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Make an Extra £1000 Per Month


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I think we can all imagine how easier things would become if we could make an extra £1,000 per month.

It may give us the chance to pay off debt, get on to the housing ladder faster, exotic holidays and just make life that little more comfortable.

There are in fact quite a number of ways to make this amount every month and in this article I will show you some of the most current ways people have the most success achieving this amount.


Here in summary are some of those ways to make an extra £1,000 per month:

  1. Create a blog and answer people’s questions
  2. Create a YouTube channel to share knowledge and educate
  3. Start your own dog photography business
  4. Become a copywriter and write for bloggers
  5. Create a course and sell online as well as face to face
  6. Be a social media manager for a number of startups
  7. Teach online a topic you’re knowledgeable on
  8. Rent out your room or home on AirBnB
  9. Rent out your driveway or parking space


This isn’t an exhaustive list. There are lots more. I chose these because in almost all cases you need very little money to set these businesses up and you can start almost immediately.

Almost all you can do with a PC and internet connection, and some with just a smartphone.

It will take time. None of these will lead to overnight success and none are guaranteed. You will need to be patient and persistence but these right now in 2022 are the ways many people are making an extra £1,000 per month or more.

We will go through each of them in this article and hopefully set you on your way



#1 Create a blog and answer people’s questions to make an extra £1,000 per month

Writing a blog

Almost every making money website has a topic about ‘building a blog’. Building a blog may sound really old school, but I will tell you it is one of the hottest topics right now to increasing your monthly earnings.

The term blog though is often misunderstood.

When I say ‘blog’ I do not mean ‘personal website’. The intention here is not to create a website about you. You’re not looking to replace Facebook here.

A better definition of ‘blog’ is an ‘information website’.

These websites are built around a topic or a niche, preferably something you are interested in or have some knowledge about and help answer questions that people have around this topic or niche.

The Money Boost website is an example of such a ‘blog’ or information website. It may seem daunting to create a website like this, but there are simpler versions you could create which are just as effective.

They are not as complicated as you may think!

Some more examples of information websites you can check out as examples include The Points Guru and Photornia

As you will see each website’s purpose is to help visitors, produce great content and be found in search engines, such as Google, as users are searching for the answers to the questions or problems they have.

You can make an extra £1,000 per month either through adverts shown on your website, or by selling other company’s products (such as Amazon) and earning a commission or even by creating a selling your own course, eBooks or info product.

To make this amount per month you will need around 50,000-100,000 page views per month to your blog. It may sound really difficult but if you added 50 articles and each article had just 1,000 page views per month from searchers – this could make you around £750-£1,000 per month (depending on niche and topic).

It will take time. It can take around 12-24 months to successfully build up a blog to this type of income. You need to be dedicated and have patience.


Income Possibility: £750-£1,000+ per month
Skill Level Required: 2 out of 5 stars
Suggested reading: The Startup Course for 2021 on Udemy has a great video tutorial showing you how to build a WordPress site from scratch. During regular Udemy sales this course sells for just £12.99 – and this happens usually once a month!




#2 Create a YouTube channel, share knowledge and make an extra £1,000 per month

Make money with YouTube

Out of all the social media platforms right now in 2021, the one that stands you the best chance of succeeding and making an extra income is through YouTube.

YouTube, owned by Google, is going to be no stranger to almost all of you. It’s really where the term ‘influencer’ really took off from.

You don’t need to become an influencer like Mr Beast (who it has been reported has become the first YouTube made billionaire) but you will need to create a channel, build an audience and post enough videos to generate enough video views.

You earn money on YouTube through either YouTube adverts, sponsorships from other companies who want to reach your audience or by promoting your own course, info product etc…

A recent study into the earning habits of YouTubers showed that to make an extra £1,000 you would need 1 million video views. Yes 1 million!

You do not need one video to have 1million views, but you could have 100 video each with 10,000 views, which sounds slightly more achievable.

