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Matalan Sale Dates


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There are many retailers who have sales, many of which have around four to five sales a year.

Matalan on the other hand have close to ten sales a year!

Many of these are large the famous Matalan 50% off sales, which really give bargain shoppers many chances to fill their homes and their wardrobes whilst saving some serious money.

Money Boost are closely watching the Matalan sales to make sure you don’t miss out on the very best 30% and 50% sales and deals.

When is the next Matalan sale dates for 2022? Monday 18th April 2022 is the Spring Matalan sale. This is followed by the May 50% sale expected Monday 2nd May 2022. Next is the Summer Matalan sale on Monday 29th August 2022 followed by the Black Friday Sale on Friday 25th November 2022 with the final sale of 2022 on Boxing Day for the 50% Off Sale.


Check here for the Matalan sale currently being run!


Many of the Matalan sales were either postponed or limited to online only due to the 2020 and 2021 pandemic which under UK Government Law saw a reduction in the number of people retailer such as Matalan could have in store at any one time.

As these restrictions lifted summer last year it meant retailers could welcome shoppers back with open arms.

This is great news for retailers as well as bargain shoppers who prefer to shop instore than online.

Let us look at the rest of the Matalan sale dates for 2022, what types of clothing and homeware may be available, what to expect, what has been sold in sales of the past for comparison and also some of the tips and tricks others use to get their hands on the best reductions Matalan have on offer!



Latest Matalan Sales Numbers – What was on sale and how much discount

We at Money Boost took a very close look and analysis of the last Matalan sale, which was the Summer 30% sale over the weekend of 24th July and 25th July.

In total there were 412 products in the sale ranging from womenswear to menswear, to childrenswear and homeware.

44% of the items in the sale were in the womenswear section.

Here is the full analysis of the 412 products in the Matalan sale for dates of 24th and 25th July:


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What was really pleasing to see is almost every product we sampled checked was on sale for the advertised 30% sale off discount.

Each Matalan sale comes with a different number of discounted items, from different seasons, ranges, and a varied amount off.

Let us look at the Matalan sales for the dates across the year, and how to find the biggest savings!



The Ten Main Matalan Sales

Shopping online in the Matalan sale

There are up to ten major Matalan sales every calendar year.

There are a lot of bargains to be had, much savings to be made and means you keep more money in your pocket!

Here are how the sales are split across each year by season:

  • 3 sales in winter
  • 2 to 3 sales in spring
  • 3 sales in summer
  • 1 sale in Autumn

The sales range from the Matalan 20% off to the Matalan 70% off sale, which really does have some huge discounts and great deals.

Each sale comes with a different range of items. Some sales focus on homeware whereas others can focus on specific clothing department, such as womenswear.


We try and keep this page updated as often as we can but it’s always best to check out the main Matalan sales page, as sale dates can and do change!



Spring Matalan Sale Dates

The first mid-season Matalan spring sale has a tendency in the past to offer up to a 50% discount and leans towards womenswear.

It can be a great to stock up on some great winter fashions for the cold weather later on in the year, and at 50% off there may be no better time.

Unfortunately, the last two years sales were mainly online only due to the pandemic and reduced numbers able to visit a Matalan store at any one time.

Staff within stores were also reduced due to sick leave and self-isolation, so it would have been a logistical headache.

Online sales are great but there are some shoppers that prefer to sale shop in person, plus retailers such as Matalan are certainly now ready to welcome visitors with open arms as restrictions lifted in July 2021.

The second spring sale tends again to focus on a specific department. Last year this was a Matalan Baby Event with great offers on babywear and accessories.

Although the spring Matalan sales aren’t as big as some of the other sales of the year, they are certainly worth looking out for.

Expect the next spring Matalan sales to happen around Monday 18th April and again on Monday 2nd May 2022.



Summer Matalan Sale Dates

The summer sales can be some of the biggest season sales Matalan has to offer.

The main summer sale July 2021 saw 412 products in the sale, as we’ve already seen, and up to 30% off. Almost every product reached the promoted 30% discount.

The next Matalan summer sale is expected to be on Monday 30th August.

If last years sale is anything to go by, this could be on the of the large Matalan 70% off sales, and across almost all departments.

Expect the next summer 70% off Matalan sale on Monday 29th August 2022.



Autumn Matalan Sale Dates

There is usually just one autumn sale at Matalan, but it’s one of the big ones.

It’s the Black Friday sale!

A large percentage discount on offer across the entire store, which is a great time to shop for Christmas bargains and gifts.

The Black Friday Sales takes its name from the time of year where businesses traditionally make a profit for the very first time in the year. In old accounting ledgers losses were entered in red, and profits in black.

Therefore, as black ink is used for the first time, and businesses go out of the red and in to the black, the U.S. tradition of the Black Friday Sales has recently found its way across the pond to the UK.

