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Crypto Zoo World


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The NFT space seems to have exploded in such a short space of time. The new craze at the moment is NFT games, and one of the newest and most popular NFT games is called Crypto Zoo World.

It’s a combination of game, NFT collection and cryptocurrency all in one – where keys and powerful minting and mining cards are the heavily sought after gold.

The Crypto Zoo World NFT game is relatively new, starting only a few weeks ago.

Information is sparce on the internet, so we spent hours investigating this ourselves.

We wanted to check out this latest NFT craze, understand what all the fuss is about, whether it is worth it to play. All of our experience, findings, successes, and failures are all here.

In this post we’ll look at what Crypto Zoo World is, how to invest, the fastest route to keys, whether Crypto Zoo World is worth it and why NFTs have exploded in popularity!



What is Crypto World Zoo

Crypto Zoo World NFT game is one of the first NFT games of its kind.

I am sure we will see a huge surge in similar games, just as we saw a surge of Candy Crush copycat apps on the iPhone and Android after the success of the original.

The concept is simple, although the step by step can be a little confusing – especially for beginners.

The overall concept of the NFT game is that you mine the NFTs that you either win, or purchase, and you will earn Zoo Coin cryptocurrency.

The Zoo Coin cryptocurrency fluctuates in value frequently, and lately is has been dropping in value significantly. Whether this starts to increase in value again after the initial hype in early August remains to be seen, but if it does any Zoo Coins earned would increase in value.

If it continues to decrease in price, then any zoo coins earned would decrease in value.

So far this may not make a huge amount of sense but hold on, it will.

Really this is a game of investing in something with a value now that you hope will increase in value later.

The difference between standard cryptocurrency and an NFT game such as this is the ability to play to earn rewards, the chance of collecting or being given a valuable card (which could be worth over $3,000) and, well, it’s fun.



How to Get Started

If you have already invested in cryptocurrency before like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin – or even better have some experience with Pancake – then it will be easier for you to follow.

If though you have never invested in cryptocurrency before, and to you pancake is something you eat for breakfast with maple syrup, then this is going to take some explaining!

Ultimately, to play Crypto Zoo World you will need to purchase some Tether USDT coins. Without Tether USDT coins you can’t buy your first NFTs.

You don’t have to buy Tether USDT coins. You could simply start by purchasing Zoo Coins (or many of the other cryptocurrencies Crypto Zoo World accepts), start farming with them – which simply means earning keys – and then either exchange the keys for cash, or buy a surprise NFT with them which could have a value of anywhere between $10 and $3,000!


The best and easiest way to get started is to purchase USDT coins.

USDT is the currency used to purchase the NFTs you will need to get you started playing the game.

This isn’t intending to be a guide on how to purchase USDT, as it’s a Crypto Zoo World review, but there are lots of online resources to help you get started.

The easiest way I found was to:

  • Open a Trust Wallet account
  • Purchase BNB on Trust Wallet, which will by default use MoonPay (you can simply use your debit or credit card to make the purchase as you would any other purchase)
    • Please note there is a minimum purchase
  • Use the DEX tab on Trust Wallet to convert your BNB to Tether USD (BEP20)
  • Download the MetaWallet Chrome extension and open a wallet
  • Get your Wallet address from MetaWallet
  • Send your Tether USDT from Trust Wallet to your MetaMask wallet address from within Trust Wallet
  • Once your Tether USDT are safely in your MetaMask wallet then go to Zoo Game App from within your Chrome browser and connect to your MetaMask wallet

Once the connection has been made then you can choose the NFTs you want to purchase on the Crypto Zoo World site, and your purchase will be taken from your Tether USDT coins.

There may be easier ways but this works, and costs very little in gas fees.

This is where the fun begins, and you can get started!


Play with Zoo Coins

It is possible to start playing with Zoo coins, but this isn’t the best way.

Zoo coins can’t be used to purchase NFTs, they can only be used to Farm – which is covered a little further on in this guide.

You can farm for Keys, and you can then exchange those Keys for NFTs or for money by withdrawing Key Coins back to your MetaMask wallet, and then sending them to another wallet such as Trust Wallet or Binance to withdraw.

Here is the easiest way to purchase Zoo coins and use within the Crypto Zoo World NFT game:

  • Open a Trust Wallet account
  • Purchase BNB on Trust Wallet, which will by default use MoonPay (you can simply use your debit or credit card to make the purchase as you would any other purchase)
    • Please note there is a minimum purchase
  • Use the Pancake via Trust Wallet to convert your BNB to ZOO
  • Download the MetaWallet Chrome extension and open a wallet
  • Get your Wallet address from MetaWallet
  • Send your ZOO from Trust Wallet to your MetaMask wallet address from within Trust Wallet
  • Once your ZOO are safely in your MetaMask wallet then go to https://zoogame.app from within your Chrome browser and connect to your MetaMask wallet


Once your Crypto Zoo World is connected to MetaMask you can Deposit your Zoo Coins and start farming for Keys.