The benefits of passive income type methods such as through blogging and uploading YouTube videos are huge. One article or one video you post could earn you money for years to come!

This isn’t to say you can create one video or one article and expect to live of the proceeds. It’s tough, it’s hard but it is regularly achieved by so many people.

In fact, I have added these as the top two for a reason. These by far are the best opportunities in the long run to make good money.

You will need to keep posting good content. You should aim for 100 articles on your website and 100 videos on your YouTube channel. This gives each article and video a chance to rank, gain traffic and hopefully one or two of them may ‘pop’ (which is the equivalent of going viral).

Your YouTube channel should be around a topic of niche. It should be helpful, and it should directly answer questions people will have. Do this and people should find your videos as they search on YouTube or even Google.


Income Possibility: £250-£1,000+ per month
Skill Level Required: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Suggested reading: Become an Influencer on YouTube and Make Money




#3 Start Your Own Dog Photography Business

Dog Photography Service

I didn’t want to go to broad with this niche and just say to start your own photography business. That’s tough enough and has a lot of competition.

The dog niche is because there will also be a demand for people to have their beloved pooches photographed, it’s not over-saturated and its surprising how often dog owners talk to each other and share tips, advice and hopefully good photographers!

Also, who doesn’t like to post photos of their pet on Facebook. Your one photoshoot could be seen by hundreds or thousands of people who may just want to know who took the photo as they want their own taken.

If you have some photography skills already this will be a great niche to get in to. If not you can start to practise using your mobile phone and when you’re ready to, and you feel like it’s a good industry for you to go in to, then you can look to invest in a DSLR camera.

You can find good quality DSLR cameras on marketplaces such as ebay and Facebook for around £150-£200.

For a real fun quirky twist on dog photography take a look at the Turner and Walker website for inspiration. This takes dog photography to a whole new level. Very unique and very shareable.

You can take up this business on the weekends, which often can be more suitable for the clients too who may work during the week.

Charging £150 per dog photography session (excluding up-selling prints and accessories) and could manage two photo shoots per weekend, this would be equal to £1,200 per month extra money.


Income Possibility: £750-£1,200 per month
Skill Level Required: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Suggested reading: Learn how to perfect your photography skills with lots of helpful advice and tips on




#4 Become a copywriter and write for bloggers

Become a copywriter and write for bloggers

If you love to write but the technical parts of setting up and managing a domain name and website really doesn’t appeal, you could set up a service writing great content for the millions of other bloggers out there.

Good content writing is really in demand at the moment. There are many people and services that will provide sub-standard content for a fee, but the really good content writers are always busy

If you need to polish off your writing skills and learn how to write blog posts for articles and features, you will find many online courses willing to help you.

Writing blog posts is not passive income. You will be paid for your time and the hours you put in.

On average a good content writer can charge between $0.03-$0.04 per word (which is around 2p-3p per word). This may not sound much but an average article of 2,000 words that may take you around 2-3 hours to research and write would earn you £40-£60 depending on how much you charge.

At a minimum of £13.33 an hour and rising to £30.00 per hour depending on your charges and how long it takes you to research and write the content, it could make you a good extra income.

If we take the average here of £21.66 an hour it would mean you would need to work for 46 hours to make your extra £1,000 a month.

This sounds a lot but it’s less than 2 hours per day. If you could manage to write 2 hours per day (i.e. 60 hours per month) you could earn on average £1,299.60 a month.


Income Possibility: £799-£1,299 per month
Skill Level Required: 3 out of 5 stars
Suggested reading: There are marketplaces such as or where you can promote your writing services. You could also try blogger communities (bloggers are always looking for good content writers).




#5 Create a course and sell online as well as face to face

How to make money with photography

Courses have become the new eBooks. Fifteen years ago, every make money blog post or article told you to create an eBook. Unfortunately, many still share this rehashed advice.

