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Next Sale Dates


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It can be frustrating to look forward to a Next sale, only to find you missed the date…. again!

Clothing sales are notoriously first come first serve due to limited sizes in anything other than XXXXS or XXXXL!

Fortunately, Money Boost are keeping an eye on all the major retailer sale dates including those for Next.

When is the Next sale dates? Tuesday 22nd March 2022 at 7am is the nearest Next sale date. This is followed by Tuesday 12th July 2022 at 7am. The Autumn sale is Thursday 15th September, next is the Black Friday sales on Friday 25th November 2022 and then again on Boxing Day 2021 at 6am. The Boxing Day sale is the biggest Next sale in the calendar year. Each Next sale is on average 91 days apart.

I can tell you from personal experience standing in a long queue outside a Next store at 5:59am on Boxing Day morning, in the snow I might add, how many others seemed to share the same first come first serve mindset.

Not an experience I long to repeat.

It’s not uncommon for large retail stores to have regular sales.

Sometimes to clear out of season items, some simply to increase footfall instore, and clicks online.

We’ll look at the four largest Next sale dates in the calendar year, what type of stock is available in each sale and the sale date with the biggest savings that you won’t want to miss!



The Four Largest Next Sale Dates

Just like the four seasons, Next tend to hold their biggest sales four times a year.

Some sales go off with a bang, with huge amounts of stock at very discounted prices, where others are more than a forgetful fizzle.

It is definitely worth checking out the latest Next sales page – as dates and times are always subject to change. You can find out by clicking here

With the internet today, logging in once a sale starts is much less hassle than camping out in the cold waiting for the store to open.

Let’s have a run through of the four main sales of the year, and what you are likely to find, expect and importantly, save!


Spring Next Sale

The Spring sale is the first main sale on the calendar after the next year.

This is a chance for Next to clear out their winter stock, ready for their popular Spring and Summer range.

It can be a great chance to pick up a bargain for next Winter.

The Spring sale can’t compete with the previous Boxing Day sale.

Due to Covid restrictions, and temporary shop closures, the last main Spring Next sale happened on 23rd March 2019 and lasted for four days until March 26th 2019.

There wasn’t too much of a fanfare in either 2020 or 2021 due to the pandemic.

You’ll expect to find much of the unsold winter stock at the Spring sale, and prices reduced by an average of 50%-60%.

You may find a few ranges spring and summer wear in the sale, but these are often limited in number and savings around 25%-30%.

There is always an excited build up to the Spring sale due to expectations following the Boxing Day sale. If you plan to visit the store, get there as early as you can. Queues are likely to start from around 45 mins to 1 hour before opening time.

Expect the Next Spring sale to happen again on Tuesday 22nd March 2022.



Summer Next Sale

The Next summer sale always tends to get a little lost.

With excitement around (usual) summer holidays, people going away and the kids breaking up for the school summer holidays, the Next Summer sale usually comes and goes without many people realising.

This though can be an advantage.

With many usual shoppers preoccupied, it gives you the chance to compete with less of a competition in search of those really good deals.

Sales prices often peak at around the 50% off mark, with a couple of stock items drifting closer to 70% off.

This sale will continue to clear the remaining sale items unsold during the Spring sale, as well as the early Spring stock no longer performing.

The Next Summer sale will happen again on Tuesday 12th July 2022.



Autumn Next Sale

Things start ramping up for the penultimate sale date in the annual calendar.

With swimwear, holiday t-shirts, sandals and summer dresses being cleared from the shelves, these appear heavily in the Autumn sale.

This is where the new Winter clothing line is unveiled ready for their biggest season as they look to push sales for Black Friday and Christmas.

As the relaxation of summer becoming a distant memory, and kids back at school, this is where those plan-ahead shoppers look to high street sales and start Christmas present shopping.

This is where you need to be first in line to grab what you want, as competition starts to increase over the popular items.

Some Autumn and Winter wear is included, just to tease us!

The Next Autumn sale will happen again on Thursday 15th September 2022



Boxing Day Next Sale

This is it – the big one!

The final sale in the calendar year offers the biggest and widest range of stock of any of the Next sales across the seasons.

This is where the serious shoppers congregate – and trust me, they plan ahead!

I have been in a Next during the Boxing Day sale to find 10mins after the doors had opened shoppers had already started to queue to pay for their treasures armed with many a basket.

There was no browsing for them, they knew what they wanted and where to find it.


I’ll explain some of their tactics in the next section!


Although we may have had more stuffing and Christmas Pudding on Christmas Day to last us a week, we need to get our game plan on ready for the start of the sales.

