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Aldi Baby Event


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There is always a lot of anticipation around the dates of the Aldi Baby Event!

With so many promotional emails, online adverts and skipping through TV ads, it’s easy to miss the Aldi Baby Event, then watch in dismay as everyone else parades their bargains on social media.

Money Boost are here for you. We monitor all Aldi events and sales to bring you up to date with all the dates you need to know about this year.

When is the next Aldi Baby Event? Sunday 9th January 2022 for the online event, with the in-store event on Thursday 13th January, is expected to be the next baby event at Aldi. After this the next baby event is expected in April 2022. This matches the pattern of last years baby event at Aldi.

Like may events and sales, there has been a restriction and reduced number of baby events and other discounted baby products.

Footfall into Aldi stores was reduced due to the pandemic but The UK Government’s ruling of ceasing social distancing has increased visitors and allowed sales to return to normal levels in 2022.

It is worth noting that the online date for the Mamia baby event is different from the date of the in-store event.

More Aldi Baby Events are expected in 2022 than in preceding years. 2022 is the year to grab some great bargains!

There is an average of four different Aldi Baby Event’s that take place during every year.


Although we try and keep dates as accurate as possible, it is worth checking out the latest Aldi Baby Event page – as dates and times can change and have done often so far in 2022. You can find out by clicking here



The Four Aldi Baby Events

Almost following the path of the four seasons, with one event thrown in for good measure, you will an average of 4 Aldi baby events each year throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Each event and sale offer a number of different baby products and clothes.

These events are really popular as mums-to-be can pick up some amazing offers on good quality baby products.

They are also really popular for those looking to buy baby gifts, or hosting baby showers, as there are just so many great baby items in the event, with some rather large savings.

As they are so popular it means the limited stock can go fast.

Fortunately, we have some tricks and tips to help you stay one step ahead of the other shoppers, so you manage to get hold of the items you need.

First, let’s look at the main four Aldi baby events throughout each year.



January Aldi Baby Event

Just as we’re putting away the Christmas tree, heading back to work and taking out the annual gym membership we’ll stop using past January – the January Aldi baby event gets underway!

Although many retailers and supermarkets start their January sales right from the start of January, you will have to wait a little longer for the baby event.

Aldi usually starts this event towards the end of the first week of January for the online sales, and in-store is generally the week after.

You will become to recognise that the online and in-store sales are on different dates. Usually the online sale happens first, followed by the in-store baby event on average 4 days later.

In 2021, the online baby event took place on 10th January and the in-store Aldi baby event took place on 14th January.

Expect the next January Aldi Baby Event on Sunday 9th January 2022 for online, and Thursday 13th January 2022 for the in-store event.



Spring Aldi Baby Event

The month often varies, but the Spring sale usually coincides – funny enough – with the start of spring, and also around the Easter holidays.

Aldi didn’t put out a Spring baby event in 2020, but this was probably due to the pandemic.

There was a baby event in 2021, so this is likely to follow the trend in to 2022.

The Spring 2021 baby event started online on the 28th March, and continued in-store on 5th April.

There were a huge range of baby products included in the sale event like cots, changing units, strollers, feeding bottles. Maternity shirts, pushchair parasols, safety gates and a lot more.

The sale didn’t just include Aldi’s own infamous Mamia range of items, but also big brand names too.

One of the biggest bargains was the Ickle 3 in 1 travel system that retailed elsewhere at the same time for £299 but was on sale in the Aldi baby event for just £199!

It isn’t just big price items included in the event. Items ranged from just over £1 up to £199.

Expect the next spring Aldi Baby Event on Sunday 10th April 2022 for online, and Monday 18th April 2022 for the in-store event.



Summer Aldi Baby Event

Summer is always a great time for events and sales.

In fact, summer has the most births than any other month, so an Aldi baby event in summer can come just at the right time!

The 2021 July Aldi Baby Event started online on Sunday 25th July and continued in-store on Thursday 29th July.

Just like the spring event in March and April, the product range was impressive, sales were generous, and the event didn’t disappoint!