You can make money with eBooks BUT it is now one of the hardest ways to make money. If you have an audience its easier – and information eBooks can be a great way to market your website or other services if given away for free – but making good money with nothing but a sales page an eBook are no longer viable options for most.

That’s why you will see this list does not contain a separate section for writing eBooks. We’ve left that advice in 2006.

A course though is definitely a hot topic. Courses are the natural evolution of the trusty eBook. In 2006 the cost of creating and distributing HD video courses was expensive. eBooks on the other hand were cheap to create and distribute.

Now you can create a course on your mobile phone and upload straight to your website or to YouTube if you want to.

As well as the cost you can also make a connection with your audience over video. They can see you, hear you, relate to you and feel connected to you. These things are much harder with just an eBook.

If you have knowledge on a subject or topic you can create a course on it. You don’t necessarily have to be a guru or an expert in the topic, but if you’re an intermediate you could teach to beginners into the niche or topic.

Let’s say you are a copywriter you could create a course to help bloggers learn the right skills to tell their story and sell their brand.

Or maybe you spent time learning how to master a piece of software or skill – could you perhaps teach others those things you learnt or equally those things to avoid.

A blog can help you build an audience and you can then sell your course to your audience. If you have no audience, you could sell your course through a marketplace such as Udemy.

Udemy is a great way to sell your course but it is a numbers game. You will earn on average around $1-$3 per student that enrolls if they find your course through the Udemy platform. On the other hand, if you could build up a blog or audience and send those people to your course you could make up to $8-$10 per student that enrolls.

Unfortunately, through Udemy you do not get direct access to your students contact details, meaning you can’t market other courses or services to them. If you would rather build up a database of students that you want to further market to you will need your own course software such as Teachable.


Income Possibility: £600-£1,500+ per month
Skill Level Required: 3 out of 5 stars
Suggested reading: You should definitely visit Udemy to see how you could get started created and promoting a course. Alternatively, if you want to find your own students and build a community then Teachable is a good option.




#6 Be a social media manager for a number of start-ups

Become a social media manager

If you love all things Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest etc… and know how these social media platforms work, and what appeals to their audience, you could find regularly creating and posting to start-ups and small businesses social media platforms a lucrative extra income.

This is a tough business. The barriers to entry are low but equally there are enough companies and sole traders out there that are so busy with their businesses, or simply do not have the creative ideas, to build an audience and get noticed.

If you love connecting with people and feel you could build their audience and communities for them, these companies will fall over themselves to get at the services you provide.

The really big advantage in this niche is the costs to start are very low. You need to be a creative type of person and can adapt quickly to the needs of individual businesses and more importantly what attracts and keeps the attention of their individual audience.

Every business is the same but equally the over-arching concept to social media growth is the same.

This is a not a minimum wage job. This is the type of service you could charge £30-£50 an hour for your time and expertise. At just 1.5 hours work a day you would make an extra £1,350-£2,250 per month.

The hard part is building clients. To build clients you need a portfolio. You could approach local business and pitch them the idea and either give your services away for free, or for a heavy discount, and once you have proved your worth and your results you can charge other small businesses and start-ups the full price.


Income Possibility: £1,350-£2,250 per month
Skill Level Required: 4 out of 5 stars
Suggested reading: How to become a freelance social media manager




#7 Teach a topic you’re knowledgeable on a one to one basis

This option is a little different to number 5. The intention here is not to build up a course that can be accessed again and again, but to teach people on a one to one basis.

There are lots of opportunities here mainly because it takes us away from the saturation online and into the real world.

As an example, we are going to take a look at golf.

It isn’t the easiest sport to teach through an online video course or an eBook. You really need feed back on your position, your golf swing etc… which can only be truly done by a one on one training session.

Coaching is really popular in the US and making its way to the UK. The idea of enlisting experts to help us with our challenges has not always been in the British tradition, where often we try to muddle through the best way we can.

Coaching though is the next level. Helping us to not only reach our goals but reach them faster and with more efficiency.

