How to Earn Money As A Student?




1. Become A Delivery Rider or Uber Driver


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Students have a lot of expenses that include things like books, trips, outings with friends, etc. Each of them costs more than the next but given the immense time commitment required by schools, getting a job to make money to pay for these expenses becomes super hard. 

You can earn money as a student by getting a part-time job. There are several great options, including:

  1. Becoming a delivery rider or uber driver
  2. Start Freelance Content Writing, Photography, Editing, Designing, Etc.
  3. Tutor Children In Your Or Other Institutions
  4. Data Entry
  5. Writing SEO Optimized Content
  6. Sell old phones
  7. Spring Clean Your House And Sell Off Unnecessary Items In A Yard Sale

This article will cover each of these jobs and give tips on how you can get them. We’ll also include a list of jobs that are specifically remote-working options. So you’ll be able to do them from the comfort of your room. Keep reading


Ways to Earn Money As A Student

Following are some of the ways you can earn money as a student:


1. Become A Delivery Rider or Uber Driver

1. Become A Delivery Rider or Uber Driver

If you have a bike or car, you can use it to make extra money while you aren’t at college. Contact a delivery or cab company and ask them if you can work part-time. 

You can work for a delivery company even if you have a bicycle.

Companies like Deliveroo are always looking for drivers and let you pick your working hours. You can make up to £16 every hour on the job. 

Remember to factor in fuel costs when figuring out how much you’ll earn in a week if you’re using a bike or car. If you’re using a cycle, you should factor in its maintenance costs. 

You can also talk to companies directly. Go to restaurants near you and ask if they have a position you can apply for. 


2. Start Freelance Content Writing, Photography, Editing, Designing, Etc.

2. Start Freelance Content Writing, Photography, Editing, Designing, Etc.

Freelance work is one of the best kinds of employment available for students. You can decide your own working hours and make sure it doesn’t interfere with your schoolwork. Moreover, you can take time off during exam season and increase your workload during holidays. 

There are a lot of websites that help facilitate freelancers. For example, platforms like Upwork and Truelancer connect employers in need of part-time workers with people in need of part-time employment. 

The best thing about these websites is that they have opportunities in all niches. You could work as a translator, write creative writings, or produce SEO-optimized content. They have it all. 


3. Tutor Children in Your or Other Institutions

3. Tutor Children in Your or Other Institutions

Another great job for students is tutoring. Depending on what you’re studying and where you’re doing it, you can easily get a job as a tutor. This option is best for students who stand out academically. 

There are a bunch of people who probably don’t find studying as easy as you do. You can help them out and make cash in the process. First, try talking to your institution and ask if they have any peer-teaching positions available. These are quite common in colleges, but it will be difficult to find any in high schools. You should still check, though. 

If that doesn’t work out, you can sign up on tutoring websites like Coursera. You can teach a beginner’s course for whatever you’re majoring in or are skilled in. 

Whether it’s how to play the guitar, how to master differentiation equations, or how to learn a coding language, tutoring provides a steady source of income. As a student, that’s all you need.

You can make anywhere between £15 and £20 per hour.


4. Data Entry

4. Data Entry

Data entry is one of the easiest jobs ever. All you need to do is transfer data from one format to another. Companies regularly need to do this when updating their servers. However, it’s grunt work, and they’d rather not waste their employees’ time. So they outsource it. 

You can’t get a simpler job given how mindless copy-pasting information is. It pays between £6 and £16. To qualify for such positions, all you need is a typing speed above 100 words per minute. 

It is super simple and becomes easier over time as you gain experience and become faster at typing. In addition, you don’t need to invest in any training or workshop like you would for many of the other jobs on this list. All you need is an internet connection and a working laptop. 

Sign up on sites like DionData Solution, Upwork, or Virtual Bee. There are a lot more platforms that offer data entry positions, but these are the biggest and most well-suited to beginners. 

You may or may not have to go to an office for this. It depends entirely on the company you are working for. If you push enough, you’ll be able to find a remote-working option easily.  


5. Write Surfer Engine Optimized Content 

5. Write Surfer Engine Optimized Content

Companies that want to reach their target audience online need to do more than just produce quality content. They need to optimize it in a way that their articles and blog posts rank higher than their competitors on search engines. 

This requires knowledge of things like keywords, what makes a good header, and how to get the featured snippet. Typically you can make between £12 and £15 per hour. 

Think about the last time you looked up a thought or question you had. Where’d you get the answer from? Was it from the first few links that popped up or the last one? 

