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It’s possible and relatively easy to earn up to £100 extra in a day or maybe up to £500 extra or more per week. In this guide we will not only explain the fastest ways – but also show you step by step how to! Although we are all looking for that ‘one’ thing that will change our fortunes, failing a large lottery win or large inheritance from a secret uncle, it’s not going to be easy to amass a million-pound fortune overnight. We can’t guarantee to make you a millionaire overnight, but we have spent some considerable time looking in to good – and the not so good – options to earn additional money in the quickest possible timeframes. This can be as quick as overnight, but maybe within a week. We have tried though to keep the timeframe between 1 and 31 days in order to be paid. None of these suggestions are pyramid schemes, payday loans or great ideas from slightly dodgy Dave down the road. This isn’t the intention of the post. The intention is to make money fast with the understanding you won’t be getting in to any kind of debt to do so. If you need to earn some additional income fast here are some great ways to do so. This is a long post with examples, videos and images.  

The At-Home Boot Sale

The Intro

It’s amazing the stuff that’s kept hidden in the loft, left out in the shed, chucked in to the garage or even just the thrown in to a spare room. Wardrobes, cupboards and draws stuffed and brimming with things that seemed a good idea at the time but now get in the way more than they help. There’s an old saying that goes ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. Of course, we are not taking true trash, but the analogy makes sense. You could go pack up your car at 5am and head off to a local boot sale. Pay an entrance fee. Set up your table, unpack and set all your trash – erm treasures – neatly. Price tag everything and stand around in the cold for hours whilst punters stroll on by after rejecting your £1 price tag on a shirt you paid £30 only two months ago! Grrr!  

The Solution

Sell your unwanted items online. It’s a much more efficient way of selling, plus you open your virtual doors to a lot more people than the few people venturing out to boot sales.


eBay is of course one website that springs to mind, but there are others. eBay most definitely has the biggest market. If you are willing and able to send your items through the post, then this is a great way to go. You can list your item as an auction (with or without reserve), a Buy It Now price or a combination of both. If you can receive payment via PayPal, and list your item for just 3 days, you can often receive payment within a week of your item selling (if your buyer is quick paying, and you are quick posting your item). If though you want to sell your item quickly and for the highest price you need to be smart. You need to be clever with making your item look great in a photo (good lighting and background important) plus very good title and description. Here is a great tutorial to help you do just that! <video>

Facebook Marketplace

As well as eBay, you could choose to sell your item or items through the Facebook Marketplace. This is a well-used and respected place to sell. Your payments are covered in the same way they are on eBay and you take any risks but often this is a great place to sell larger items such as furniture, bikes etc… Usually Facebook Marketplace sales are local. It really is just like an online boot sale. You list your item, local people browse local listings and if interested they contact you – and you both make a deal. It’s a very similar concept to classified ads in local town newspapers and magazines. It’s always advised to have your item collected or to deliver and arrange cash payment on delivery. It’s easier and often comes with less risk. Again here is a great video tutorial on listing an item using Facebook Marketplace and the very best tips and ideas to get your listing maximum exposure! <video>

Dog Walking

The Intro

For those with spare time, either during the day, evening or at the weekends, dog walking can be a really good way to earn extra money whilst also enjoying the outdoors and getting more exercise! So many people have crazily busy lives that they either don’t have the time or chance, or sometimes the energy, to take their beloved pet out for a long walk. The demand for dog walking services are increasing dramatically. Often dog walkers charge around £10 per hour, can be started almost instantly and is generally paid in cash at the start or the end of the dog walk (whichever you feel comfortable with).  

The Solution

Setting up a dog walking business can be a lot simpler than you might think. You don’t need to be a registered business in order to be a dog walker – although you will have to pay tax on any earnings just like you would as a company employee or as a sole trader of your own business, which is essentially what you would become. You just need clients. But where can you find dog walking clients? Here are four good places to start:

  • Local friends, family and neighbours – get help by asking people close by to spread the word about your new services. One person tells another, who tells another and so on. Just the word by mouth alone can bring in a few clients and very fast extra money;
  • Facebook Local – are you part of a local Facebook group, or have a lot of local followers on Facebook? – if so post a message to your local groups and and update your home page to show your new dog walking services
  • Local Newspaper Ads – although local newspapers are dying out as people head online, these local community papers still have their place and still have readers. A small advert may see the cost of such repaid back many times over with new clients;
  • Local Pet Food Shops – do you have any local pet food shops, suppliers or pet accessory shops nearby? It can be great place to ask if flyers can be handed out and get the word out to a very targeted audience. You could agree to promote the shop to any of your other clients. It would be a win-win;

