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Top 5 Investment Books


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We all enjoy a good inspirational read. Whether for educational gain, to enhance knowledge or simply to give us the motivation to act. The subject of investment has been written about on countless occasions and will continue to be written about in further countless occasions in the future.

Here are a selection of reads that help to do just that. Some inspirational, some insightful, others instructional but all come with heaty recommendations and very high Amazon ratings:


Here are the Top 5 investment books of 2020 according to Amazon rankings and highest ratings:


Intelligent Investor – by Benjamin Graham

This book has a ton of glowing references, very high ratings, one of most popular investment books ever written and even has an endorsement by Warren Buffet as ‘By far the best book on investment ever written’. Coming from one of the richest men in the world, this is not an endorsement to be taken lightly. Before though you go skipping off to Amazon to buy a copy there are a couple of points to note. First the book was written over 70 years ago in 1949, which was a completely different world to the one we live in now. It’s a finance book, so it’s not been written in the light-hearted and comical fashion finance books are written today. This being said the pages can be motivational, inspirational and the lessons taught can be applied today as they could in 1949. The Kindle version can be bought at the moment for less than £10, so this could be a little gem of an investment


Rich Dad Poor Dad – by Robert T Kiyosaki

I first read this book in my late teens and trust me it was a real eye opener. At the time there wasn’t so much general understanding of the benefits of investing, but Kiyosaki does an amazing job of reciting a story around two fathers. One a steady worker who believed in a day’s work to provide working for an hourly wage and another who put his money to work by way of investment and how earning a passive income from his investments meant he became monetary and time rich. Although it doesn’t necessarily teach the practise of investment, it shows how important it is. A book that every late teenager should read.


The Naked Trader – by Robbie Burns

The ‘tea and toast man’ (read the book to find out why) has a simplistic way of captivating the reader through his daily trading efforts. The art of buying and selling shares is not always the most exciting but Burn’s style of trading examples, methods and the routines of his day do a great job of engaging the reader from the start to the back of the book.


The Complete Guide to Property Investment – by Rob Dix

This book is one of the best-selling and highest rated investment books on Amazon. Although this is not the usual investment of £100 a month into stocks and bonds, this book walks the reader through the complex albeit rewarding world of property investment. The property world changes, and property prices not just in the UK but around the world are an all time high, although not all the property ‘quick flips’ are available today the concepts are still relevant. Around the country property buying, renovation and selling can still bring a good solid income and investment.


The Barefoot Investor – by Scott Pape

It’s worth noting that although The Barefoot Investor (a.k.a. Scott Pape) isn’t particularly known in the UK the reason for this is he is Australian. He’s a regular in the Australian media for helping his national country through the myriad of the investing and money saving world. Some of the concepts in the book are clearly written for an Australian audience and Australian VAT laws, but the over-writing nature of the principles can be applied anywhere.

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