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You can grab yourself up to £220 in Marks and Spencer gift vouchers by simply switching your bank account to a M&S Current Account. Here’s how.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it does grow in your bank account for doing – well not much.

The competition between banks is fierce. The variety of different bank accounts on offer is confusing and bewildering. Interest rates are at a low, so banks are looking at other ways to incentivise you for your custom.

This offer from M&S does a very good job of this.

Switch your bank account from your current provider to M&S and you’ll be rewarded with a £100 gift card. As simple as that. You do though have to meet the condition of setting up 4 Direct Debits.

Yes, it’s as easy and as a simple as that.

It doesn’t stop there though. Stay with M&S and meet their ‘Switch & Stay’ criteria and you will be rewarded with a second M&S gift card!

The value of this second M&S gift card depends on whether you are also a M&S Credit Card holder or not. If you are, you’ll be sent a £120 M&S gift card – if you are not, you will be sent a £80 M&S gift card.

M&S Gift Card Bonus

To qualify for the ‘Switch & Stay’ bonus you need to meet all four of the below requirements:

  • Pay in to your account at least £1,250 per month for 12 months;
  • Keep a minimum of 4 Direct Debits active at any one time;
  • Register for Internet Banking (this is easily missed, so make sure you do this!);
  • Agree and opt-in to receive online statements, rather than ones sent through the post;
  • Keep your account open for a minimum of 12 months;

If you feel you could meet all the above, your total reward will be between £180 and £220 in M&S gift cards!

For more details visit the M&S Online Banking Portal

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