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We went researching and trawling for some amazing cashback deals. The ones that make you sit up and take notice. We found a £510 cashback offer – and it’s for something all of us should really have

We love a good offer and bargain. Money Boost is all about how to save money or making money, whether that’s in the online virtual world or the reality three dimensional world. What better way to boost your bank balance than getting cashback for something you were already going to buy.

We are though I am afraid going to delve straight in to the unexciting, slightly morbid but essential topic of life insurance. Groans and gasps I hear you cry, but please bear with me and I will make this worth your while.

Having life insurance is something all of us should have. Plans need not be expensive and although I am quite sick to the back teeth of every comparison to a small weekly or monthly charge being the ‘equivalent to a cup of coffee’ (and I don’t even drink coffee!) but life insurance really can be.

To plan for the unexpected and make sure our loved ones are provided for, without additional money worries is a responsibility of us all.

What’s better though is you can plan now, and get rewarded with some cashback to spend right now and using the right company, with the right link and specific policy your reward could be up to £510.

Now as you can probably imagine, to earn this amount there will be a condition. In this case the main condition is that you are over 50 – so I am afraid those 49 and under will have check out another deal ( and for those people a tip –> look to the right!)

The amount you will earn as cashback will depend on your monthly policy premium. Monthly premiums start at £3.95 per month right up to £85+ per month. If the policy and benefits you choose are equal to or more than £85 per month, and your policy is accepted and meets the conditions, you will receive £510 cashback.

Cashback amounts range from £30 to £510. This does open up a second topic to those with a smaller value premium. Those on a £3.95 per month policy will spend £47.40 per year BUT you’ll receive £30 cashback. This means you get one year life insurance from just £17.40 – or just £1.45 per month (and no cup of coffee comparison!).

To qualify for this cashback you need to have a Top Cash back account, and use the link on their website to go to the Royal London page

Now just go and enjoy that cup of coffee!

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