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House of Fraser Sale Dates


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The House of Fraser sale is one of the sales marked on people’s calendars for several months!

Finding the really good bargains, which are often quite limited, can be a challenge.

Money Boost are closely monitoring the sales closely here, and for other retailers, to make sure you can grab the very best bargains with the highest discounts.

When is the next House of Fraser sale dates for 2022? Monday 18th April 2022 is the Spring House of Fraser sale date this year. This is followed by Monday 11th July 2022 for the Summer sale. Next is the Black Friday sale on Friday 25th November and then the Boxing Day sale on Monday 26th December. House of Fraser holds bank holiday sales too.

For the very best bargains check out the main House of Fraser sales page, which should take you to over 3,000 products in sale during promotional periods!

Throughout the past two years the number of sales dwindled somewhat as people numbers were restricted in UK stores. This makes any sale as complicated as it is challenging.

Fortunately, as restrictions lifted, and shopper numbers could return to normal, it gave UK retailers – like House of Fraser – the opportunity to start their popular sales again.

Let’s look in to 2022 for the House of Fraser sale dates, what type of clothing will be available, how many items are usually up for sale, typical savings and also some tips and tricks on finding the very biggest savings!



Latest House of Fraser Sales Numbers – What was on sale and how much discount

We took a close look at the July 2021 House of Fraser 50% off sale.

In total there were 14,808 products in the sale ranging from clothes to toys to beauty and homeware.

Surprisingly more than 50% of the items in sale were in the men’s wear category.

Here is the full analysis of the 14,808 items in the sale:

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As you can see, the sales averaged between 30% to 50% discount. Kids wear and bags and luggage looked to provide the biggest savings.

Women’s wear appeared to offer an average of 30% discount during our research, which was one of the lowest across the categories – although a 30% discount is still a good saving.

Each season and each House of Fraser sale comes with its own surprises of course.

Let us take a look at the main House of Fraser sale dates across the year, and how to find the biggest savings!



The Five Main House of Fraser Sale Dates

There are five main House of Fraser sales within a calendar year. There are two in Winter, one in Spring, one in Summer and two in Autumn.

Each sale brings a different season of clothes, accessories, and toys – as well as different saving ranges – but each has a huge range of items on sale (as we saw, in July 2021 there were over 14,000 items on sale!).

We try and keep this page updated as often as we can but it’s always best to check out the main House of Fraser sales page, as sale dates can and do change!


Spring House of Fraser Sale

As the cold weather drifts away and the sun seems to return from its slumber, we welcome not only later evenings and warmer weather – but also the House of Fraser sale!

The Spring sale from House of Fraser has a good range of stock. It’s not the biggest sale of the year but there are still some good bargains to be had.

It usually consists of a range of winter wear, which can be great to stock up in advance for the coming winter seasons.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic it meant many stores had to restrict in-store sales. Limited numbers inside meant a logistical headache.

Sales happened online instead but perhaps not to the level or grandeur the in-store sales once had.

Although it may not be the biggest sale of the year, smart savvy sale shoppers can get some really good bargains as others wait for the larger sales in the year.

Expect the next Spring House of Fraser sale to happen around Monday 18th April 2022.


Summer House of Fraser Sale

As summer holidays are on the horizon, sunglasses are a must and ice cream vans are everywhere – we welcome another House of Fraser sale!

The summer sale is quite a big deal in the calendar. Usually, summer retailer sales are some of the smallest as customers are preoccupied with other summer activities, but the Summer House of Fraser sale had an impressive 14,000 items in the sale!

The 2021 Summer sale was promoted as an up to 50% sale, and throughout our research we found the average sale price was between 30%-50%, depending on department.

51% of the sale items were men’s wear and 18% women’s wear. The rest of the 31% of the sale items were made up of kids, beauty and bags and luggage.

Expect the next Summer House of Fraser sale to happen around Monday 11th July 2022.


Autumn House of Fraser Sale

House of Fraser have not just one but two Autumn sales!

They have their end of season sale for two weeks in October, and then again for the Black Friday sales at the end of November.


October End of Season Sale

The October End of Season sale is a fortnight long sale releasing some of House of Fraser’s spring and summer fashions.

A range of toys and luggage is available too.

The sale tends to start towards the end of the first week of October and lasts until the third week of October.

It’s best to get in early as stock isn’t always replenished too often during the two week sale period.


Black Friday Sale

Like many retailers, House of Fraser look to promote a range of their clothing items in the Black Friday sales.

This popular U.S. tradition has spread across to the UK in recent years.

Where we see companies turn a profit for the first time, and to celebrate we have the Black Friday sales!

The name comes from accounting ledgers where losses are shown in red and profits in black – hence the term Black Friday.

Black Friday Sales will be on Friday 25th November for 2022.


Winter House of Fraser Sale

As well as two sales in the Autumn there are also two sales in Winter.

Four sales in just two seasons!