How to start playing Crypto World Zoo – Best Starting Place for Beginners

To really immerse yourself in the game, you’ll want to play for the best features, greatest rewards and best opportunities.

The only way to do this is to collect the best, most valuable and most sought after NFTs and mine with them.

Some NFT cards can earn you up to $100 a day in Zoo Coins. These of course are the rare examples, but many players build up a collection of various NFTs which collectively can start earning you a nice collection of Zoo coins.

And don’t forget Zoo Coins, like any cryptocurrency, have a real world value and whose value can go up incredibly high, or crash down incredibly low.

The best way to get started on Crypto World Zoo is:

  1. Purchase a minimum of 3 ‘Junk’ NFTs using the Market Place
    1. Purchase the cheapest you can find
  2. Start these ‘Minting’
  3. Farm any remaining Tether USDT or Zoo Coins you have remaining
  4. Combat every day and make use of your 3 Free Daily Combats for a chance to win Keys

With an initial $70 investment you can expect to earn your first Key within 43 days.

This can change though depending on the value of the Key Coin and the value of Zoo Coins, which like any cryptocurrency can go up and down.

Your 3 Free Combats, which is discussed a little later, can also earn you keys or part keys towards your reward.

The first thing we need to do to get started is to buy the NFTs.



How to Buy NFTs on Crypto Zoo World

Buy NFTs on Crypto Zoo World

If you’ve followed this review and guide so far and have your Tether USDT ready to go and your MetaMask wallet connected to the Crypto Zoo World website, the next part is really easy!

We need to purchase some NFTs!

To buy NFTs simply head on over to the Market Place, select the ‘Junk’ rarity and you’ll see the matching NFTs.

You’re looking for 3 of the cheapest NFTs you can find.

Under each NFT is a ‘Buy’ button, or it may say ‘Activate’.

If it shows as Activate, click the button, pay the gas fees which will show as a MetaMask popup window, and the Activate button will turn in to a Buy button.

Buy Button NFT

You can now press the Buy button, again confirm you’ll pay the gas fees, and the NFT will be yours!

You will need a minimum of 3 NFTs to get started properly, or at least to start playing the game and combating other players for key rewards.

The NFTs are graded into certain rarities, which are (in value order from least value to highest value):

  • Junk
  • Normal
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary


They are then categorised in to ‘Teaming’, but this section is not so relevant here but is covered a little later in the Creating Teams section.

Start with the Junk NFTs, as these will be by far the cheapest. The prices fluctuate based on the Zoo Coin cryptocurrency price of the day.

The cheapest NFTs will be at Level 1 and have 1 Hash Power.

The Hash Power is the true value as it signifies how many Zoo Coins you can passively earn every day.

None of these values are fixed, so any values I state today could be very different tomorrow.

What will remain the same is the higher the Hash Power your cards collectively have, the more Zoo Coins you will earn.

Now you have your 3 NFTs you’re ready for Combat!



PVP: Combat for Keys

Each day you can Combat against other NFT holders.

In order to play the game, as already mentioned, you will need to have a minimum of 3 NFTs. You need 3 NFTs for Attack and 3 NFTs for Defence. These can be the same 3 NFTs, which is why you only need three.

You get three free Combats each day. It’s wise to make use of them as each give you an opportunity to win Keys!

If you win a Key, you can open the chest and you’ll be rewarded with an NFT at random with a value of between $10 and up to $3,000!

Winners are those who sit at the top 100 of the leader boards, and rewards are given daily, weekly and monthly.

The more NFTs, the more Zoo you can mine, the more you mine the more you earn and more powerful the NFT you can purchase.

Those with the most powerful NFTs earn the most income through the site.

As of today, the highest earner on the site is, as of today, making $7,255.99 every day in Zoo Coins!

Of course, this is an exception to the rule, and I’m sure this player has invested heavily, but shows what is possible in the game.


How to win the Combats

The Combats are best won when choosing an opponent with less valuable NFTs than you.

This does not always work of course, there does appear to be a random element to the game but using this tactic I managed to win 66.6% of the Combats played.

There is no skill in the game and really there’s nothing you need to do.

Simply pick an opponent, press the Combat button beside their NFTs, pay the gas fee and the game plays itself.

In fact, there is even a skip button if you’d rather not watch the action take place and just want to see the result!



Which NFTs are Most Valuable?

