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JD Sports Sale Dates


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JD Sports always appears to be having a sale!

Many of the sporting clothes and products have discounted price tickets, but did you know that around four times a year JD Sports hold much larger sales with a bigger range of products and more money to be saved?

Fortunately, Money Boost are keeping a very close eye on all the top retailer sales, to make sure you can get your hands on the most amazing bargains!


When is the JD Sports sale?

Friday 15th July is the Summer JD Sports sale in 2022 followed by Friday 25th November for the Autumn JD Sports sale for Black Friday. The last JD Sports sale of 2022 is Monday 26th December 2022, which is the Boxing Day Sale. JD Sports sales generally give up to 50% off.

During the last two years, JD Sports, like many retailers decided to keep sales online only, with only a handful of sale items available in store, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


We try and keep this page updated as often as we can but it’s always best to check out the main JD Sports sales page, as sale dates can and do change!


This was due to reduced footfall plus a limit to the number of people allowed into UK stores at any one time.

As restrictions eased in Summer 2021 it meant retailers could start to operate sales as per normal, as the social distancing and limited capacity rules were removed.

Let’s have a look at the rest of the JD Sports sales planned for 2022, what range of sporting goods and clothing will be available in the sales, the average savings you can make.

Plus, we explain some of the very best tips and tricks to land yourself the best bargains and biggest saving opportunities!



Latest JD Sports Sales Numbers – What was on sale and how much the savings were

We took a very close look at the summer JD Sports sale that happened in mid-July 2021.

A total number of 3,837 items were up for grabs, at a discount of up to 50%

But how many of those items were actually for sale with 50% off?

Our analysis showed that although we certainly found items that were 50% off, even up to 60% off, the average sale price was around 35%-40% across the three main departments (men’s, women’s and kids).

Here is the full analysis of the 3,837 sports items in the sale:

[table id=14 /]

As you can see, the biggest discounts were in the kids department with an average of 40%-50% savings, and the lowest were in the men’s department with an average of 25%-40% savings.

Although most retailers have different ranges of seasonal clothes which are sold off during the next seasons sale, there is less seasonality shift in the JD Sports range.

Usually, sale items are to make way for new stock and latest clothing ranges from the top brands.

The great thing about this is it gives year round opportunities to buy and immediately wear anything in the sale!

Let us look at the four main JD Sports sales throughout the calendar year, and how you can find the best deals!



Which months are the JD Sales – The Four Main JD Sports Sale Dates

Shopping in the JD Sports Sale

The four main JD Sports sale dates are January, April, July and November.

The January sale is for New Years, the April sale covers the Easter weekend (which can sometimes be March depending on the year), the July sale usually takes place just before the school summer break as people look forward to a summer holiday – and the November sale happens during the Black Friday sales.

There are a number of other smaller sales throughout the year, with some JD Sports flash sales too, but in the main these make up the four main sale dates.


If you want the best JD Sports sale items check out the main JD Sports sales page here



Spring JD Sports Sale

Spring is the most welcomed season of all!

An end to very cold days and we say goodbye to long dark nights as daylight savings comes in to affect and the UK moves from GMT to BST – one hour forward.

As well as this, many of us look forward to the JD Sports sale too!

As the warmer weather starts to hit our shores again many people look to restart gym memberships and enjoy walks and outdoor exercise. It’s a great time to replace last year’s gym and sportswear and grab yourself a great bargain in the sales!

Unfortunately, the Spring 2021 sale didn’t really materialise, at least in store, due to limited store capacity numbers. This restriction from the UK Government meant in-store sales were going to be a challenge.

Imagine watching those in-store casually browsing around grabbing the best bargains whilst you queued outside watching on, waiting for someone to leave the store before you’re allowed to enter!

The Spring sale isn’t necessarily the largest of the JD Sports sales but there are usually well over 2,000 sale items at discounts of up to 50%!

Expect the next spring JD Sports to happen around Monday 18th April 2022.


Summer JD Sports Sale

With just a few weeks away until summer vacations it’s usually the time where we start planning our summer wardrobe!

Whether that’s to get in some last minute diet and exercise regimes for a week on the beach, or summer fashions to look and feel cool during the summer sun – there’s always a great reason to enjoy the summer JD Sports sales!

Many retailers often find only a small footfall for the summer sales, as people are occupied with other things, BUT the summer JD Sports sale is really popular!

The summer sale had over 3,800 clothing items and accessories!

Our research for the 2021 JD Sports sale advertised the sale for men’s and women’s wear up to 50% off and kid’s clothes up to 60% off.

The average sale discount we found across the range of departments was 40%.

42% of the items in the sale were in the women’s department, 29% were in the men’s department and 29% were in the kid’s department.

Expect the next summer JD Sports to happen around Friday 22nd July 2022


Autumn JD Sports Sale

The autumn sale from JD Sports is for the popular Black Friday sales.

Many UK retailers have adopted this new sale at the end of November in replace of a strong December sale.

Black Friday Sale is a term that originated in the U.S. as a way for companies to ‘celebrate’ moving out of the red (loss) and in the black (profit) for the first time in the calendar year.

Really though it’s a great marketing way to increase sales before the Christmas period and to end the year on a high note.

Although the Autumn month hasn’t always seen large trade for sport retailers, there’s an increasing number of people who wear sportswear as part of their day to day fashion.

Black Friday Sales will be on Friday 25th November 2022.