Black Friday Sales will be on Friday 25th November this year in 2022.



Winter Matalan Sale Dates

Like many of the seasons of the year the winter Matalan sale comes in triple form!

Although many retailers are using the Black Friday Sales for their Christmas build up, Matalan go one step further and include another pre-Christmas sale around two weeks before the big day.

Christmas Sale

What’s great about the Matalan Christmas Sale is that the clothes included are actually winter wear, not clothing seasons of the past.

In 2021 the winter sale included coats and jackets as well as Christmas outfits – although 2021 wasn’t exactly the year of the Christmas party!

Hopefully the season of generosity befalls would be bargain shoppers again this Christmas!

Expect the next Christmas Matalan Sale between Monday 5th to Friday 9th December 2022.

Boxing Day Sale

With post-Christmas sales happening earlier and earlier every year, the first of these at Matalan starts on Boxing Day.

A great way to start a weary Boxing Day morning!

New Year’s Sale

Many retailers still carry on with the traditional New Year’s Day sales. It carries on from those times many retailers closed between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day for the festive celebrations.

Those times have changed considerably but many retailers still hold sales on this day.

It’s tradition!



How to find the best bargains in the Matalan sales

It can be really frustrating seeing bargains others have managed to bag themselves in the sales.

Lots of proud social media sale shoppers showing off their latest wares in a mini fashion parade whilst you’re browsing the last remaining items on the shelves either four times too big or four times too small!

Ever wondered how they manage to get their hands on the biggest savings over and over again?

Want to know the top sale tactics they use?

Then read on…


Find the best sale items in the Matalan stores

If you are one of the thousands of sale shoppers that still prefer to head out in to store and feel and hold the item in your hands before you buy, you are not alone.

Some people are just not comfortable with technology or shopping online, others just like the experience and the adrenalin rush.

It’s something shopping online lacks.

There are very seasoned in-store sale shoppers, and they know exactly what they’re doing.

The follow a number of tactics and preparation techniques to make sure they stand a better chance than anyone else in landing the best deals.

Here are some of the tactics they use:

  • Visit your local Matalan store a day or two before the sale, and familiarise yourself with the store’s layout
  • If there more than one Matalan store within reach on sale date, then you need to make an early decision as to which store you are going to visit
  • Arrive early and ahead of the crowds
  • Write down the route you want to take around the store in the order of the sale items you want to grab


Visit your local Matalan store a day or two before the sales

The night before the sales most stores will have their final layout confirmed. After the store closes many of the items are stickered for the up and coming sale.

Visiting the store means you get the latest look at the layout, where the products are and where everything is positioned.

Preparation is the key.

Those who manage to grab the best bargains often know exactly where they are going the moment the doors open, and they continue at the same pace around the store in a pre-plotted route to grab bargain after bargain before anyone else.


Decide on which Matalan store to visit

If you have only one Matalan in commuting distance, then your choice will be made for you.

If though you live in a large town or city and have multiple Matalan stores you need to decide on which one to visit on the day.

If you are a regular to a particular Matalan store it’s an advantage to know the layout.

That said larger stores may have a larger range of items and sizes, but they also come with a larger number of customers.


Arrive early ahead of the crowds

It’s amazing how thirty minutes can make the difference between a handful of bargains or just a couple.

Arrive just before the doors open and you could find yourself behind those savvy sale shoppers who grab the best deals every time.

Their secret is arriving early and being at the front of the queue!

You’ll stand the best chance of grabbing the items you want.


Write down the route you want to take

Memorising the route you wish to take around the Matalan store, or even write it down.

This should be based on the priority order of the items you want to grab.

This way in the panic once you’ve grabbed the first item, you’ll know exactly where to head for the next.



Find the best Matalan bargains in the online sales

Although some people still enjoy shopping for sales in-store, it’s almost becoming a pastime as more and more people are taking to their mobile phones, tablets, and laptops to buy from the sales online.

It can save a lot of headache commuting, finding a parking space and dealing with the hustle and bustle of other shoppers.

If you do decide to shop for the bargains online, you’ll still need to prepare and plan.

Here are some of the very best ways to find the best Matalan sale items online:

  • Search for the items you want the night before the sales and add the items to your shopping basket. Then when the sale starts, they are ready to go, and the prices will be updated to the new sale prices
  • Add a bookmark to your browser for the relevant product pages to find them faster during the sales
  • Make a note of the product names and product number if there is one. This is sometimes called a SKU number. This is a unique reference to the exact product and can help you find it with ease
  • Rise and shine. Wake early on the day of the sale, get washed, ready and wake yourself up with a good breakfast before you start!



What type of discounts are given in the Matalan sales?

The discounts available in the Matalan sales in 2022 range from 20% to 70%. The largest discounts tend to be in the summer, during August, and also the Black Friday Sale.

There are a range of mid-season sales focusing on just one clothing range in the Matalan departments.

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