Legendary NFTs on Crypto Zoo World

The most valuable NFTs are those graded with the Legendary status.

These NFTs fetch upwards of $3,000 or more.

Even Legendary status NFTs are valued based on their Level and Hash Power. The higher the Level and higher the Hash Power the better.

You’ll win more Combats with higher level NFTs, and mine more Zoo Coins with higher Hash Power NFTs.

One of the most expensive NFTs I have seen had a value of almost $16,000!

You may ask who would pay $16,000 for a digital image?

This NFT has a very high level (still way off the highest level I have seen) and has a high enough Hash Power that as of today this NFT would earn a passive income of $100 every day.

If every remained equal (which it rarely does in the crypto world) the original $16,000 investment would be recouped in under 6 months AND the owner would still have the NFT as an asset still worth $16,000.

Again, this though is based on everything remaining equal. Things change by the minute, and 6 months is an incredible long time.

I’m not using this as recommendation to buy this NFT, far from it, but this is why some NFTs have what look to be a crazy valuation!

One of the fastest ways to grow your Hash Power, earn more Zoo Coins for Keys (for more NFTs) is to create a Team.


Creating Teams

A Team on Crypto Zoo World is a collection of four NFTs from the same category.

Each NFT should be a different rarity.

You will need one Junk, one Normal, one Rare and one Epic NFT from the same category to make a team.

For example, the DogeArmy Team are a collection of Corgi’s NFTs for Junk, Normal and Rare – and for Epic it’s the Doge NFT!

If you collect all four of these NFTs to create a Team, you’ll be rewarded with an instant 50 Hash power bonus!

Purchasing an NFT with 50 Hash Power would cost around $600 – so it’s a great reward to have.

Buying a Team from the Market Place will cost you from $600 and upwards. It’s expensive.

As of today, this $600 investment would earn a passive income of $8.32. At the present rates it would take 10 weeks to recoup before turning a profit but if the Zoo Coin rate continues to fall it could take considerably longer – or not at all.

This is why many people start with the Junk, then maybe purchase the Normal and wait to earn Keys to try and collect the Rare and Epic NFTs.

It can take a while.

Once you have your NFTs, it’s time to start mining and minting them, and have them earn you a passive income whilst you sleep.



Mining for Zoo Coins – The Mining Camp

The Mining Camp is an exciting area of the Crypto Zoo World, as it’s where all your hard earned NFTs are there making you Zoo Coins!

How many Zoo Coins they make depends on the Hash Power of your NFT cards, and any Hash Power Bonuses you have through the collection of a Team.

Each NFT will give you a minimum of 1 Hash Power, so if you do start with the suggested beginner’s guide and purchase 3 ‘Junk’ NFTs, you’ll likely start with 3 Hash Power.

So, what does this actually mean?

Well, the Mining Camp page gives you a second by second update on how many Zoo Coins you are mining per 100 Hash Power.

If, for example, 100 Hash Power provides 12 Zoo Coins, and each Zoo Coin is worth $0.70, then a collection of 100 Hash Power NFTs will earn you $8.40 per day or $252 per month at that moment in time (what you have now though could change in an hour, depending on the value of Zoo Coin. It changes by the minute).

So, your 3 Hash Power NFTs will earn you $0.25 per day or $7.56 per month – this could be more, or less, depending on the value of Zoo Coin when you come to cash in.

This is just to start.

If a Key has a value of $25 (this is a cryptocurrency, so fluctuates too) then it will take you approx. 13 weeks to earn a Key.

Your Key will unlock a random NFT from the chest!


What are Chests?

Chests are where all the random NFTs are locked away waiting for you to collect a Key and unlock!

The Chest

Chests are exciting, as they hold the disappointment of a Junk NFT (worth less than the value of the Key) right up to a Legendary NFT that could be worth $2,000 or more.

The NFTs, although random, are a weighted random. Meaning there is a higher probability of your random choice being a Junk NFT, and a very small chance it is a Legendary NFT.

A chance though is a chance!

Once you have a value of more than 1.00 Key, then you can unlock and chest and see what you won.

You don’t have to wait to earn a Key, you can actually buy one too!

I wanted to test the probability of the Keys, so I purchased two at a cost of $25 each to see if I could unlock the incredibly sought after Legendary NFT!

What was the result of my two Key purchases, and opening two Chests?

I was given two Junk NFTs.

Disappointment set in that it wasn’t the higher value NFTs, but it hasn’t put me off the game.

I wouldn’t advice purchasing Keys, I did so as research for this Crypto Zoo World review, but it shows what is possible.



Farming for Crypto Zoo World Keys

If playing Combat, and purchasing NFTs isn’t for you, and you’re interested in Crypto Zoo World as an investment then you may decide to Farm your USDT or Zoo Coins instead.

