How to earn extra money whilst social distancing




How to earn extra money whilst social distancing


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Since March 2020 the world has changed. Everything we became used to and almost dependent in a way, simply changed almost overnight. The freedom we enjoyed along with all the social activity we needed were just there for us. No questions, no ifs or buts.

The world changed and so did almost everyone’s lives. Adjusting to lockdown in our own homes has been a challenge for us all. Only seeing family members not living with us over video calls through Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp hasn’t satisfied the craving we all have inside.

We are social creatures after all. The social distancing we now all face, and are likely to face for the considerable future, not only impacts our need to see friends and family, but it can affect our ability to earn money or extra money.

If there is a tiny silver lining to be made – and in all honesty sometimes you just need to look at any positives you can find – it has given almost all of us more time.

Although from 13th May the lockdown restrictions have eased, and people are allowed out of their homes for longer than before, we still have to social distance. We still find it difficult to earn extra money which relies on social interaction.

We thought it would be helpful for you if we put together a list of ways on how to make extra money whilst social distancing. A money boost during these times that also importantly conforms to the current UK Government rules and restrictions (as at this time). We will look to update this guide as we go to include more options as Government rules and restrictions begin to ease




Become a Cleaner

The government ruling has announced cleaners are able to work. The rules suggest cleaners can work in public spaces, work environments and also into homes. Keeping work environments and public spaces clean is of particular importance right now.

This is rightly considered a key task. It’s also become more important to people to keep environments clean, whether this is at work or home. You should always wear protective clothing including gloves, face masks and follow Government guidelines.

Washing hands regularly with soap and hot water for 20 seconds is a must too.

Look out for wanted messages and posts in local community areas such as supermarkets which remain open, also local newspapers and online local website – plus also Facebook local community pages, which are always good places to advertise your services and look for work.




Create an Online Course

 With time becoming a commodity we all seem to have been paid a large dividend on, it may give you the time to create that course you always wanted. The lockdown and continuing social distancing has seen a bigger demand for learning a new skill or craft.

Learning has become a way of providing a routine for those who have lost this necessity, plus learning something new is a great way for us to develop and seek enjoyment.

There are lots of things to learn, and equally lots to teach. If you have a skill you feel you know and can teach, this could be a great opportunity to earn a passive income.

Not sure where to start – well, there are courses out there to teach you how to create a course!

It would be best look at a marketplace such as Udemy. It’s an international marketplace, but is a little US focused. This isn’t to say there aren’t British people with courses on Udemy, and many are making a good income.




Become a Social Media Manager

Once local businesses open, they will need to entice customers back to their shops and websites.

Many small businesses will feel an uphill struggle, and key to them will be keeping engaged with existing and potential future customers – as well as marketing and advertising to a new audience.

One of the best ways any small business can keep the momentum going is through social media – websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc…

This isn’t always a small business owners’ strongest skill, and besides they will be focusing their efforts on stock orders, customer orders and just managing a re-opening plan adhering to guidelines in place.

If you are an expert when it comes to Facebook, or can tweet your way around Twitter – have a great grasp of the English language and feel you can write engaging posts – you could become a social media manager to a number of different small business clients.

This you can do from the comfort of your own home.

You will need to be able to manage various aspects of their social media account such as creating posts, managing incoming messages and comments, reporting increases in traffic and likes etc…

If you’re looking for a place to learn more, check out our Become a Freelance Social Media Manager full guide to get started!




Start a Virtual Assistant side hustle

Since the internet began it led the way for people to outsource their repetitive or one-off tasks.

This could be for personal reasons (like researching the best hotels and restaurants in a chosen area) or for work purposes (such as data entry tasks, or dictation from audio to written format).

The virtual assistant market is huge. Grand View Research has proposed that the virtual assistant market size stood at US $3.7 billion (around £2.5 billion) last year – and expected to rapidly grow to $45 billion (around £35 billion) by the year 2027!

The gig economy as it’s called is booming with little sign of slowing down.

Becoming a virtual assistant is very easy and can be done for free. You could promote your offering and services through an online virtual assistant marketplace such as Fiverr.

You won’t pay any upfront fees, and only pay Fiverr commission through earnings you make through their website – which is around 20%.

There are other marketplaces to look in to, such as Upwork and Freelancer although it’s worth noting that with Freelancer you will be asked to pay an upfront cost.

If this looks like this could be the option for you read our How to make up to £25 per hour as a virtual assistant in-depth guide.




Become a Delivery Driver

With many stores still closed, and restaurants limited to takeaway and delivery only, it means the number of items being delivered to people’s homes is never higher.

This could be an opportunity to get out of the home and earn some extra money. Lots of restaurants and shops who never needed or considered have delivery drivers before are now needing to.

With social distancing likely to remain for the medium to longer term this may be an extra income source for the foreseeable future.

Look at local business’s websites, as well as their social media pages – plus local newspapers and local Facebook community places. All places local business will advertise their job opportunities.




Learn a new skill and work freelance

Keeping within the learning and education theme, if you can’t think of a subject you could teach, you could look to learn a new skill to either teach or provide as a service – perhaps even both!

Again, being time rich at the moment will you give you the chance to use this to your advantage.

There are lots of free courses available on YouTube or you could try one of the free courses on offer at the Open University Free Courses website area.

If you are happy to invest a little into your education, then look out for sales on Udemy, where great in-depth courses can be bought for around £10 each. Many courses carry a standard price tag of around £80-£200, but a few times a month Udemy drops the price on 90% of their courses to around £10. Sign up for the Udemy newsletter, and they will let you know when sales happen.



It’s important we all look after each other and stay safe. Wash hands, social distance and enjoy the outdoors!

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