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Asda George Sale Dates


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Who doesn’t love a shopping sale – and the George Asda sale is no exception!

George at Asda have a really good clothing line. Their costs are relatively reasonable year round, but they are especially good during the planned George at Asda sales.

Money Boost have been keeping our eye out and are closely monitoring all the George sales of the year.

When are the George at Asda sale dates for 2022? Monday 18th April 2022 is the next George Asda sale with sale discounts between 20%-50%. After this, the following George Asda sale is expected to be on Monday 6th September 2022, followed by the Black Friday 25th November 2022 with the last 2022 George sale on Boxing Day.

Like many of the UK supermarkets with their own clothing range, Asda have made the decision to postpone some of the high traffic and footfall sales due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

With limitations on shopping numbers on law set by UK Government, it didn’t make sense for sales to happen.

How frustrating would it be watching some casually bagging all the bargains inside George whilst you wait for a shopper to leave before you’re allowed in the store!

As restrictions lifted in July last year, let’s look at the planned George Asda sale dates for 2022, and how you can get your hands on the very best bargains!



Latest Sales Analysis – What Was on Sale at George Asda and How Much Off

We monitored the last George Asda sale of July 2021. Sales ranged from 20% in Home and Electrical up to 40% to 50% for Women and Menswear.

We have a full analysis of the Summer July 2021 Asda sale below:

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This analysis will help you see the number of sale products available, and also typical savings per department.

Each season though offers different products, categories, and savings.

We will bring you the full answers, analysis, and helpful tips as and when they happen.

Let’s have a look at the dates for each season’s sales and what to expect.



The Four Main George at Asda Sales

The main George Asda sales happen on an average of four times each year. These usually follow the seasons, so you will generally find a winter sale, spring sale, summer sale and autumn sale.

Each sales brings different bargains and gives customers different saving opportunities.

As well as the four main sales, George at Asda have a range of smaller sales during the UK Bank Holiday dates, as well as the ever popular Black Friday Sales in late November.

We try at Money Boost to keep this page updated as often as we can but it’s always best to check out the main George at Asda sales page, as sale dates can and do change!


Spring George Asda Sale

Spring is one of those really happy seasons.

The snow has (almost) disappeared, the daffodils start to appear, and bluebells make their wonderful albeit short appearance before they disappear for another year.

One other thing great about Spring, is the Spring George at Asda sale!

The Spring sale is usually the second sale on the calendar, coming after the Boxing Day Winter George sale that usually runs between late December and early January.

This is the sale many people take advantage of the range of George winter clothes being sold by Asda, and a great opportunity to stock up for the coming winter and the obvious cold days we’ll see during Spring and Autumn for the rest of the year – the delights of the British weather!

A small range of home wear and electrical items are for sale, but the concentration of the sale is on clothing.

We expect the next Spring George Asda sale to happen around 18th April 2022 – although the date has not yet officially been confirmed by Asda.


Summer George Asda Sale

BBQs are dusted off, paddling pools set in the garden, the sun is out, and holidays are to be looked forward to.

Welcome to the British summer – and home to the Summer Asda George sale!

This sale, although covers a range of products including women’s wear, men’s wear, baby products and homeware, is one the tends to get overlooked during the distractions summer tends to bring.

In fact, summer-time is generally the quietest time of the year for sale shopping, but this does give hardcore summer savers a great opportunity to stay ahead of the competition.

Summer George at Asda sales usually provide between 20%-50% off, depending on the department range your shopping in. Clothes tend to offer the greatest reductions with up to 50% off women and men’s wear, whereas homeware and electricals tend to have an average of 20% off.

Expect the next Summer George Asda sale to happen on Monday 6th September 2022.


Autumn George Asda Sale

The leaves turning brown and small winter chill in the air is a sure sign of Autumn – well that at the planning of the next George at Asda sale!

This sale is one of the most popular sales Asda George have on offer because not only is it the last main sale before Christmas, it also coincides with the popular Black Friday sales.

Black Friday, which started over in the U.S. is a term used when an average retailer stops trading at a financial loss for the year and starts entering a profit (moving out of the red (loss) and in to the black (profit).

It’s an old refresh to how profit and loss figures were shown on a company’s financial statements. A figure in red denoted a loss, whereas a figure in black was used as a profit. Hence the term Black Friday.

The Black Friday sales have grown in the U.K. considerably over the past few years as retailers look at sales and marketing opportunities to sell off summer stock and market their offers for the pending Christmas surge in spending.

This sale at George Asda sees a number of clothing and products across all departments with sales up to 50% off.

Expect the next Autumn George Asda sale to happen on Friday 25th November 2022 (also known as Black Friday).


Winter George Asda Sales

With the after-effects of too many roast potatoes, that extra mince pie with extra cream and perhaps one more glass of Prosecco than was absolutely necessary on Christmas Day, weary heads need to be awake and alert as the Winter George Asda Sales splits in to two across Boxing Day and New Year’s Day!


Boxing Day Sale

First up is the George at Asda Boxing Day Sale!

This sale is the first look at the winter clothing, homeware, and any electrical items on sale after the Christmas shopping rush.

