Best Ways to Make Money on Fiverr – 3 Easiest Ways




Best Ways of Making Money on Fiverr


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One of the hardest parts of making money online is finding a source of income. It may sound too obvious, but it’s not necessarily whether you have the skill or product, it’s how you find a source of income (whether that’s an individual or a business).

Finding that source is one of the hardest things to achieve. One such way of finding a source of that income is through an online marketplace such as Fiverr. This platform has a ready-made audience waiting to buy your skill or service.

In this post we’ll not only cover a little about what Fiverr is, but also explain the 3 best ways to make money on Fiverr – and some of these you can start today!



What is Fiverr?

For those of you who are new to Money Boost (as we have mentioned about Fiverr on a few posts) or have heard of the service, but not quite sure what it’s all about – let’s explain a little.

Fiverr started back in 2010 in Israel. The concept started after the initial mass influx of the outsourcing model. Outsourcing has been around for years of course, but the internet made outsourcing tasks, jobs and contracts online – particularly to the Asia market – much more popular.

Services such as Elance (now Upwork) were in full force but Micha Kaufman, the founder of, had different ideas. He started the service for very small jobs and services, the type of services that would cost no more than US$5.00 (about £3.50) – hence the name ‘Fiverr’ (but with the added ‘r’ as presumably the domain name was taken, and probably very expensive).

The mis-spelling of the name, although can spell disaster for some business, didn’t impact the businesses success. because the go to place for small business and marketers to pay for administrative and small services to help grow their own businesses and websites, but at a fraction of the cost they would usually pay.

Today though Fiverr has evolved. It’s rare to find a US$5.00 service, and much more common to see these same services now on offer for $20-$30 (about £15-£22). Not so great for the business that now pay much more for the services (although still priced at cheaper rates than found elsewhere on the market) it is much better for service providers.

You could provide a simple service such as typing, dictation, being a virtual provider, a voice over artist, a logo or web designer, a singer etc… and be paid a good hourly rate for your work.

The good news is that setting up and listing your services is free on Fiverr. You pay a commission to Fiverr on the work you get from their platform, which is 20% of the order value.

So, if you took on a client from Fiverr for a job worth £100, Fiverr would collect the £100 from the client – keep £20 (their 20% commission) and pay to you £80.

So now you know a little more about Fiverr, I’ll share with you the best ways to make money on Fiverr in 2020, and the services you should consider listing for.



Become a Voiceover Artist

This skill may sound as if you need to have a fancy studio, and expensive recording equipment to provide. This isn’t true.

You can become a voiceover artist at home. You will though need a good microphone. The quality of your audio needs to be extremely good. Your clients will want crisp clear audio.

A microphone for such a purpose may cost £100-£200 but it could be a great investment. Work from just one or two clients would cover the cost of the microphone, and everything else is profit.

There are many reasons why business may need a voiceover artist. It could be for a marketing video they plan to upload to YouTube, or it could be an internal corporate video or perhaps an advert.

There are many reasons, but if you’re comfortable with the sound of your voice and can produce an engaging and emotive voiceover, your skills could be in demand.

Voiceover artists usually charge per a certain number of words, rather than per hour. This usually works out much better for the voiceover provider – and also means your work is priced fairly.

Next Steps: Take a look at voiceover artist service pages on Fiverr. Take a look at their prices, their service description and their portfolio. This will give you a good idea as to your competition, and any particular niche marketing angles you can try, such as providing a voiceover in a UK accent – which is rare on platforms such as these.




Become a Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are very much in demand right now. Many small business, sole traders and startups looking for temporary assistants – which can at times lead to more regular work.

A virtual assistant can provide many one off or regular services, such as dictation or researching competitors websites and prices. It could be booking travel and investigating hotels. There are a number of reasons virtual assistants are in demand.

If you have pretty good research and typing skills, this side hustle or freelance option could be perfect for you.

Next Steps: Again, take a look at the virtual assistant service provider pages on Fiverr. This will give you an idea of the type of skills and services on offer and prices being offered by your would-be competitors. Take a look at the most popular providers and try to understand why they could be so popular – perhaps an impressive portfolio, or welcome video introduction. If you can understand what is creating the demand for your competitors, this could be something you look to replicate.




Become a Website Reviewer

This is a little-known gem in the Fiverr marketplace. A service very much sought after by start-ups and those who may have created their own websites.

Someone who has built their own website will often not be able to critique their own design, plus would have instinctively built the website to cater for their own tastes. This may though not be the exact tastes of the target audience.

A second, and importantly, independent review of someone’s website can be very welcome feedback to a business and website owner. To gain insight into the opinions of someone else.

As a website reviewer, you need to know what you’re looking for. You need to put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer of the business.

The website owner is looking to see how easy their site is to navigate, is it pleasing to the eye – as a user is it too confusing to use.

A business owner needs to make sure when a customer arrives on their website they can see what they need to do, how to navigate the site and order products or services.

Often a website reviewer will record their review on video. Showing how you navigate the site and what you find.

To do this you can use free or very low-cost software like Screen-O-Matic, which is a great tool which takes a video of your website browsing. You can add audio to this, through a microphone, and record everything in one video for your client.

For a full 5-6 website review you could charge £50 per view, which is a great side income.

Next Steps: There are a few website reviewers on Fiverr, but not many. Check out some of the service providers pages and take a look at their portfolio and offering. Be professional in your reviews, and with a high rating you’ll attract other business owners and startups

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