If golf is not your sport what about painting. You could offer one to one painting classes showing brush strokes, techniques and really help your student deal with their challenges and also be on hand to answer all their questions.

To start as a coach is easy. You will ideally need a website (see point 1) and also social media presence through Facebook will help.

Normally I do not promote the use of Facebook for marketing of small businesses, but it can work wonders for the coaching industry where you are your brand.

Teaching one on one can earn you anywhere between £50-£100 per hour depending on your niche and competition. It doesn’t take many hours at this rate to make your £1,000 per month.


Income Possibility: £800-£2,000 per month
Skill Level Required: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Suggested reading: Read through local newspapers, magazines and even supermarket noticeboards. Your local town hall may advertise small businesses too. These may give you inspiration and ideas to promote your business. You could for example offer a small referral commission to local related shops and businesses for recommended your services to their customers.



#8 Rent out your room or home on AirBnB and make over £1,000 a month

Airbnb Logo

AirBnb started their humble beginnings selling apartment floor space to local convention attendees when hotels started filling up in San Francisco.

They offered a local ‘bed and breakfast’ offering with no more than sleeping bags and a hearty breakfast in the morning. Hotels were sold out and the three day convention attendees were desperate for a place to sleep.

Over the weekend the founders made over $2,000 and realised the possible business opportunity. That opportunity has spread worldwide and made the founders billionaires.

AirBnb gives everyone the possibility of turning a room in their home, an annexe or a second apartment or house into a repetitive money earning potential.

You list your space or home for free and pay AirBnb a commission on bookings made through the site.

A room in a house can earn the owners around £50.00 per night. If you are in popular urban area (such as Birmingham or London) this can be much more.

An average apartment can command around £150-£200 per night.

This has meant many people using the AirBnb marketplace can earn monthly recurring revenue that is almost passive.

Saturation is rarely a problem although I would personally keep an eye on the competition’s prices. Make sure you are not over-priced against your competitors.

Running an AirBnb listing is like running any business. There is an element of supply, and element of demand and a result of the two is a price. Hit the sweet spot with the price and you could easily make returns of £1,000 per month or more.


Income Possibility: £1,000-£2,500+ per month
Skill Level Required: 2 out of 5 stars
Suggested reading: How to make money on AirBnB: The Complete Guide for 2021



#9 Rent out your driveway or parking space

Rent Out Your Driveway

Last but not least, did you know your driveway or parking bay could be a regular passive income asset.

A driveway in a popular area can charge up to £10-£20 per hour, although on average this is closer to £5.87 per hour.

If you live near a popular venue such as a hospital, university, exhibition centre, shopping centre with expensive or limited parking or even tourist town – you could make a good amount of money every day just simply by allowing someone to rent out your driveway or parking space.

If you use a service such as Your Parking Space or Just Park, they will manage your space for you. They will update the availability of your space after each booking – to avoid a double booking – and pay directly into your bank account (after they deduct their commission, which is usually around 30% of the booking value).

You don’t even need to be there. Instructions can be left for customers when they book showing them exactly where the space is and any instructions you need to leave them.

If you area is parking limited with a huge demand you could easily make £1,000 extra a month for doing very little.


Income Possibility: £300-£1,000+ per month
Skill Level Required: 1 out of 5 stars
Suggested reading: How to rent out your driveway: The Complete Guide for 2021




How to make an extra £1,000 per month – In Conclusion

If you’re still reading – well done!

It shows you have the dedication and determination to really achieve your goal. Although we have covered 9 methods in some depth, I really feel we have just reached the tip of the iceberg.

There are lots of ways to make extra money only, and lots of possible options to make an extra £1,000 per month. Creativity is key as well as looking at the competition.

These are the hot trending topics at the moment. You can combine some of these options together and really boost your income.

Hopefully you have found in here your next money making possibility and can start your journey to an extra £1,000 per month!

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