The first few websites get the most traffic and make the most money. Getting an article to rank that high takes a deep understanding of SEO optimization. It’s super easy to get this knowledge. Study up a little and start writing by applying for jobs on Upwork or contacting businesses near you. 

Almost every business has a digital page these days. Given the profit-oriented nature of said businesses, they stand to gain a lot from having their website rank higher than their competitors. 

Being able to provide this service makes you an important asset that they’re more than likely to want to acquire. In addition, you can usually decide your own working hours in such jobs, which makes it ideal for students. 

Also, you learn to improve your research skills which can be hugely beneficial to students. 


6. Sell Old Phones 

6. Sell Old Phones

If you’ve got some old phones lying around, you can make quick cash by selling them. Go to any mobile store near you and ask them to buy them from you. Negotiate a good price per item and enjoy your cash. 

These stores may decide to re-sell or take specific components out of these devices depending on their condition. 


7. Spring Clean Your House and Sell Off Unnecessary Items in A Yard Sale

We’re all a little guilty of hoarding. Clean your house and remove any items that you haven’t used in the last year. Depending on whether you plan on using it in the near future, you can sell off these items and make quick cash. 

Take out anything you’re keeping under the assumption that you may need it one day. Such items are rarely used and take up unnecessary space. The best thing you can do with them is to make some money. 


Remote Working Jobs for Students

Some people prefer to work from their homes through the digital interwebs instead of working on-site. Luckily, there has been an influx of remote jobs, especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and you have a lot of options.


1. Online Paid Surveys 

1. Online Paid Surveys

Online paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to earn money online. All you need to do is fill out questionnaires, and you’ll get paid for it. On average, a survey takes 5 to 10 minutes and pays around $5 or £3.

There are a bunch of sites that offer this service. All you have to do is make an account on a few of them, and you’ll get surveys according to your profile. Then you can fill them out, and the money is transferred to your bank account.

When making your account, remember to plug in all the niches and interests you have to maximize the probability of getting a survey. 

Some of the most popular sites you can sign up on are:

  • Branded Surveys
  • Maru Voice 
  • Valued Opinions 
  • Marketagent 
  • Pinecone


2. Allow Access to Your Searching Data

We’re all constantly surfing the web for the most random pieces of information like what kind of dog food you should get or the most effective leg workouts. You can make money while doing this by installing the add-on to your browser. 

This software gets information about what you’re looking for on the internet and gives you sponsored results every time you search something up. These advertisements of sorts will appear next to the normal results. 

Each of these sponsored websites has a prize reward attached to it. If you click on them, the reward will be added to your account. You can withdraw this money whenever you want. They don’t have a minimum amount you need to reach before the option becomes available to you. 

So even if you have a small amount in your e-wallet, you can have it be transferred to your account. 


3. Online Market Trading

Note: Online market trading requires some training and expertise which makes it one of the more difficult options on this list. However, it has greater returns than the other options too.

Online trading offers excellent rewards to people who do it properly with the right information. If you know how to read graphs, the basics of business, and have a decent understanding of finance, you should try this out.

All trading involves risks, so there is always a possibility you will lose money. Hence, you should consider whether or not you can afford to take on the risk associated with this process.


4. Start A Website or Blog and Monetize it

4. Start A Website or Blog and Monetize it

Starting a website doesn’t require the same level of expertise as online trading does, but it takes a lot more time and effort. You have to find a niche you know a lot about and then produce content accordingly. 

This is a great way to make passive income. However, getting to this point requires some patience. There are a couple of ways to monetize a website; you have to pick the one best suited to the content you’re producing and the niche you’re working in. 

If you’re focusing on health and fitness, you can outsource blog writing and add affiliate links to them about the best products. You could also produce some evergreen articles, rent out ad space to companies and then work on increasing site traffic. 

Once you’re able to secure content, monetization, and traffic, you will begin making passive income. This means you’ll get money even when you aren’t doing anything because the setup works on its own and does not require a moderator at all times.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several job opportunities for students. If you want quick cash, you can sell old phones or hold a yard sale. But if you’re looking for a long-term steady source of income, writing SEO-optimized content might be a better idea. 

You can also use skills or assets to get a job. For instance, access to a car or bike makes you eligible for delivery and uber jobs. On the other hand, having knowledge of finances and data analysis makes market trading the best option for you. 

Some of these jobs pay more than others. So you’ll have to pick based on:

  • How soon do you want the money 
  • Whether you have skills or assets that can be used 
  • How much money do you want

Choose the job that meets each of these metrics the best. 

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