How Do You Earn Money on Twitch?




Ways to Earn Money on Twitch


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Once you get going, you can make anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000 on Twitch. Although getting to a point where you’re making money will take some effort. You’ll have to work hard to get subscribers, post content regularly, and strategically use various monetization methods. 

Here are 5 different techniques you can use to earn money on twitch:

  1. Become a twitch affiliate
  2. Donations
  3. Brand partnership
  4. Merch
  5. Ad revenue 

This article will explain each of these methods in detail and make sure you have all the information you need to earn money on Twitch. So keep reading. 

Ways to Earn Money on Twitch

Ways to Earn Money on Twitch

There are several ways to monetize a Twitch account. If you use them strategically, you’re bound to make a lot of money from them. Figure out which techniques are best suited to your page and content. 

Once you find out what combination of monetization methods makes you the most profits, you’ll be able to earn a steady income from the platform. 


1. Become A Twitch Affiliate 

Becoming a twitch affiliate is one of the first things you should do if you want to make money on the platform. However, you need to meet a few conditions before you are eligible for this feature.

As an affiliate, you can earn money through:

  • Subscriptions 
  • Twitch bits 
  • Game sales


Eligibility Criteria

First, you must regularly stream with concurrent viewers. This means you must have at least three viewers watching your content simultaneously. 

Second, you need a minimum of 50 followers at the time you’re applying to become an affiliate. However, it’s better to wait until you have 55 or 60 followers in case you lose some during the period you’re applying for this feature.

Third, you must have at least a total of 500 minutes of content over the last 30 days. It can be stuff you’ve posted in the previous week. The purpose of this criteria is to ensure you’ve been active on your page during the last month. 

Fourth, you must have streamed or broadcasted on at least seven different days. This criterion ensures that only people who have shown some level of commitment to their Twitch account become affiliates. 



Viewers can subscribe to their favorite affiliates and gain access to exclusive content. They can choose between three packages:

  • $4.99/- month
  • $9.99/- month
  • $24.99/- month

You make half of this money. The other half goes to Twitch. 

As an affiliate, you get to choose what kind of content your subscribers get. This can include discounts on merchandise, unique emoticons, subscriber-only streams, subscriber-only chat rooms, etc.


Twitch Bits

Once you’re a Twitch affiliate, you can accept donations from your viewers in the form of Twitch Bits. This is a currency that only works on the platform. Viewers can buy these bits or earn them by watching ads. At times, they can get them by filling out surveys too. 

You get $0.01 for every bit. While this doesn’t sound like a lot, viewers have a lot of opportunities to earn bits and spend them on their favorite affiliates quite generously. 


Game Sales

Another way being an affiliate can help you make money is through game sales. All you have to do is stream while playing a game, and you can make money every time someone watches you play and downloads the game. 

This only applies to games available on the Twitch store, though. Whenever a viewer clicks on the ‘buy now’ button on your profile to purchase a game, you make 5% of the sales. 

Promote the games you love, play them endlessly, and push your viewers to do the same. 


2. Crowd-Sourcing

2. Crowd-Sourcing

Another way to collect money is by asking your viewers directly. You can add a Paypal account or any other third-party app to your Twitch account. 

Talk to your viewers and ask them for donations to help your channel grow. This kind of crowd-sourcing is quite common and not just in gaming networks. You can make a lot of money with this method because you’ll be getting small amounts from a large number of people. 

Even if each person only gives you $10, you’ll make $100 if ten viewers pitch it. Small amounts add up. You can specify why you need the money to get larger sums. 

For instance, if you need a new gaming system or a new PC which directly impacts your viewers’ experience on your streams, they’ll be more than willing to help. Even if it is a personal issue, you can talk to your viewers, and we’re sure they’d love to help. 


3. Brand partnership

Brand partnerships are a little harder to get but pay really well. You’d need to pitch to a company that you can convince people to buy their product. Whether it’s a gaming chair, a new mouse, or a game, they have to believe that they’ll make more than enough profits to pay you and get a nice bonus. 

You can do this by talking to them about any brand partnerships you’ve done in the past or just by having a lot of subscribers. 


4. Merch

If brand sponsorships aren’t your cup of tea, you can try to sell merch. The trick with this method is that you have to design clothes and accessories with your viewers in mind. Think about what sorts of things they’d like and want to spend money on. 

If you stream dnd campaigns, consider putting one of your characters on a shirt. Alternatively, if you have an inside joke with your viewers or a slogan, you can use that. Making customized chairs and other such paraphernalia with known brands is another option.


5. Ad revenue 

Using ads is the easiest way to make money as a streamer. Unfortunately, it is also the one viewers like the least because it disrupts the flow of a stream. 

You can include a video ad at the start or in the middle of your stream. As the person getting the viewers for whichever brand’s ad you’re running, you get a certain percentage of the advertising revenue.


Tips to Maximize Your Twitch Earnings 

Despite the fact that all people have access to the same monetization techniques, some earn more money than others. This is because of a few unsaid tips that experienced users learn over time. We’re sharing these insider secrets with you.

Tips to Maximize Your Twitch Earnings

Maximize your earnings by listening to your viewers’ feedback, posting clips of your stream on YouTube, and promoting yourself on social media. 


Listen to Your Viewers’ Feedback

Your viewers are the ones responsible for how much money you make. So even if you disagree with what they’re saying, you should listen to them. 

It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you put into designing a stream or inviting guests; if your viewers aren’t happy with your content, you won’t earn any money. At the end of the day, they are your source of income. 


Post Clips of Your Stream on YouTube 

Upload one portion of your stream on YouTube to gain traction. By keeping most of the stream to yourself, you can hype up viewers on another platform and have them move over to Twitch. This is the first step in getting them to subscribe to your profile and become part of your digital family. 

If you use ads on YouTube, you can make some extra revenue too. 


Promote Yourself on Social Media

Using social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to promote your content is a great way to reach out to new people. Both these apps are popular and have millions of users. If you can find your way into the gaming communities on these platforms, you’re bound to get more viewers on your Twitch account. 

Getting more viewers is a great first step in building your audience and making full use of all monetization techniques. 


Final Thoughts

There are a couple of monetization techniques on Twitch; you should pick the one best suited to your audience. The first step is the same for everyone: become a Twitch affiliate. This is an easy process and opens up a lot of money-making opportunities for you. 

As an affiliate, you can get subscribers, game sales, and earn twitch bits from your viewers. Overall, these money-making strategies are some of the most consistent. 

Other ways to earn money include crowd-sourcing, brand partnerships, selling merchandise, and using ad revenue. All four of these are fantastic techniques and can be used to make a lot of money. 

Irrespective of which one you choose, you’ll have to work hard to maximize your income, though, because money doesn’t come easy. You have to put in the effort to earn it because nobody is going to hand it to you. 

The same applies to Twitch. You have to put in the hours necessary to earn on the platform. Be authentic to your viewers and your streams. If they know what the platform means to you and you put out quality content, you’re bound to become a top earner. 

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