Best Social Media Platform to Make Money On




Best Social Media Platform to Make Money On


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The number of people who use social media each day is astounding, especially when the number accounts for almost half the world population and keeps growing exponentially. 

Best Social Media Platform to Make Money On

But did you know some social media platforms pay you for uploading content?

You can make money by doing paid advertisements for products via brand deals on social media. Making money on social media isn’t easy, but it can be very profitable.

You need to know where to start and put in the work. This article will help you do just that. So let’s discover the best social media platforms to earn money online.

Few Things to Remember Before You Start Your Journey

Keeping these things in mind will ensure that your journey is smooth.

Selecting The Right Platform

The first step is to select which platform will receive the most attention.

You’ll want to open a business page on as many social networking sites as necessary. But one of them should be your primary focus. Recent polls have shown that people tend to work mainly on Instagram.

Join An Influencer Community

If you are an aspiring social influencer, becoming a part of a community of influencers can help you in the long run. Brands will be able to locate you more quickly if they have a service or product similar to that of your content.

Suppose a brand wants you to market their latest workout equipment and fitness clothes. These communities will make the process of getting brand partnerships much easier.

You may also handle all brand communication using these media. Instead of spending money on sponsored campaigns, try taking this route instead.

For example, the creation of Facebook groups has exploded in popularity during the last several months. Individuals use these to sell their items while also allowing other businesses to advertise on your Facebook group.

They are an excellent opportunity to develop genuine ties with your desired audience; people like a sense of community and similarity. A Facebook group must develop into a resource for its members.

Given how social networks function, Facebook groups can serve as helpful marketing tools that help you earn a nice living from sponsors and corporations who choose to partner with you.

Find A Way to Increase Your Engagement Rates

Brands seek to collaborate with social influencers because they usually have extraordinarily high engagement rates.

Companies identified engagement as the most critical factor for determining the effectiveness of influencer marketing efforts.

If you want to promote yourself as more desirable to businesses, show them how active your fans are on social media. Begin by learning how to create engaging captions and upload quality photos and ask your audience to like, comment, and share it.

Respond to your fan’s dm. We understand that this can be time-consuming, especially for those with tens of thousands of followers. 

Suppose you want to make a living off of social media. In that case, you must devote a certain amount of time each day to interact with a few of your audience personally. Remember, we’re treating this as if it were your full-time source for earning money.

Engaging with your followers will make them feel more at ease with you. When you suggest a brand to them in the future, they will be more comfortable following your advice, increasing the success of your sponsored posts.

Link Up With Mobile Applications

We notice social influencers collaborate with the same niches of businesses. Their marketing gimmick mainly revolves around clothes, workout gear, and nutrition.

Although not problematic, it is not viable for long-term success. When businesses believe that you’ve given your best and your charges are becoming expensive, they’ll turn to newer influencers.

Consider thinking outside the box and collaborating with unusual businesses, such as mobile apps. For example, the Cash App engages influencers and rewards them for each post.

Another advantage of collaborating with apps is that they provide long-term contracts for your sponsored content.

You can pull handsome brand deals and potential customers by posting regular content and having a decent following on your Tiktok account.

Base Your Content Around A Specific niche

As a new influencer, one feels tempted to accept gigs from any firm that gives them money. However, you must realize how these will affect your future.

You don’t want to collaborate with a brand that contradicts your basic principles and ideals. Furthermore, it would be best to consider how this will affect your fans and how other companies will see you in the future.

If you are part of a community that links companies and influencers, make sure your material is relevant to your expertise.

Don’t declare you’re a gourmet in your profile, and never publish food-related content or work with food-related businesses. It neither makes logic nor cash.

Best Social Media Platforms for Making Money

In 2019, more than 80% of social influencers ranked Instagram as their top platform. More than 11% chose YouTube, while less than 4% chose Facebook.

This trend occurs because 75% of influencers believe Instagram offers the most attractive features compared to other social platforms. Its algorithm seamlessly connects brands with influencers while providing a good payout.