Methodically and planned to perfection.

Expect a wide range of goods to be sold as Next look to close their business profit and loss accounts with as big a balance as they can.

A wide range of summer and winter wear is up for grabs, and at ticket prices up to 80% off.

This is where the true sale happens. Those of you brave enough to face the winter elements in the middle of the night to queue outside have my respect and sympathy.

Having experienced this on more than one occasion, it really is like the sale events you see on TV!

Shopping online can take the stress out of the experience, that’s for sure.

The Next Boxing Day sale will happen – not surprisingly – on Sunday 26th December 2021.



How to Find Bargains in the Next Sales

Find Bargains in Next Sales

Have you ever noticed that friends or family seem to be able to find all the good bargains in the Next sales?

Yet all your searches either leads to empty stock levels, or sizes way too small or too big.

You’re not alone.

Those people sporting the latest fashions at half price usually have tactics they follow.

Here are some of the hacks and tips to follow to help you bag more bargains at all the Next sales:


Find the Best Next Bargains in the Sales in Store

  • Visit the store between 2-7 days before the sale date and understand the store layout
  • Decide on the best store to visit
  • Visit Early and Visit Late
  • Decide Your Route of Importance


Visit the store between 2-7 days before the sale

This helps you get the lowdown on the arrangement of the store. You may visit your local store often, but just before a sale, things can change.

Work out where everything you want is and make a note.


Decide on the Best Store to Visit

The best Next store to visit for a sale may not be your local store.

You may find a larger Next store further away which will give you more products to choose from and a wider availability of size.

If you plan to visit a store you haven’t before, it is definitely worth a visit before sale date so you know where everything you want is, what stock levels are like and whether they stock the items you want.


Visit Early and Visit Late

The early bird catches the worm, and the early Next sale shopper gets the best bargains.

Getting their early secures you the best items but if the sale is planned to continue for a few days you may find shelves are restacked with new items for the following morning’s rush 1-2 hours before the store closes.

You may grab yourself another bargain you may have missed out on otherwise.


Decide Your Route of Importance

Your list may contain items from different departments such as womenswear, homeware, childrenswear and menswear.

It may be more important to you to grab the children’s items first before moving to the women’s section and then on to homeware.

Oh, and if you have time, then maybe the menswear!

Whatever your priority order, plan your route around the store accordingly, to hit each department in turn and in the right order.



Find the Best Next Bargains in the Sales Online

  • Add the items you want as favourites to find them easily once the sale starts
  • Bookmark product pages
  • Write a priority order list
  • Work in Pairs
  • Set your alarm an hour earlier than the sale starts, grab your coffee, shower and be wide awake, refreshed and alert!

Many of the items on the list here are self-explanatory without any further elaboration needed.

I will just summarise the need to be organised. Add favourites to product items, and even add them to your shopping cart the night before.

Alternatively bookmark the product pages on your browser. Finding them will become much easier as the panic and the excitement of the sale commences.

Don’t set your morning alarm though 5 minutes before the sale starts. You need to be awake and refreshed to seek out all the bargains. Take a shower to wake yourself up, grab a coffee and be ready at your PC or laptop at least 15 minutes before the sale begins!



Are Next Sale Items Really Half Price?

Yes, Next sale items are really half price. Ticket prices reduce between 30% and 80% dependant on the season of sale and the product sold. The average sale price of Next products during a sale is 50%.

Only a few years ago was it was made compulsory for any retailer to clearly show, on any product in a sale, the date range the product was on sale at the original price.

It almost became common practise for stores to raise prices significantly for a day or two, and then advertise the product as sale item as the reduced it to the original price.

In order for retailers to be transparent, and consumers to make sure they are truly getting a bargain, you will see original price dates next to sale items.

This way it is easy to see if a product only existed at the original pre-sale price for a couple of days.



What are the Next VIP Slots?

Next VIP slots are a perk available to holders of the Next Credit Card. The VIP slot allows the customer to browse and purchase sale items 24 hours in advance of all other customers.

It is generally never a good idea to take out a credit card for a perk offered, but if you are looking to take out a credit card, and can pay off any amount spent on time before any interest or charges are accrued and spend a lot shopping in Next during the sales – this is a card to consider



In Conclusion – Next Sale Dates

The Next sales are definitely one of the fashion sales to look forward to.

A wide range of good quality clothes and homeware at truly discounted prices to look forward to in 2022.

The Boxing Day sale is by far the biggest and offers the most savings. If you plan to visit the store expect long queues,

A great time to spend any Christmas money or vouchers you may have received, or just time to treat yourself!

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