Winter JD Sports Sale

JD Sports not only has one winter sale, they have two. Although both sales almost blend in to one.

They cover Boxing Day and the traditional New Year’s Day sale.


Boxing Day and New Year’s Day Sale

Almost all retailers now have a Boxing Day Sale!

Most retailers began with the traditional New Year’s Day Sales, but some retailers decided to start their sales a day early in an attempt to grab more of the customers sale money before they spend it elsewhere.

As other retailers caught up and pushed their sales back, it was a circular pattern until retailers reach as far back as Boxing Day.

No retailer wants to start sales before Christmas Day due to the demand already in place – although we have seen a few retailers now launching online sales on Christmas Day!

I think we all have better ways to spend Christmas Day than browsing sales, but we have a feeling this may become more widespread.

That being said if you want a place to spend any Christmas money or gift cards you may have received, the JD Sports Boxing Day sale may be a great place to do just that!



How to Find the Best Sale Items in the JD Sports Sales

There’s nothing like a sale to bring on a multitude of social media selfies showing off their latest bags and bargains from the sales!

Why is it always the same people all the time managing to get their hands on the best bargains?

Actually, many of these shoppers use tried and tested methods and tactics to et in early, find the best sales and be home trying on their bargains before many shoppers have even stepped foot in-store, or clicked online!

I’ll share some of those best hidden tricks and tactics to help you not only keep up with the competition but beat them too!


Find the Best Sale Items at the JD Sports Stores

Some JD Sport stores are huge, especially in large shopping centres such as Bluewater in Kent and Lakeside in Essex.

Finding your way around can be tough at the best of times, but there is always a heightened panic felt during a sale.

Each store although similar will vary greatly. Different products in different places, and each with a unique store layout.

The best trick here is to understand the store layout in advance. Know where the items are, and which items you want to find in the sales.

You need to plan ahead:

  • Visit your local JD Sports store in advance, and preferably within 3 days of the sale start date, which will help you familiarise yourself with the store layout for the sale
  • Decide on which JD Sports store you want to visit, especially if you have multiple stores within reach on the day
  • Arrive early and get ahead of the queuing crowds
  • Make a note of the route you want to take around the store to get the items you want in priority order


Visit your local JD Sports store in advance of the sale

Knowing your way around the store, especially if it’s a JD Sports store you’re not familiar with, can be important.

On the night before the sale staff will be stickering up items ready for the morning event. Knowing the layout and where each department is can help save confusion in the heat of the sale.

The people who manage to get the best sale items always have a game plan, know what they want and head straight to it.

Many casual shoppers often miss out on good sale items for this reason!


Decide on the JD Sports store you want to visit

Decisions, decisions!

If you only have one store in reach then you don’t need to worry about this as your options are limited to one, but if you have multiple stores you need to make a decision as to which store you plan to visit.

Smaller JD Sports stores may have less stock and a smaller choice of sizes, but competition and number of other shoppers to these stores is often lower.


Arrive early and get ahead of the queue

It’s disheartening to get up early, get ready and commute out to a store only to find a huge queue already formed!

Making your way to the back of the queue you see the slightly smug smiles of other customers ahead of you, knowing they are going to get the best items first.

That extra 30mins can make a big difference. Get to the store early, get to the front of the queue and you’ll be the envy of everyone arriving just before the doors open!


Make a note of your route around the store

If you have a list of products in your wish list, you should make a priority order of them. Then when in store plot a route between each.

Once you have the first item in your shopping basket, then you’ll know exactly where you’re heading for to grab the next sale item – and then the next!

Ever seen those shoppers that 10mins after the door opens are already queuing a paying?

They already knew which sale items they wanted, where they were, were probably first in the queue and will be smiling all the way to the cashier!



Find the Best JD Sports Bargains in the Online Sales

Many people are choosing to embrace the sales online, rather than the hassle of driving or public transport, queuing, browsing, crowds etc…

It’s no wonder really. Many UK retailers are reporting a steady increase in growth over online sales than in-store ones.

With so many devices and so many ways to shop online you can find bargains with ease using a mobile phone, tablet, laptop and even in some cases a smart TV.

If you’ve decided to shop online during the JD Sports sale, there are some simple tricks to help you get ahead of all those other keyword sale shoppers:

  • Look for all the clothing items you want the night before and add them all to your shopping basket for the next morning – the prices should automatically update to the sale price
  • Add a bookmark in your browser for each product page, to help you find them faster as the sale stars
  • Make a note of all the products you want, including the product number of SKU number. This will help you tick the items off your list and find items by their unique product numbers
  • Rise and shine – you need to be awake early, get ready and freshen up. Be awake and alert for the morning sale shopping ahead!



What discounts are given in the JD Sports sale?

Many of the JD Sports sales offer up to either 50% or 60% in their range of clothes.

During our research we have found the average price to be nearer 40% discount, but we have certainly found items at 50% and 60% off, particularly in the kid’s section.



JD Sports Sale Dates – In Conclusion

There are four main JD Sports sales throughout the year – if you combine the Boxing Day and New Year’s Day sales in to one.

Although sales over the past two years have been restricted due to the Covid pandemic, things have opened up again, and footfall is expected to return to the stores in 2022.

Make sure you plan your sale approach in advance. Plan your route in-store, make a note of all the items you want, and it will help you during the sale.

Use these methods and you’ll be the one posting social media selfies with all the JD Sports bargains you’ve managed to grab. You’ll be the one that will be the envy of all your friends!

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