How to Earn Money on Facebook $500 Every Day?




How to Earn Money on Facebook $500 Every Day?


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Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is the huge social media monster that it is today because the platform caters to every type of audience. This includes people like you who want to make money from it. 

How to Earn Money on Facebook $500 Every Day?

Earning money on Facebook isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it is definitely possible. You can make at least $500 a day on the platform if you can attract an audience and monetize your page. 

This article will explain how to do both of these things in detail. We’ll give you specific tips to help improve your page’s following and then ways to make money from it. So keep reading and take notes. Everything mentioned in this article is tried, tested, and proven to be effective. 


Attracting Followers Who Will Buy Products From You

The first step in making money from Facebook is creating a page and getting people to follow it. You can do so easily by following these steps:

  1. Find a niche you’re interested in and have a lot of information about 
  2. Do research and figure out what content already exists in this niche 
  3. Begin publishing unique content that your competitors haven’t done yet
  4. Create a schedule for your posts to ensure you do it regularly 
  5. Engage with your audience and form a relationship with them 
  6. Use giveaways and Facebook’s Live feature to engage your audience 


1. Find A Niche You’re Interested in and Have A Lot of Information About

Finding a niche you like and have more information about than the average person is the first and one of the most important steps in this guide. It determines what kind of content you produce, who your target audience is, and how you can monetize your page. 

Think about what kinds of things you’re interested in. This could be music, health and fitness, technology, etc. Then narrow down your specific interest within that field. For example, within health and fitness, this could be vegan diet plans, at-home HIIT exercise routines, or expert yoga.  

The average person usually has a lot of information about the niche they like. Making your topic niche-specific helps you find your target audience quickly. Keeping your niche vague makes this more difficult because people don’t know exactly what you’re offering. 


2. Do Research and Figure Out What Content Already Exists in This Niche 

Once you’ve decided what your page will be about, figure out what sort of content already exists for it. If there is an established and reputable page putting out content about Viking relics, it is unlikely your relatively new page will gain attention. 

Your target audience will already have a go-to page. So instead of Viking relics, you could publish content about Viking legends like Lagertha and Ragnar Lothbrok. 

Having unique content is essential in brand building and finding out about your competition is a crucial precursor to that. 


3. Begin Publishing Unique Content That Your Competitors Haven’t Done Yet

As soon as you find a specific thing within the niche of your choice, you should start building your brand around it. Publish content about it and claim that niche as your own. 


4. Create A Schedule for Your Posts to Ensure You Do it Regularly 

Creating a schedule for your posts is a way to engage your audience. Inform them that you’ll be posting every Thursday or every Wednesday and Friday. Then they’ll know to look out for your content whenever it’s post day. 

Also, having a schedule will make sure you post regularly. It’s a method to keep a check on yourself.

Try to make your schedule such that you only post when your audience is online. There are different times when different types of audiences are most active. You have to figure out when your target audience uses Facebook the most and post then.


5. Engage With Your Audience and Form A Relationship With Them 

Engage with your audience in the comment section or through direct messages in Messenger. You can also try to write an engaging caption that asks your viewers a question or their thoughts on a topic. 

This is important because it will help you establish a relationship with them. They’re more likely to be loyal audience members if they feel close to you. 


6. Use Giveaways and Facebook’s Live Feature to Engage Your Audience 

You can also get closer to your audience by using giveaways and the live feature. Giveaways are a great opportunity to give your viewers a taste of your products. Moreover, if you ask your followers to share the post to enter the competition, you can reach more people and increase your following. 

The live feature gives your followers a peek behind the curtain. It is an opportunity to connect with your audience face to face, so it should be used wisely. Prepare a competition or invite a guest and make the live as fun as possible. 


Monetizing Your Facebook Page 

Monetizing Your Facebook Page

Once you have a decent following which is dedicated to your page, you can start monetizing. There are a lot of different techniques you can use. You have to figure out what combination works best for your niche and audience. 

Here are some of the top monetization techniques:

  1. Instant articles 
  2. Affiliate marketing 
  3. Selling products 
  4. Creating and selling courses
  5. Sponsored posts


1. Instant articles

You need a stable website that is at least five months old to apply for instant articles. Publish a couple of must-have pieces and then try to get AdSense advertising to make money. 

AdSense is Google’s advertising service which gives you access to a large portfolio of ads. If your page gets approved for AdSense, you stand to earn a lot. 


2. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common ways people use Facebook to earn money. You promote other companies’ products, and every time they make a sale because of you, you earn a commission. It’s the digital version of being a salesperson. 

You can promote the products through articles or blog posts. 

Remember not to directly put an affiliate link on your Facebook page because you might get blocked for it. Instead, put the link in an article on your website. Then link your website to your page. 


3. Sell Products 

Once you have a good following who respects you and believes in your reliability, you can start selling products related to your niche. Since your audience trusts you, they are likely to invest in items you put out. 

Ideally, these products will be items you create. So if your niche is bitcoin then you can write an ebook about it and sell it. Alternatively, if your niche is keto diets, you can write a cookbook. If you’re an artist, you can sell paintings, etc. 


4. Creating and Selling Courses

Another popular way to make money on Facebook is by selling courses. People often think they need to be experts to teach others, but that isn’t true. As an intermediate French speaker, you can easily teach beginners. 

All you need is more information and skill than the people you’re selling your course to. This is one of the easiest ways to make money from Facebook. 


5. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are more difficult to organize than the other monetizing methods outlined in this article. This is because you can’t do it yourself and need a third-party company to trust that you have enough of an audience to give their product exposure. 

You can do these paid collaborations with brands and generate substantial income from them. 


Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Earning $500 a day on Facebook sounds like the title of a bad clickbait video. But if you think about it, it’s a practical proposition that can be fulfilled quite easily. All you need is a little time, an interest, and dedication. 

The first step is the hardest: setting the intention to put in several months of effort into a Facebook page with the hopes of monetizing it. Once you decide that you’re going to do it, there’s nothing to stop you. 

This is because the platform gives you countless ways to increase your following and monetize your page. Pick a niche, anything that interests you. Then start putting out content. Make sure it is unique by doing some competitor research, and then do whatever you have to to make it reach your target audience. 

You can even pay Facebook to promote it, use the Live feature to engage your audience, or even make your page popular by posting memes. Do whatever you need to to get people onto your page. Then make them stay through things like engaging with them and posting regularly. 

Once you have a dedicated following, you can use one, two, or all of the five monetizing techniques mentioned in this article.  We’d recommend trying them all till you figure out which one works best for you. 

After reaching this point, there is no way you won’t be making at least $500 every single day. It’s practically impossible. 

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