  Here is everything you need to know about starting a dog walking business to earn extra money <video>    

Switch Bank Accounts

The Intro

Bank’s want your business. Not much of a secret but to get your business they will reward you. Some banks offer reward incentives, some benefits and others by cold hard cash. The competition between banks is very fierce at the moment. You may have noticed the sheer number of different bank accounts the banks are devising in order to entice you over and stay awhile. Even recently Barclays launched a Travel Plus bank account which for £18 per month gives you yearly travel insurance, yearly RAC breakdown cover and 6 free Airport Lounge passes. This guide is less though about giving extra money from the bank, but instead how to get money from your bank.  

The Solution

There are several banks who will give you a cash bonus for switching bank accounts to them. This can be anywhere from £xx to £xxx – and will usually be dependant on you having a regular income which is paid in to your new bank account. This can be a great little boost to your bank account balance for doing nothing. Your new and existing bank will manage the switch, and now they will manage any direct debits you have set up which saves you running to a bunch of companies and sign new direct debit mandates! These offers come and go quickly but here are a few bank accounts offering a cash bonus for switching in December 2019    

Take Surveys

The Intro

What’s the first thing you receive after purchasing almost anything nowadays!? – an email asking for your review! Whether it’s a hotel room, a purchase on Amazon, even a car parking space! – if there is some feedback to be had, you’ll find a company probing you hard for it. The bottom line is that companies love feedback and will pay for people to provide it. This is where online surveys come in to play.  

The Solution

Join online survey programs. Online survey programs collate all those company requests and allow you to join and participate. You are paid centrally by one survey company – rather than individually from each company you provide a completed survey too. It makes things much easier to manage. Earnings can vary depending on many factors. Expect though to be paid anywhere from 20p to £1 for a completed survey. Generally, the longer and more in-depth the survey, the more you are paid. Surveys are never going to be a substitute for a living wage, but during spare time they can be a good additional income. Read our Survey Company review guide to find out which one offers the best and highest paying survey for 2020!    


The Intro

You can earn extra money almost daily with cashback opportunities. We all must make purchases each week. Utility bills, insurance, shopping – the list goes on, and can often at times feel endless. What though is seriously lacking is the uptake of cashback opportunities. These are being missed so often that across the country literally millions of pounds is thrown away! Cashback simply means you are paid a fixed amount, or a % of the amount you spend, on purchasing goods or service through the Cashback website. You pay no more through the Cashback website as you would direct with the same company. It works because the Cashback company earn a commission for referring you as a customer to the company offering the cashback. Say for example the Cashback company earns £20 commission for your purchase – the cashback company may offer you £15 back, and they keep the £5 difference for providing the service.  

The Solution

Join one, or several, cashback websites. The benefit of joining just one is that payments owed to you are managed centrally and thresholds are often met quicker. Joining a few means several companies to manage, but sometimes you need to in order to take advantage of all the cashback opportunities possible based on your spend, and who you spend with. If your still unsure how Cashback sites work, check out the great demonstration video tutorial below It can though take more than 30 days to get paid. Some are quicker and some are slower, it depends but they all add up!    

Become an AirBnb Landlord

The Intro

House space can now be a true premium. Hotels can sell out quickly, and hotel costs are steadily rising due to increase of business travellers and the ease of booking holidays and breaks. There was a market for change and three University grads in San Francisco came up with the idea of AirBnb after a local conference saw a hoard of visitors to the Californian town in such droves that the hotels simply ran out of rooms. They saw an opportunity to use some space in their rented apartment to put up the desperate travellers and create ‘mini-beds’ on their floor, which came with breakfast the following morning. The three ‘beds’ they created sold quickly. And over the weekend they made around $700. AirBnb was born.