According to these statistics, we strongly advise prioritizing the growth of your Instagram account.

There’s no need to fret and panic. If other social influencers can experience success, you will also be able to do so.

Without any further ado, let’s get to the meat of the piece and talk about how you may make the most of these social media networks to generate money.



What began as a photo-sharing platform has evolved into today’s most entertaining social networking apps.

Instagram is among the most popular entertainment platforms, with photographs, videos, stories, and Reels shared throughout its 1+ billion user community.

It is not just a fun social networking platform but a legitimate way to generate money.

Finding businesses to collaborate with will be much easier if you already have a large enough following (150,000+).

However, suppose you’re starting and have a reasonably small following. You’ll have to put in some effort to increase your following.

Pinpoint an area of your expertise and give a unique perspective to your material. Sticking to a niche increases your chances of growing your quantity and ultimately monetizing your Instagram profile.

Once Instagram monetizes, you can set up your profile to get brand partnerships.



YouTube is the world’s most popular free social video streaming network. Because it is a video service, a YouTuber has an edge in building a large following. A degree of trust develops between the YouTuber and the audience.

To make money from Youtube, you must first become a YouTube affiliate. After that, you create your AdSense account. At least 1,500 subscribers and 4,500 watch times in the last 12 months are required.

There are several different methods for making money with your YouTube account. 

Sponsored brand partnerships are one example. To preserve those healthy legal Ad standards and retain that trust and openness between you and your audience, one word of caution here is to be transparent with your audience about a particular product.

Another method to earn a profit is through broadcasts or live streams. Your audience can directly give you money using the Superchat feature, exclusively available to YouTube partners.

Once you’ve established a reliable customer base, you may even offer your merchandise and services.

These features make Youtube one of the best social media sites to generate money.



Twitter is still one of the top social networking platforms. According to Twitter, 80% of B2B marketing professionals employed them as part of their marketing strategy in the previous year.

Having 370 million users, Twitter is an effective advertising platform for increasing brand interaction.

Like many other networks, the trick is to expand your Twitter profile’s following by regularly producing fresh and entertaining material. To establish a solid foundation, you must connect and interact with other Twitter users by liking, tweeting, and reacting to their postings.

Another idea is to incorporate hashtags pertinent to your specialty in your organic tweets to connect with more individuals.

You may get money through sponsored tweets after you have many followers. Once you have a significant influence, you can charge up to $100,000 per tweet.

Twitter also has an option to sell other businesses’ products through affiliate links.



LinkedIn is an excellent platform for making money for freelancers or as a side hustle. It has 750 million active users and 52+ million registered businesses on its platform.

It is more like a social media platform for people looking to connect with like-minded people to work on projects or start a business.

You can consider it to be Facebook for professionals.



To make money exclusively from TikTok, users must be at least 18 years old, have 12,000 followers, and have accumulated at least 100,000 views in the preceding 30 days. 

Once they achieve these milestones, they become eligible to apply for TikTok’s Producer fund program.

Advertising songs in videos are among the most popular techniques to earn some money on TikTok. Music advertisers and record companies frequently pay TikTok users to post on the application and increase the reach of a new single.

How to Retain and Increase Your Audience?

You must always maintain your audience’s interests and desires.

They are the driving force behind your success since they are the ones that tell their friends about you and are the primary source of growth for your account and business.

You should check in with them frequently to discover how they view your material and what they like seeing. This strategy effectively increases your interaction statistics and attracts more fans and companies.

If you venture far from what your audience cares about, you risk losing followers, engagement, and prospective brand partnerships.

While the companies will pay you, your followers are why prospective companies want to pay you.


Remember that it takes more time and money than a few years ago to increase your account and monetize it. However, your first investment does not have to be particularly large. The returns will begin to compound as you expand.

Learn new things, try new things, and constantly pay attention to your customers and what they want. Avoid purchasing followers or phony likes, and don’t hunt for alternatives. 

It is good to succeed late and be stable rather than succeed fast and get no desired results.

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