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Daily Mail Rewards Club Nectar Points


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Did you know that every day the Daily Mail prints a code at the back of the paper, and just by entering this code into the Daily Mail website, you’ll be given free Nectar Points!?

Well, it’s 100% true.

Nectar Points can be redeemed for lots of great rewards, and the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday are the only newspapers offering this reward.

For those of you who have missed this so far, it may surprise you to know that it’s been running since 2017.

If you had been collecting Nectar Points with the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday since the start – and were a Daily Mail subscriber – you’d have collected more than 20,800 Nectar points by now!

Even those not subscribed to the Daily Mail newspaper would have been given more than 10,400 Nectar points since the rewards club started.

Let’s walk through how you can earn Nectar Points with Daily Mail, what other benefits and rewards are available and how you can boost your Nectar points for free.



What is the Daily Mail Rewards Club?

The Daily Mail Rewards Club is a way of collecting free Nectar points. Readers of the Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday can enter a unique code printed at the back of the newspaper into the Daily Mail website, and Nectar Points are rewarded. Up to 5,200 Nectar Points are can be collected each year.

Launched over four years ago the partnership between Daily Mail and Nectar provided a new way for Nectar Points to be collected.

As well as free Nectar Points to top up your account, The Mail have managed to secure exclusive ways to spend your Nectar points as well as provide all Mail Reward Club members with additional benefits, rewards and savings.

The Mail Rewards Club is 100% free to join.



How does the Daily Mail Rewards Club Work?

Every day the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday print a unique code on the back page of their newspaper. Each code entered into the Mail’s website is worth 5 Nectar points during Monday to Friday, 10 Nectar points on Saturday and 15 Nectar points on Sunday.

Print subscribers to the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday fair even better, as Nectar points collected each month are DOUBLED!

Of course, you need to be a Nectar account holder and also link your Nectar account with your Daily Mail Rewards Club account, so that your new Nectar points can be added to your account.

Combining this with other day to day ways of collecting Nectar points, such as grocery shopping, online shopping and petrol fill ups, you can see a dramatic boost in your earnings and point rewards.



How Many Nectar Points can I earn with Daily Mail?

Up to 2,600 Nectar points can be collected each year using Mail rewards for non-newspaper subscribers. This is doubled by Mail every month for newspaper subscribers, meaning up to 5,200 Nectar points can be collected each year. Digital subscribers are given 2,600 Nectar points every year without a code.

Mail subscribers must have the print subscription for the maximum 5,200 Nectar points to be collected.

There is no code on the Digital versions of the newspaper, and therefore digital only subscribers are automatically credited with 50 Nectar points each week.

Points for digital only subscribers are not doubled, so a maximum of 2,600 Nectar can be collected each calendar year.



How to find the Daily Mail Unique Code for Nectar

The Mail Unique Code is really easy to find!

It can be found at the bottom of the back page on both the Daily Mail and also the Mail on Sunday.

The Unique Code is 15 characters long, separated in to blocks of two digits, and a block of three characters at the end.

This is an example of a unique code:

Daily Mail Unique Code

The date is printed above the code, but it does not need to be included within the code as you enter.

If the code shows as invalid, check the code and re-type. It’s very common to make a typing mistake with so many characters and digits!



What happens if there is no Unique Code?

If the unique code is missing, or cannot be read, don’t worry – there is still a way to collect your Nectar points.

Even though you can’t enter a code there are ways Daily Mail can work out whether you have today’s paper or not and award your Nectar points to you.

If the back page is ripped, the code illegible or perhaps the code has been smudged you can complete a form on the Mail website and answer a simple question about another page from the newspaper.

If you have thrown away your newspaper already and no longer have it, there isn’t a way to collect your Nectar points.

To tell The Mail about the issue head on over to the My Mail website, and log on to you Mail Rewards Club account.

Follow the ‘My Unique Code is Missing’ link and choose the date of the newspaper the code is missing from.

