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It’s possible with a little time and some insights to easily earn £200 a year completing online surveys for businesses, but some hardcore surveys fanatics have managed to earn themselves up to £800 in a year – that’s an additional £66 per month just completing surveys

The internet world has opened up literally a world of possibilities to earn extra money. Whether it’s a seasonal boost for Christmas or summer holidays, or perhaps a continuous second income, the online world allows you to pick your work, your hours and manage your lifestyle.

It’s a new world to be embraced that’s for sure. One such way of earning extra money, and often quickly, is by completing online surveys. Now no one is going to become rich by completing surveys. Generally people can though earn up to £200 a year or even up to £700-800 a year.

As well as earning cash you could also be sent free goods to try and review, joining focus groups where payment is much higher or give you the ability to redeem your payment in vouchers rather than cash.

There are a range of survey sites out there and like all things they will vary slightly in rewards, surveys on offer and threshold for payment. You can though sign up to multiple survey sites. Each survey site will only send to you x number of surveys per week or month, so the more survey sites you join, the more you can earn.

You need to also make sure you join the right ones. It’s no good joining a new survey site that may close before any payment is released, or with very high thresholds meaning you may wait for 6 months until you’re paid your first payment. Rather than immediately bombarding you with more survey sites than you know what to do with, we will for now highlight the biggest and most popular. A great place to start your making money through surveys journey!


i-Say Review

i-Say is considered to be one of the better survey companies out there on the net – well within the UK. There are far more US sites. Hopefully these will branch further across the pond.

i-Say is the former Ipsos for those more familiar with this company. They have more than 3 million members all earning money, vouchers and rewards across Europe, the US and Canada, Middle East, Africa and South America. So, quite established then.

With i-Say you’ll gain up to 250 points for each survey, but depending on the size of the survey and the company offering this can be as low as 5 points. Redemptions can be a little tricky to work out at times but as a guide you’ll need just under 1,400 points to gain a £10 Amazon voucher.

Unfortunately you are unable to sit on a laptop or phone all day filling in surveys. It would be much more rewarding if you could. You are sent surveys as and when they are available. On average a user is sent 4 surveys per month.

Your points will never expire as long as you’re an active member, but if you close your account with points outstanding you will lose these within 30 days if not cashed in.

A big positive about survey website i-Say is their Rewards and Loyalty programme. This does set it apart from much of the competition. The more surveys you complete through i-Say the more extra reward points you’ll earn. There are also competitions and bonuses. For example just for joining you’ll be automatically entered in to the prize draw of 30 prepaid shopping vouchers each worth £90 – and on average in every 4 months there are 30 winners.

How quickly are you paid – once you have completed your surveys, gained enough points and ‘cashed out’ to collect your reward these are typically received within around 2-3 weeks but i-Say state in their T&Cs that this may take up to 4 weeks during busy periods.

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