These include the Boxing Day and New Year’s Day sales:


Boxing Day Sale

After Christmas sales never started until New Year’s Day, but retailers started releasing their sales a day early, then a day earlier than that etc. all looking to capitalise on the nations want top bargain shop once the Christmas festivities were over.

This day earlier continued until it reached Boxing Day and naturally stopped. Retailers do not want to reduce prices too much before Christmas as this is almost every retailer’s busiest and most profitable period!

The House of Fraser Boxing Day Sale is definitely one worth waking up for!


New Year’s Day Sale

The tradition of New Year’s Day sales continues strong. Shoppers still look at this day as sale day, mainly due to historic and nostalgia reasons.

New Year’s Day sales tend to be an overspill of Boxing Day sales, but that isn’t to say new stock doesn’t arrive on the House of Fraser shelves and online store.



How to find the Best Bargains in the House of Fraser Sales

Shopping in the House of Fraser Sales

If you’ve taken a look at social media posts around the times of the House of Fraser sales, you may have noticed a flurry of selfies and outfit snappers showing off the bargains they managed to grab.

Ever wondered why it seems to be the same person every time taking advantage of the offers and huge sale prices you struggle to find!

It almost feels as if they get the VIP entrance to the sales and first through the doors before everyone else.

We’ll share with you the very tactics these shoppers are using. Tips and tricks of the sales trade that will help you not only compete but beat off the competition!


Find the Best Sale Items at the House of Fraser Stores

A number of the House of Fraser stores are quite large in size.

Each though of the chain stores although similar in some respects are all different. Different layouts, department arrangements and clothing organisation.

The very best trick here is to understand the store layout, and where the items are that you hope to get in the sale.

Planning ahead is crucial:

  • Take a trip to your local House of Fraser store in advance of the sale to familiarise yourself with the layout
  • If you have multiple stores within driving range, decide on which one you will visit for the sale
  • Get there early, at least 30 mins to 45 mins before the doors open
  • Memorise the route around the store you plan to take to get all the bargains you want



Take a trip to your local House of Fraser store in advance of the sale

Deciphering the layout of the store and where everything is really helps play a part on how likely you are to grab the sale items you want.

The afternoon prior to the sale the staff will start stickering the included items. The layout will have been decided and a trip the afternoon before will help you see where you need to head when the doors open.

Many sale shoppers have a game plan. They know where they are headed, and what they are going for. Casual shoppers tend to miss out on the best deals because of this.


Decide on which House of Fraser store you are going to head to

You may find one store within driving distance has a wider range, more sizes and more availability than another.

Larger stores tend to attract a larger audience and more competition, so you need to choose the right store wisely.


Arrive early and between 30mins to 45mins before the sale starts

Those at the front of the queue when you arrive made sure they were first in line for the biggest savings.

Arriving even 15mins earlier than planned could see you ahead of 100 people or more in the queue.

To grab the best deals, arrive early!


Memorise your route around the store

As you enter the store you are likely to find women’s wear at the front, with the rest of the departments towards the rear or up or down a level.

Knowing which items you want, and the priority order in which you would like to get them, means you can work out your route around store in advance.

Once you have the first item in your basket you should immediately know where you are heading next.



Find the Best House of Fraser Bargains in the Online Sales

With the queues, parking frustrations, queuing in the rain (it’s always raining when queuing outside!) and commuting, it’s no wonder more and more people are turning to online shopping in the sales.

Being able to log in from the comfort of our own home, without the hustle and bustle, is a lure that is only set to continue.

PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and mobile apps are all ways you can access the online sales. In some cases, you can even browse and shop the sales using a smart TV!

How times have changed!

If you plan to hit the keyboard rather than the shops for the next House of Fraser sale, here are some of the very best tips and tricks to help you grab the bargains of the day quickly and before the competition:

  • Find the items you want the night before and add them in to your shopping basket, ready to go once the sale starts the following morning
  • Add a browser bookmark of the product pages you want to check in the sales (you can do this on either PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone)
  • Write down the product names, and if possible, the product number (sometimes called a SKU number). This unique reference will help you find the item again easily in the mayhem of the sale.
  • Get up early on the day of the sale. Be washed, dressed, fed and coffee in hand. Be awake and be alert!



What type of discounts are given in the House of Fraser sales?

In the main House of Fraser offer up to 50% off in their seasonal sales but this can increase to 60% or more.

House of Fraser also run smaller sales most bank holiday weekends. These sales, although have a smaller range of discounted items, they can still be on offer for up to 50% off.



House of Fraser Sale Dates – In Conclusion

You will find five main House of Fraser sales in a calendar year. There is one in Spring, one in Summer, two in Autumn and two in Winter.

In-store sales were limited throughout the past two years but as restrictions lifted, and customers returned to stores, sales continued and will continue for 2022.

Plan ahead. Write down, or save in your web browser, all the items you’d like to grab in the sales.

Once you use these tips and tricks, make sure you’re the one posting all the latest fashions, at bargain prices, on your social media account. It’ll be you being the envy of all your friends!

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