The Solution

Their creation is now your opportunity. If you have a spare room in your home, you can rent this out on AirBnb and can often make around £40-£70 a night. Just by renting out your room half of a month could see returns of around £1,000! If you rent your home you may need to check with your landlord, as often sub-renting or letting is not allowed. As well as making sure you are the host or hostess with the ‘most-ess’ you need to do it right. Your bnb’ers will be writing reviews on your accommodation, service and attention to detail. The better your reviews the more AirBnb will push your listing on to other customers and searchers. Here is a great instructional video on exactly how to get your home ready for an AirBnb service, plus some essential tips and tricks to help you get more clients! <video>

Be a Virtual Assistant

The Intro

Get paid £££ for doing things you are good at in your own time, based on your own hours and available. Go freelance and we’ll show you how, plus where to find clients! We are no longer bound by local service providers and workers. The internet has of course made every town global. With this global localisation comes an opportunity. The dramatic rise of small online businesses has seen a demand for virtual assistants. Virtual assistants provide freelance work based on a set task or job. This can range from bookkeeping to graphic design, from website design to coding, from content and article writing to ghost writing and proof-reading, from website reviews to simple data entry – the list is endless.

The Solution

Join one or more virtual assistant websites and offer your services. Usually you describe what service you can provide, an estimation on how long it will take to provide the work and the cost involved for the client. Tens of thousands of individuals and small businesses search Virtual Assistant websites (such as Upwork and Fiverr) every day looking for small jobs in need of completing. Some virtual assistant websites require you to bid on a job, whereas others you wait for a client to contact you or simply place an order. In this latter example the client would pay upfront to the virtual assistant provider who will hold the payment until the work is completed. Once the work is completed, and the client has approved, the payment is released to you. Here is a sample list of different ideas to create a service for:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

  You will need to be able to present your service in the best way possible to stand out, be noticed and take clients from any competition. Here is a great walk-through demonstration video showing you the very best tips and successfully proven ways to become a sought-after Virtual Assistant <video>

Create an Online Business or Blog

The Intro

As much as the internet has created many ways to be rewarded and make money through companies and services, it also has enabled many (many!) people just like you to make small fortunes by creating either an online business or become an online blogger. Coming from someone who has been the online business development world for way more many years than I care to disclose, I can assure you there has never been an easier time to start. Notice I said ‘easier’ and not ‘better’. The ‘better’ approach would have been too learn code language such as HTML, PHP, CSS etc… and then climb aboard the Time Machine Express to 2003. At this point in time the competition was much lower than it is now, and therefore a better time to start. Today creating such an online presence is easier than it ever has been. Plus the odds are stacking in your favour because 10-15 years ago people were using less than ethical tricks to stand out in search engines for traffic. Nowadays Google is very wise to these practises, so the rewards come to those that earn them rather than those who try and hack the system.

The Solution

By using online tools such as WordPress (free) or Wix (paid for), for example you can put together a ‘good enough’ website to create your own online business or blog. With the right content and the right helpful message to clients and visitors you too can create your own online business. Maybe you have an idea for a business already or have a passion for a hobby or interest you know a great deal about. Having an idea for a business naturally gives you a way forward. Start your business, create a website and either sell online or if you build a local offline business you can direct an audience to it through your website. Or if you’re passionate about the idea to create a business to buy and sell goods, or a service, then your interest or hobby can be the door to a very profitable world – or at least one to earn a very good second income. Bloggers, as they are known, can create online presences earning literally thousands of pounds per month. Some of the most known bloggers are actively turning over £100,000 per month. In order to start achieving an income this way you must be comfortable to be able to write. Write about a hobby, passion and importantly answer the questions people have. Bloggers earn an income by displaying adverts, referring their visitors to companies who pay commission for the lead or even create their own online course or information product. Recent Strictly Come Dancing contestant xxxx xxxxx is such a ‘blogger’. She’s known as a social media celebrity but it’s an expression of the same term. Her YouTube channel has over x million subscribers, and her videos are watched by millions. YouTube displays adverts on her videos and she earns a commission. For every video she posted before Strictly Come Dancing she could have earnt anything up for £5,000 which may have been able to be put together in a couple of hours. After her Strictly Come Dancing appearance I’m guessing this is now a lot more! With both options you’ll need to know where to start.

How to Start an Online Business

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How to Earn an Income Online as a Blogger

If you like the idea of becoming a blogger and writing about your hobby and passion as either an expert or as an enthusiast semi-guru and can help newbies get started, then the best advice we can offer is go check out the Income School video series over on YouTube. It has a ton of information for free!

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