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Sainsbury's TU 25% Off Sale


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There’s always an excitement on the build-up to a Sainsbury’s TU 25% off sale!

With the number of adverts many people are bombarded with on a day to day basis, it’s easy for a Sainsbury’s TU 25% off clothing sale to come and go and miss it completely.

Money Boost though have your back. We are keeping our eye on all the latest sale dates to make sure you don’t miss out on the top sales, and best bargains!

When is the next Sainsbury’s TU 25% sale? Wednesday 16th February 2022 is expected to be the next Sainsbury’s TU 25% sale date. After this the following Sainsbury’s TU 25% sale is expected to be Wednesday 24th May 2022. This falls in line with the pattern of 2020 TU sale dates.

Many of the TU 25% sales were cancelled last year mainly due to restricted footfall in Sainsbury’s stores during the pandemic, but we anticipate a much more positive return to Sainsbury’s Tu 25% Sales in 2022!

As the UK Government reduced certain restrictions, including social distancing, last year we understand sales should now continue as planned.

There are an average of four different Sainsbury’s TU 25% sales that take place during every year.



The Four Largest Sainsbury’s TU 25% Sales

As regularly as the four seasons, the long anticipated Sainsbury’s clothing sale comes round with Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Each sale brings the delights of the past season’s clothing and outfits to the red ticket 25% off prices.

Although we try and keep dates as accurate as possible, it is worth checking out the latest Sainsbury’s TU sales page – as dates and times can change and have done often so far in 2022.

Each sale of course is different. Dependent on stock levels, and time of year, there may be more or less bargains up for grabs for those early bird shoppers.

Fortunately, we have some tips and tricks to help you stay one step ahead of the competition, and bag those bargains the moment they go on sale. All is revealed shortly.

First let’s look at the four main 25% TU sales throughout the year.



Spring Sainsbury’s TU Sale

Who doesn’t like the Spring?

Time to dust off the winter cobwebs and enjoy some much needed sunshine.

As much as there’s the tulips and bluebells to enjoy, there’s also the Sainsbury’s TU 25% sale to look forward to, and the bargains it may hold.

The second of the year’s sale usually starts around the start of the school half term holidays. This though dependent where in the country you live, as more and more schools are staggering their half term periods.

In 2020 the sale took place between 19th May 2020 and 25th May 2020. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the May 2021 sale was cancelled.

Often you will find a number of the winter collection with 25% off across children’s, women’s and men’s wear. A number of the spring clothing collection can be found to savvy shoppers.

It’s during the May sales that store space is cleared so that the summer collection can start filling up the shelves.

It has been known for one or two of the new range to slip into the sales to increase demand across the rest of the range, although do not expect these in high numbers.

Expect the next Spring Sainsbury’s TU 25% sale to happen around 24th May 2022 – although date has not yet officially been confirmed.



Summer Sainsbury’s TU Sale

The summer sale, like many summer sales, is usually the quietest sale of the year.

Retailers know would-be shoppers are generally pre-occupied with travel, school holidays and day and weekend trips away – as we all have to make use of the limited number of sunny days the UK get every year!

Although the clothing range in the sale is more limited in number, it isn’t a sale to be forgotten.

Whilst some shoppers are preoccupied with other things, this is the time for you to grab some bargains!

A small number of winter clothes can appear in this sale – usually left over from the Spring sale – as well as the spring collection for that year, and many at the 25% sale reduction as advertised across the store.

Expect the next Summer Sainsbury’s TU 25% sale to happen on Tuesday 23rd August 2022



Autumn Sainsbury’s TU Sale

Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year.

As well as the natural landscape producing many magnificent and inspiring hues of red, brown and green – we have the next Sainsbury’s TU sale to look forward to!

The Autumn sale is where things really start to get interesting. It’s the last sale of the calendar year, and often only a few weeks before Christmas.

It’s a great opportunity to not only pick up some bargain Christmas gifts, but also 25% off summer wear for next year’s holiday. Win-win!

As the shelves start to become full of winter wear for the onset of the cold weather, you can really pick up some good bargains.

The Autumn sale, generally in November just before Winter officially begins, is one of the biggest of the year.

Wake up early for this one, as you won’t want to miss out.

Expect the next Autumn Sainsbury’s TU 25% sale to happen on Wednesday 23rd November 2022.



Winter Sainsbury’s TU Sale

Whilst we’re still longing for some warm weather, and still looking to lose the weight from that last box of mince pies found at the back of the cupboard, Sainsbury’s TU are getting ready for their first main 25% sale of the calendar year.

Often around Valentine’s Day, it is a great chance to bag yourself some of the popular TU winter clothing range on sale.

This is one of the largest Sainsbury’s sales of the year and popular. So, you need to plan ahead.

