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Schuh Imperfects


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Not many people know of Schuh Imperfects.

It’s where the slightly imperfect, but perfectly good shoes are sent for a loving home – at a heavily discounted price!

From manufacture to transport and delivery things can go wrong, and shoes can end up slightly damaged. They may not be good enough to take centre stage on Schuh store shelves, as the smallest mark will see the item returns, but they certainly are still good enough and practical enough to wear.

Rather than these shoes ending up in landfill, Schuh sells them as part of their Schuh Imperfects department at a discounted rate.

If you are in a rush here’s the link to the discounted shoes on Schuh Imperfects



What is Schuh Imperfect

Schuh Imperfects offers a continuous range of brand name shoes at discounted prices. Discounts range from 25% to 80%, and on average 40% across all departments.  Many of the discounted shoes are ex-display items, or damaged during transport, and have small marks or blemishes.

It’s a department within the main Schuh website that sells discounted shoes.

The name imperfect comes from the fact some of the shoes may have small blemishes or scuff marks that would prevent them being sold at the standard price.

These shoes are mainly ex-display items that at least one of the shoes have been tried on and handled in-store.

They could also be shoes that were slightly imperfect off the factory line, or slightly scuffed during transit or putting out stock.

Schuh are very open with the imperfections and have clear close up photos of the marks or blemishes for each product.

Many of the imperfections we saw were very small. Some we really had to look closely or zoom in on the photo to see it!

An example of such an imperfect mark is show in the example photo below:

Imperfection on Schuh Imperfects

Many everyday shoes often scuff and mark quite quickly through general wear and tear, especially children’s shoes, so this can be a great way to save money without delaying the often inevitable.



Average Schuh Imperfect Price

The price of Schuh Imperfect shoes ranges between £2.99 and £175. The average price is £38.25 but this is dependent on the shoe type and the brand.

Shoes with more noticeable or larger imperfections are given bigger discounts.

Some really top name brand shoes are included. Brands such as Adidas, Calvin Klein, Clarks, Converse, DKNY, Kickers, Nike, Timberland, as well as Schuh shoes and lots more.

We saw women’s Nike sandals on sale for as low as £11.99!

As the average price of shoes seems to increase every year, it’s refreshing to see quality brands at discounted prices.

Schuh Imperfects are not a sale. They are available continuously all year with constantly changing stock, sometimes on a daily basis but mainly updates and new shoes are added weekly.

Shoes come and go quickly – here’s the link to the latest discounted shoes on offer



How Much Discount is Available?

We commonly see discounts of around 40% from the standard retailer price on the Schuh Imperfects section of the website.

This is a discount we see across all the departments, whether that’s womens, mens or kids, the average discount we see is between 38% to 40%.

To give you a real example of the discounts on offer, here are a selection of Schuh Imperfects products at time of editing showing ranges and discount prices on offer:

[table id=16 /]

As you can see, the average saving across these shoes is xx%.


Student 10% Discount

Not only does Schuh Imperfects give really good discounts, but if you’re a student you can save a further 10% off all the imperfects range!

This can give you a tremendous saving against the already heavily discounted price.

If a pair of Nike shoes have been discounted down to £35.99 from £69.99 in the imperfects range, as a student you can get a further 10% off, which reduces the price even further to £32.39.

You need to apply for a Schuh student discount, which you can do by clicking here!



How Many Shoes are Available?

There are often over 1,000 shoes available at Schuh Imperfects at any one time!

This gives a lot of choice.

As these are one off items with marks and blemishes, sizes are limited and often limited to just one size per shoe make and model.

This means it’s as important to search by size as it is by shoe type, so to be sure to search for shoes in your size.

The shoe size with the highest number of shoes available as of now is size UK 7, followed by size UK 6.

For shoe sizes UK 3 to UK 9 there were at least 100 shoes available for each size, which helps give you a comparison as to just how many shoes are available!



Types of Shoes Available on Schuh Imperfects

There are often over 20 different types and categories of shoe available at Schuh Imperfects.

These range from womens slippers to high heels, to mens trainers and a wide kids range.

25% of all the shoes available were womens trainers. This by far was the largest category of shoe types, and probably because the majority of these are white and easier to mark and scuff.

This is followed by 19% which were mens trainers.

The remaining 56% of shoes were split between the other 18 or so categories.

As there isn’t always a pattern or logic to which shoes may become imperfect the number of shoes per type can change, and does change, often.



How Imperfect are the Imperfections?

We looked at a range of the shoes on offer and found most imperfections to be relatively minor.

This is subjectional of course as one person may be perfectly happy with it, whilst others would baulk at the thought.

That said if you are looking for perfect pristine shoes, then Schuh Imperfects is not the place for you.

The photo earlier in this post gave a good example of a typical blemish.

If you are someone who scuffs their shoes the second you put them on, and happy to live with a small imperfection, then Schuh Imperfections is definitely a place you should check out.



Can you Return Schuh Imperfects Shoes?

Yes, you can return Schuh Imperfects orders if you are not happy with them. The order can not be returned to a Schuh store and must be sent back to Schuh Head Office for a refund. Schuh Imperfects orders can not be exchanged as all discounted products are one of a kind.

There is a cost of £2.50 to return an item if you are not a Myschuh account holder, which will be deducted from your refund.

If though you are a Myschuh account holder the online return is free, and you’ll will receive the full amount of your purchase back.



Schuh Imperfects – In Conclusion

Schuh Imperfects is an amazing way to find cheap shoes online.

Discounted brands and an extra 10% savings for students awaits customers, just examine the photos clearly which show the marks to make sure you’d be happy wearing them once they arrive.

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