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Top beginner investment websites


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First of all, we would like to point out we are not an investment website, and not claiming to provide financial advice. A little disclaimer, but a necessary one.

We are not going to tell you where to invest you hard earned money, which stocks or bonds to buy or whether the time is right. This you will need to decide for yourself.

What our aim is though is to provide you factual information for you to be able to use from what are considered to be reliable sources to allow you to make informed decisions. Investment isn’t risk free and you have to be prepared to lose what you have put in.

That being said, and with the sobering information out of the way, investing for the future is something we really all should be doing. Whether this is an investment into a pension fund, or an ISAs or an investment fund with the intention of earning a bigger return than you can get with your high street bank.

If you’re new to investment it can be a scary proposition which often puts even the hardened of people off. A lot of technical jargon confuses the mind. It’s almost as if the investment world is shrouded in this secret language only those with a pass to the Investment Club has been taught to read and speak.

There can though be some very well known and reputable sites for the beginner in you. If you’re new to the world of investment and want to research first, here are top four websites to go check out:


NS&I from Gov UK

The NS&I (which stands for National Savings & Investments) is a Government based savings and investment organisation. The benefit to you is that you are investing with an organisation that is backed by HM Treasury. NS&I have 25million customers and have been around since 1861.

The NS&I website although quite simplistic is very easy to use and navigate, and as the information comes straight from a UK Government organisation you can rely on what you see.

Where to Start:

Why Save with NS&I

The NS&I Products



Money Saving Expert

The Money Saving Expert (a.k.a Martin Lewis) started the Money Saving Expert blog in the early 2000’s as a place to help people understand and improve their finances. With many TV appearances over the year, his own TV programme and always a Robin Hood’esq style to direct people away from high charges and how to find the very best deals.

He has attained Guru status in the UK in his field, as a result the information on the Money Saving Expert website is considered very reliable. Found within the MSE pages you will find the Introduction to Investment guide which looks to be updated at least annually.

Where to Start:

Money Saving Expert’s Guide to Investing in 2020 started in 2008 as one of the finance comparison engines. They have been around for more than 12 years now, and clearly know their stuff. They make it very clear, as all investment brokers should do, that investing can put your capital at risk and you may get back more than you put in. That being said work as a comparison broker for investing, meaning they compare the results and trends of UK based investment firms and brokers to provide comparison suggestions. It may not be completely conclusive but can be a handy tool as part of your full research

Where to Start:

Money – Investing


Motley Fool

Motley Fool – or just The Fool as it’s known – is a powerhouse in investment news and knowledge. Launched in the UK way back at the start of the public internet era in 1997 they have survived the peaks and troughs of the internet world and still going strong over 20 years later. As well as a UK presence they also have websites in Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Japan and the US where Motley Fool was founded in 1993. As well as an expansive news and editorial portal they offer paid for subscription content for the serious investors. With free guides and introduction for investment downloads, they have a wealth of information even for the novice investor

Where to Start:

How should you stock your beginner investment portfolio – published in April 2020

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