Farming is a way of having your coins work for you to earn Keys.

You can deposit a number of crypto coins such as BNB, Tether, USDT, BUSD, Ethereum and more.

Once you have earned a Key, you can then use to unlock the Chest and see what random NFT you have been awarded.



How much you can earn on Crypto Zoo World

It really depends on your investment, and how fortunate you are with NFT awards when redeeming your Keys.

Some users are earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day. Others are earning a nice passive income which rises exponentially, like compound interest, as multiple NFTs together increase your Hash Power.



What is an NFT

This is probably one of the most asked questions on the internet right now.

This is in part because there is so much talk on social media and mainstream news on the topic, but also because when you look at an NFT and some of the valuations, they just don’t make much sense.

An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token.


Probably not.

An NFT is a digital form of data that is stored on a blockchain. This is why pictures, music, videos, and audio can all be NFTs – although in the mainstream media it is the NFT images and GIFs we see more often – because they are in digital form.

This blockchain provides an identification key linking the NFT to a single owner. The outright owner of the piece.

It’s similar to someone purchasing a Picasso at an auction.

There are hundreds if not thousands of really good copies, or prints, of Picasso paintings but there is only one original.

The original, uniqueness, of the piece is where the value comes from.

Whether NFTs are here to stay, or a flash in the pan overnight sensation that will disappear in the next 5 years remains to be seen but there is a huge growing community of NFT creators and buyers at the moment who are investing millions of dollars in to the concept.

Why are some NFTs worth over $1million!?

The value is often misunderstood by many, as the NFT can hold a specific value for a purpose, or that it was created by a famous artist.

Let’s look at this with an example of something a little more familiar.

If we look at the painting example again, imagine a local artist in your area painted a scenic landscape. It may look really good and would have a little value, but now imagine the same exact scene painted was uncovered and found to have been painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Who’s painting would be worth more?

Da Vinci’s of course.

The notoriety of Da Vinci’s name, work and association to art would make the work almost priceless. The local artist could only hope to achieve the tiniest fraction of the price.

The same applies to NFTs.

We could all create NFTs, upload them to Open Sea and put a price tag on them, but unless you’re famous or the NFT is famous, who would buy them?

Probably no-one.

Many of the valuable NFTs are valuable for a reason.

Either they provide some other intrinsic value, such as being able to earn a passive income in a game or other NFT platform, or they artist or piece is famous or known in certain circles.

May NFTs are purchased with the speculation of an increase in investment in the future.

Maybe all art value will reside in blockchain NFTs in the future.

We will need to wait to find out!



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some regularly asked questions that may provide answers to other questions you may have:


Can you buy Crypto Zoo World Keys?

Yes, Crypto Zoo World keys can be purchased. The Key is a cryptocurrency Key Coin, and as a result has a fluctuating value which can change by the minute. Key Coins for Crypto Zoo World can be purchased through Pancake and transferred to MetaMask for use on Crypto Zoo World.


What are the fastest ways to earn Keys?

The fastest ways to earn keys include purchasing 3 NFTs, mine them and combat daily. Use any mined Zoo Coins to invest in Keys which will unlock chest for a random NFT. Any remaining coins can be used to Farm for more Keys.


Is Crypto Zoo World a Safe Investment?

Crypto Zoo World is just like investing in any NFT, NFT game or cryptocurrency. All of these are seen as high risk and could see you lose all money invested. You should only put in as much money as you can comfortably afford to lose.


Should I buy Keys on Crypto World Zoo?

There is over a 50% chance of being awarded a Junk NFT with a Key. A Junk NFT typically has a value of just 30% of the value of the Key itself.

There is of course the chance of being awarded a Legendary NFT with a value of 100 times the value of a Key. The chance of being awarded a Legendary NFT is less than 0.5%.

Normal, Rare, and Epic NFTs can also be awarded. A Normal NFT will typically have a value of less than 1 Key, whereas a Rare and Epic NFT will usually be worth a value more than 1 Key.

Investing in a Key is of course down to the individual.



In Conclusion – Crypto Zoo World NFT Review

The Crypto Zoo World NFT game is certainly fun to play, and certainly makes you want to return daily to see what rewards you can win, and how your mining is coming along.

Investing in cryptocurrency alone is sometimes a little boring just checking daily to see if your crypto has gone up or has gone down.

This game feels like there is some strategy involved, and success is based not only on your initial investment, and also some good fortune along the way, but also the strategies you adopt whilst playing.

Just remember this is a high risk game with no guarantee you will make any money, and no guarantee you won’t lose all your money. You should only play with an amount you can afford to lose.

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