The winter sales are probably the biggest of the year, as Asda compete with all the other supermarket sales (such as the Sainsbury’s TU 25% off sale dates we have covered here) and all the other high street brands.


New Year’s Day Sale

Next is the New Year sales as George at Asda.

Really this is a follow on to promote the remaining items from the Boxing Day sales with a few additional products added to renew interest.

It’s worth setting your alarm for this one as the new items added can be different to the Boxing Day sale releases, as well as a replenishment on some stock items where some is held back for this event.



How to Find the Best Bargains in the George Asda sales

Shop George Asda Sales Online

If you see lots of friends, family or boasters on social media showing off the bargains they’ve found at the George sale – have you ever wondered why it isn’t you?

You put the time in, shop online, look around but only find sizes way too big or too small!

There are usually some tips and tricks the others are using to bag those early bargains – and these I will share with you!

In fact, I’ll give you some tips that are not being used by 95% of George sale shoppers which not only see you competing with others but beating them to the best bargains!


Find the Best Bargains in the George at Asda store

Unless you visit an actual George clothing store, and there are a few around, you may find your local Asda supermarket with a George department inside, relatively small.

That said they can be rather dense of clothes and accessories as Asda make use of as much floor space as they are physically able to do.

The larger independent George stores can be much bigger, often bigger than many high street retailer shops.

The key to grabbing the best bargains and biggest sales is to plan ahead:

  • Take a trip to your local George store, or within a local Asda Supermarket the day prior to the day the sales start
  • Make a decision as to which George store you plan to visit on sale day.
  • Arrive half an hour before the store opens, and try to visit again before they close for the day
  • Map out your route around the store in advance



Take a trip to your local store the day before the sales start

This may take some careful planning in advance.

The day before the sales start should be the final position of many of the sale items the next day. Staff will work after closing time to add sale prices and sale stickers to items rather than moving the entire stock around.

This means you can methodically see which items are in stock, and where they are!


Make a decision as to which George store to visit on sale day

If you are driving distance to more than one George or Asda store you may need to decide as to which store to visit, or at least visit first.

Your George within an Asda Superstore may be closer, but could an actual George clothing store a little further out give you more choice, selection and sizes?

Larger stores may mean more stock, but also more people and larger queues.


Arrive half an hour before the store opens, and also before they close

If you want to get the best bargains, you need to get to the head of the queue – and that means getting there early!

30mins before a George sale starts should be plenty of time.

Fortunately, you do not need to do what some did before a Boxing Day Harrods sale in the nineties, and camp outside all day Christmas Day for the best bargains!

It’s also worth noting that if the George sale last more than one day, the staff often replenish stock levels towards the end of the day for the morning trade.

You may find items on sale at the end of the day that were not there at the start of the day!

This doesn’t always work, but if your George store is close, it is definitely worth a try.


Map out your route around the store in advance

As I’m sure you will have noticed, no two George store layouts are the same.

You do ‘tend’ to find ladies and children’s clothes at the front, homeware towards the back and men’s clothes really at the back – but this can depend on location.

If you are deciding to visit a different George store than normal on sales day you may want to visit in advance to either mentally or note down where everything is and your optimum route around the store depending on which items are more important to you to grab in the sales.



Find the best George by Asda and 50% off bargains in the Online Sales

What better way to avoid the queues than shopping online!

More and more of us are avoiding rip off town centre car park charges, which seem to increase parking charges each year despite the destruction it has to most high street businesses – stay at home in the warm – and carry out our shopping online.

It’s so easy to do, with so many retailers not only having websites to browse but apps too!

If you have decided to shop online during the sale, there are some great tips and tricks below that should aid your bargain hunting:

  • Put products you want into your shopping basket the night before
  • Add a browser bookmark to the pages that interest you most
  • Grab a pen and pad and write down the products you want to look out for in the sale. Make a note of unique product numbers or SKU numbers, as these may be easier to search for in the panic of buying than the name alone
  • Be alert and prepared. Wake at least 45 mins before sale starts. Have a shower, grab breakfast and a coffee and be wide awake for the moment the sale starts!



What type of discounts are given in George by Asda sales?

During our recent analysis of the George Asda sale, we noted that discounts range from 20% to 50%. This was often dependent on the department you were shopping.

Clothing had the better discounts and averaged at between 40% to 50%. Homeware and electrical items on average had the lowest sale discounts at an average of 20%.



George by Asda Sale Dates – In Conclusion

The larger George sales happen on average four times a year, but they are known to hold these on most bank holidays. This has been a common practice over the past couple of years.

For the past two years are an exception due to restricted numbers of people allowed inside stores because of Covid-19.

The sales are expected in 2022 and beyond.

The sales offering the biggest bargains tend to happen during the Black Friday event and also the Boxing Day and News Year Day sales.

It would be wise to plan ahead, regardless of whether you plan to shop inside a store or shop online. Make note of your route, and the items you want to grab, and start early!

With the many George sale items and bargains to be had, you’ll be the envy of all your friends, family and avid bargain shoppers!

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