You’ll be asked a question that you will need your Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday newspaper to answer. It could be about an advert on a particular page, or a headline that you have to say is shown.

Once you have answered the question correctly your Nectar points will be rewarded to you.

Top Tip: Do not throw away your newspaper until your Nectar points are allocated. Also, you only have until midnight four days after the newspaper date to submit your code or say the code is missing. This means the code from the Mail on Sunday must be entered by 11:59pm the following Thursday!



What is the value of Nectar Points?

Nectar points have a value of 0.5p each.

This means the maximum of 5,200 Nectar points, that can be collected through Mail Rewards, would be worth £26.

Considering the cost of the Mail Ultimate Pack, which includes all the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday delivered to your door every day, costs around £26 per month, it means your Nectar rewards will give you a month free!

Non newspaper subscribers can still collect up to 2,600 Nectar points every year, which at a Nectar point value of 0.5p means a reward value of the equivalent of £13 per year.

Although Nectar points have a reward value of 0.5p, there are also Mail Rewards which means your Nectar points can be exchanged for exclusive rewards only available to Mail Reward Club members.

These rewards change often, so you will need to check your My Mail Rewards Club for the latest promotions and opportunities.



What can I spend Nectar Points on from Mail rewards?

Nectar points from Mail Rewards Club can be spent many different ways.

Here are just some of the ways you can spend the Nectar points collected through My Mail Rewards Club.

All these retailers allow you to convert 500 Nectar points for £2.50 to spend:

  • Sainsbury’s
  • Argos
  • eBay
  • Nectar Hotels (a minimum of 10% of the hotel cost in Nectar points is required)
  • Habitat
  • Viking
  • Brakes


Other rewards available using Nectar points include:

  • A movie from Sky Movies from 1,050 Nectar points
  • Any size hot drink from Caffe Nero for 350 Nectar points
  • Convert Nectar points in to Avios and reward yourself with a free flight. 400 Nectar points are worth 250 Avios




How to join the Daily Mail rewards Club

Joining the Mail Rewards Club is free and easy.

Head on over to the My Mail website, and click on the Join MyMail button at the top of the page

Complete the registration steps and your My Mail account will be opened.

You will need to link your Nectar account with your My Mail account.

It’s a simple process, and you just need your Nectar card or account number to get started. Follow the instructions in your My Mail account, which will walk you through the process step by step.

Once your My Mail account is open, and linked to your Nectar account, you are ready to start collecting Nectar points!



How to instantly double your Nectar Points

Just picking up the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday every day, and entering the unique code, will mean 2,600 Nectar points a year are added to your Nectar account.

This alone is enough for 7 large coffees at Caffe Nero!

But it is possible to double the number of Nectar points from 2,600 to 5,200.

An Ultimate Mail subscription is required, but if you are already a subscriber – and enter the code every day – once a month The Mail will double the number of Nectar points collected.

This means your 2,600 Nectar points become 5,200 Nectar points!

This is enough for 14 large coffees at Caffe Nero – or £26 to spend at a selection of retailers such as Sainsbury’s, Argos, eBay and more.

You could even exchange the 5,200 Nectar for Avios and add boost your BA Executive account by 3,250 Avios points!

At a monthly subscription cost of £26, it isn’t worth taking out a subscription just to double the Nectar points collected.

It will cost you £312 a year to earn £13 of additional reward, but if you are already a newspaper subscriber this is a free bonus you’re missing out on!



In Conclusion – Mail Rewards and Nectar Points

If you are a Mail reader it really is worth signing up for a My Mail account taking advantage of the extra Nectar points on offer.

My Mail offers other rewards, as well as Nectar points, so it is worth joining even if you only read the newspaper occasionally, or just at weekends.

In fact, it is the weekend newspapers where the most points are collected.

The Mail on Saturday and Mail on Sunday alone are worth 50% of the Nectar points available throughout the week.

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