The summer Aldi baby event isn’t just for larger items such as strollers and cots, it’s a great time to stock up on everyday items such as bottles, nappies and wipes through Aldi’s Mamia range.

We all know how expensive it is, and how often shopping trips are necessary. Wipes and nappies filling cupboards faster than reusable supermarket carrier bags.

Taking advantage of the baby events to save money is a great way to make those pounds and pennies go even further!

Expect the next summer Aldi Baby Event on Sunday 24th July 2022 for online, and Thursday 28th July 2022 for the in-store event.



Autumn Aldi Baby Event

Autumn conjures up images of falling brown leaves, spectacular landscapes, fireworks and Halloween – and of course the last baby event at Aldi of the calendar year.

The Aldi Baby Event in November takes place during the first week.

  • In 2019 the event took place online on Sunday 3rd November, with the in-store event taking place Thursday 7th
  • In 2020 the event took place in-store on Sunday 1st November, with the in-store event taking place Thursday 5th November


Top Tip: As you will have noticed, the Aldi Baby Event always takes place online on a Sunday, with the in-store event taking place the following Thursday!

Bouncers, gym mats, wipes, nappies, bottles, cots, strollers and more have all been included in this Autumn sale which can be really handy just before Christmas.

It helps you spread your money further and pick up extra supplies of the sale event items just before budgeting for Christmas gifts, food and the festivities.

Expect the next autumn Aldi Baby Event on Sunday 6th November 2022 for online, and Thursday 10th November for the in-store event.




What is the Aldi Baby Event?

The Aldi Baby Event offers a range of baby products, accessories and essentials at reduced prices compared to the regular retail price. The baby event at Aldi happens an average of 4 times every calendar year during January, April, July and November. The online event occurs 4 days prior to the in-store event.

Aldi has been one of the lowest priced supermarkets over many years, and already offer a wide range of baby products, groceries and essentials at low prices.

The baby event reduces the already low prices to fantastic deals.

It’s no wonder it’s one of the most searched for, and anticipated events of the year.



What will be in the Aldi Baby Event?

Cots, strollers, baby mats, nappies, bottles, wipes, baby wardrobes, nappy sacks, baby food, baby car accessories, reins and baby bath toys are just some of the items available at reduced sale prices in the Aldi baby event. Other products include maternity wear such as nightwear and leggings.

Whether you are looking for baby gifts for a baby shower or larger expensive items such as strollers, cots, baby wardrobes for the new arrival – or essentials such as baby wipes, nappies, nappy sacks and baby bottles – the Aldi baby event is one of the best events for you.

Top Tip: Some of the larger items, such as cots, strollers and nursery furniture are only available online. These cannot be purchased in the in-store event.




How to find the Best Aldi Baby Bargains?

The best way to find all the top bargains in the event is to start early!

Stock can be limited, especially big brand heavily discounted items such as 3-in-1 strollers. Prices can be reduced by as much as £100 off the regular selling price.

Discounts such as these are high in demand.

When shopping online, the key to success is to start shopping as soon as the event starts and know what you would like to buy in advance.

Not all items will be reduced. Many Mamia essentials are but make a list of what you want and need, and even add these into your shopping basket the night before.

This way, once the event starts, the products will be ready to checkout and you can, at this stage, see if prices have reduced and the item is included in the baby event.

Any that are not included in the Aldi baby event can be deleted from your shopping basket before you checkout.

If you prefer to shop in-store you will need to wait until the Thursday after the online sale, but the secret to getting the best bargains is to head to the store early.

This way you can be ahead of all the other baby event shoppers and grab the best deals at the cheapest prices!




In Conclusion – Aldi Baby Event

The Aldi Baby Event is one of the biggest and best baby sales and events throughout the year.

With an average of four baby events taking place each year, there is a new event to look forward to with the changing seasons.

We will continue to keep this page updated with updates to dates published, or products offered, so you can make sure you get the very best information possible.

With the amazing deals on offer in the event, you can be sure to walk away with a bargain!

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