.

If you go down this route, ensure you are not tempted to spend a lot of money on in-app purchases to get to the needed levels. Sometimes the amount people have paid in in-app purchases have in the end exceeded the value in rewards they earned.

If you are happy to continue to play for free, and not be tempted in to spending on the in-app purchases, you could boost your SB Points considerably.


The last section is all about Rewards. This is all about you. How you can redeem your rewards for cash or gift cards. Prices can vary and promotions can see you earn more money for your points at time, so it’s key to pay attention and look out for those special offers.

At the moment here are some of the reward offers available:

  • 700 SB Points = £5 Amazon Giftcard;
  • 1,300 SB Points = £10 Mastercard Prepaid Card;
  • 1,360 SB Points = £10 M&S Giftcard;
  • 1,450 SB Points = £10 Cash in your PayPal account;

You will earn a little more money redeeming your SB Points for a giftcard than cash, but the amount is generally quite small in comparison, so you may find the cash payment works better for you in to either a PayPal account or sent to you as a Mastercard PrePaid card to use in almost all shops and online stores.

How Much Can I Earn through Swagbucks in the UK

In the last section you will have seen a sample of some of the rewards you can get, and also some of the ways you can spend those rewards.

The following below will give you an idea as to how much your SB Points are worth.

[table id=10 /]

In reality your earnings are unlimited but without spending money to earn your SB Points, your time isn’t unlimited.

You can only enter a certain number of surveys per day, and those surveys will either give you a nice pot of SB Points for your time or a low number.

For example, some surveys will pay you 20 SB points for a survey that will take, on average, 20 minutes to complete. Now on the basis that every 1 SB Point is equal to around 1.5p (rounded up, for you to do some quick maths) it means you will earn the equivalent of 35p for a 20 minute survey. Not great.

At this rate you are earning just 90p an hour completing surveys!

This is a worse case and some surveys pay different. We completed one survey today that paid 30 SB Points for a 2 minute survey. These are rare and don’t come up too often, so keep an eye out for them, but this would mean an hourly rate of £13.50 an hour. A much better exchange for your time.

If though you use the Shop section to find stores where you were going to buy anyway, or want to take on some free trials (and cancel subscriptions if you don’t like) and use the Search option for all your daily internet searches, it can end up with a nice little amount each month.

Is Swagbucks Legit

Yes. Swagbucks is legit. They have been in operation globally for over 10 years now.

They are featured on the MoneySavingExpert website.

Like any business though, there is always that risk. You are not paying Swagbucks any money directly, so risk though in this case is limited.

I would recommend cashing out regularly. Don’t leave large SB Point balances cumulating. Take out gift cards or cash deposits regularly. Every month if possible. This way you have your reward safely tucked away, and then no matter what happens – it’s yours!

Is Swagbucks Worth It

It’s a difficult question to answer in a general statement, but I’ll try.

If your intention is to quit your day job to make a living completing surveys, just don’t!

You will never make close to the returns of a full-time job even at minimum wage. There would be so many better uses, and value, for your time to make some extra money.

If though you are happy receiving a £30 gift card through the post or email every month for spending an hour or two per day, that you would normally spend just watching TV or or just wasting time on Facebook, it may be a good option for you.

These £30 gift cards or cash payments can mount up over a year and could also be ideal as a little savings pot for things like Christmas.

For example, you could easily build up an amount of £400-£500 per year this way, which would go a long way towards the expense at the seasonal time.

Saving this extra income per month into a savings account, or generally keeping the gift cards in a safe place, could mean a more comfortable Christmas each year with essentially free money towards presents, food, decorations etc…

I’m sure an extra £400 towards Christmas each year would be very welcomed.

In Conclusion

When you go through the numbers, and options above, it may look a little bleak. You can’t get rich completing surveys, but you can make a small amount each month, that can be saved for bigger events like birthdays and Christmas. This is where use of your downtime in the evening could be better spent.

To get started and check for welcome promotions visit……Swagbucks UK

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