This is where smart and early bird shoppers can really take home the most lucrative offers available.

Let’s start looking at some of the ways you can beat your competition and bag the greatest number of bargains in the sale.

Expect the next Winter Sainsbury’s TU 25% sale to happen in February 2022.




How to Find the Best Bargains in the Sainsbury’s TU sales

Shopping in the TU 25% Off Sales

Ever noticed how everyone seems to be finding the best bargains in the Sainsbury’s TU sales – except you!

Search after search displays products that are either sold out, or in the wrong size.

Even shopping in a Sainsbury’s store makes you believe everyone else was allowed to enter an hour early and grab all the bargains.

Fortunately, there I can share with you the same tips and tricks others are doing to grab those early 25% sale bargains.

There are even some tips in here that will get you ahead of the competition and leave you being the envy of everyone else!



Find the Best Bargains in a Sainsbury’s TU store and section

Usually, TU clothing sections within Sainsbury’s stores are not exactly the largest, although some of the clothing sections in large superstores can be bigger than high street retail stores, so it can pay to plan ahead.

  • Visit the store at least the day before the sales start
  • Decide on which Sainsbury’s TU store you want to visit on the day
  • Get there 30mins early and 30mins before they close
  • Plan your route in advance


Visit the store at least the day before the sales start

With anything you want to do well, you should plan ahead.

This means visiting the store and taking a look at the layout and the sections. If you have more than one Sainsbury’s with TU clothing sections nearby you may find it to your advantage to check both.


Decide which Sainsbury’s TU store you want to visit on the day

If you have multiple Sainsbury’s stores with TU clothing ranges nearby it may be worth going to visit them in advance.

Check stock levels and sizes, especially of the types of clothes you want to buy.

The larger stores generally have more stock, but they can also be busier meaning size ranges are low.


Get there 30mins early and 30mins before they close

We British believe it’s fair to queue, but that doesn’t mean we enjoy it.

When seeking out those 25% sale bargains you need to go all in. Get there early before the doors open and the sales start. Be ahead of that queue and your competition.

Queue levels are different per store location, but 30mins should be enough to get ahead of the main crowds.

If the sale lasts across a number of days, you can find that towards the end of the day the shelves are restocked for the morning trade. This can be a great time to grab some bargains that were waiting in the wings for the following day.

This doesn’t happen in all Sainsbury’s TU stores, but there are some that do – particularly the larger superstores.


Plan your route in advance

Each TU department within Sainsbury’s store has a different layout, and this can also change from time to time.

If the crowds on the day are all going to be going after the sale 25% ticket items, you may need to plot a route that takes you from item to item down your wish list in the right priority order.

Get to your most wanted items first and leave the nice to haves until last.



Find the best Sainsbury’s TU 25% off bargains in the Online Sales

Shopping online is great. Avoid the queues and browse at your leisure.

If you are planning to shop online during the sale, here are some tips to get you started:

  • Add the items you want into your shopping basket before the sale starts
  • Bookmark pages of items you want to check in the sales
  • Write down each of the products you want, including the Product Code (shown against each product on the Sainsbury’s TU Clothing website)
  • Wake early, get showered, refreshed and with coffee – be ready and be alert!


It’s really key here to plan ahead. Your plan should include all those clothing items you want to check to see are included in the 25% TU sale or not.

Each Sainsbury’s TU clothing item has a Product Code. Make a note of this – hint: it’s usually 9 digits long.

In the panic of searching, you may not find the item you found the night before. A product code search is unique and will take you to the same product again fast.



Are all clothing items in the Sainsbury’s TU sales at 25% off?

The majority of sale items in the TU sale are offered at 25% of the standard price, so yes clothing items at Sainsbury’s TU are really 25% off!

This has become much clearer to see over the past few years as it became a legal requirement for businesses to clearly display how long the product was at the original price for.

This is because retailers, to entice bargain hunters to their door, would temporarily increase prices for a day or so, and then lower them to close to the original price saying the item was now ‘in a sale’.

Although this was not a practice followed by Sainsbury’s or other larger supermarket clothing stores, it became so widespread the commission for fair trade stepped in and changed legislation.




In Conclusion – Sainsbury’s TU 25% Sale

The Sainsbury’s TU 25% sale is one of the clothing sales to watch throughout the year.

Although many of the 2022 sales had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, Sainsbury’s TU will be looking to step this up in to the Summer, Autumn and Winter months of 2022 and entice all their customers back.

With four main sales each year – and the Autumn and Winter sales being the most sale lucrative – there’s a sale to look forward to with each changing season.

Whether you plan to shop online at the TU Clothing website, or shop in store, it pays to plan ahead, make note of all the products you want and plot your route.

With all the great deals and 25% clothing discounts you’ll walk away with, you’ll be the envy of the bargain shoppers!

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