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River Island Sale Dates


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The River Island sales is one of the most popular shopping sales in UK retail.

They can be notoriously difficult though to find the best bargains, the biggest savings, and the widest range of sizes.

Fortunately, Money Boost are watching this closely, as well as other major high street and online retail brands.

When are the next River Island sale dates for 2022? Monday 18th April is the Spring River Island sale date of 2022. This is followed by the Summer sale on Monday 11th July 2022. Black Friday sales on Friday 25th November is next and then the Boxing Day sale on Monday 26th December. River Island also hold Bank Holiday sales throughout the year.


For the very best bargains check out the main River Island sales page, which should take you to over 3,000 products in sale during promotional periods!


Like many retailers, there have been a number of changes to sales for the past two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but as restrictions lifted the sales began and will continue in to 2022.

Restriction of people within stores made it near impossible for the regular sales to happen as normal. Some sales continued online but often to a lesser extent.

Let’s look at 2022 for the River Island sale dates, the stock and clothing range on offer and how to get your hands on the biggest sale savings and the best deals!



Latest River Island Sales Analysis – What was on sale and how much off

Here at Money Boost, we paid close attention to the latest River Island 60% off sale in July 2021.

There was a total of 3,346 products including in the last River Island sale. We have given you a full analysis below:

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As you can see, the 60% sale lived up to its word. We saw many products at the full 60% discount, some were discounted to 50% discount and only a small number of the 3,300 products in the sale had a discount of less than 50%.

Each season, and each sale, bring with it a different range of clothing items and different levels of savings.

Let’s start by taking a look at the River Island sale dates throughout the rest of 2021, what to expect in each sale and also how to find the biggest savings!



The Four Main River Island Sale Dates

Find Bargains in the River Island Sales

There are four main River Island sales throughout the calendar year. Two in Winter, one in Summer and one in Autumn.

They also hold smaller bank holiday sales during public holidays.

There are different clothing ranges in the offer during the sales, dependent on the time of year you are shopping. You tend to find 90% of sale items are from the previous two seasons, without 10% of sale items coming from the current season’s clothing range.

We try and keep this page updated as often as we can but it’s always best to check out the main River Island sales page, as sale dates can and do change!



Spring River Island Sale

Spring is such a beautiful time of year.

The sun starts creeping out from behind the clouds, like a bear coming out of hibernation, the days become longer – plus of course we have a River Island sale to look forward to!

The Spring sale is not usually the biggest of the sales, but there are still some bargains to be had especially if you want to stock up on some great Christmas clothing items.

Due to the pandemic, the River Island sales took place online in the main for Spring 2021 but should be back again in stores in Spring 2022.

Smart shoppers may find some spring wear included in the sales, so make sure you’re in the store or online once the sale starts!

Expect the next Spring River Island sale to happen around 18th April 2022 – although the date is officially yet to be announced.


Summer River Island Sale

With every ice cream seller down almost every street playing their jingle, we welcome summer with open arms – almost as open as we welcome the Summer River Island sale!

The Summer sale is one of the larger of the year, with biggest savings. The July 2021 sale included more than 3,000 clothing items with an average saving of between 50%-60%.

Some items with a little more discount (even though River Island stated their sale was up to 60% off, we found some items up to 80% off!) and some items a little less than the average.

68% of the July 2021 sale items were women’s clothes, 17% were men’s clothes, 15% were girl’s clothes and 3% were boy’s clothes.

Expect the next Summer River Island sale to happen around Monday 11th July 2022


Autumn River Island Sale

Autumn is a great time to find conkers, play in the leaves and of look forward to the Autumn River Island sale.

The Autumn sale is also the Black Friday Sale – which for 2022 is on Friday 25th November.

The Black Friday Sale, originally started in the U.S. is the average day when retailers large and small turn a profit for the first time in the calendar year.

Operating at a loss for nearly a full 11 months, it is just the final 5 weeks of the year that profits start to take shape.

This of course varies dependent on the business, but it is a sale that has ventured across the pond and is now celebrated across the UK each year.


Winter River Island Sale

The River Island winter sale splits in to two!

Not only do we have the festivities of Christmas to look forward to but with wearing heads, and bloated stomachs, we have to wake up early on Boxing Day and get ready for the River Island Sale!


Boxing Day Sale

The Boxing Day River Island sale is one of the biggest sales for the retail chain in the year!

Thousands of clothing items up for grabs, with discounts up to 60% and more. The sale includes all four departments: women’s wear, men’s wear, girl’s wear, and boy’s wear.

The Boxing Day sale is one of the biggest sales in the UK. The Black Friday sales are becoming close in terms of popularity and discounts, but the end of year sales is the final chance for businesses to bring as much profit as they can into the business before their financial books close for another year.


New Year’s Day Sale

The New Year’s Day sales have started to become overshadowed a little. Sales are being brought forward as each retailer aims to capitalise as early as possible for customers spend.

River Island have a New Year’s Day sale which is well worth checking out.

It normally consists of a number of items left over from the Boxing Day sales but to keep things fresh you will find a number of clothing items not available in the Boxing Day sale and left over to this one.



How to Find the Best Bargains in the River Island Sales

Shopping in the River Island Sales

You only have to check social media messages and posts from others around sale time to see the amazing bargains others have managed to pick up.

Isn’t it surprising how it’s the same people who always seem to land the best bargains!

It almost feels as if they have an inside edge. A secret door to the sales giving them the first opportunities before everyone else gets there.

Actually, you will find the same tactics are used by these shoppers, time and time again.

These tactics are pretty simple, yet 95% of sale shoppers aren’t using them!

We’ll walk through some of the secret methods these shoppers use. It will not only help you compete but also grab some of the sale bargains before they do!


Find the Best Sale Items at River Island Stores

Many of the River Island stores are quite a size.

The larger of the retail chain stores can spread over different levels and floors too.

Each store layout, although many offer a similar section pattern, will be different – but the key and secret here is to understand the layout of the store for the sale in advance.

You need to plan ahead:

  • Pay a visit to your local River Island store the day before or within the week leading up to a sale
  • Decide in advance which store you intend to visit during the sale
  • Make sure you’re there before the crowd starts. 30 mins to 1 hour before the doors open should see you in front of many of the would be bargain shoppers
  • Map out your route around the River Island store


Pay a Visit to Your Local River Island Store

Knowing the layout of the store, where the sections are, and where the best items are on the shelves can pay dividends during sale time!

The day before the sale everything should be where it will end up being for the sales.

You may find a larger River Island sale within reach but a little further than your usual store. It’s even more helpful to visit a new store ahead of the sales. Once the doors open many sale shoppers head straight to the items they want – you need to know where you’re going in advance!


Decide in Advance Which Store to Visit

Different stores will give you different options.

If you only have one River Island store in reach, then the choice is taken out of your hands. If though you have more than one, you need to make a decision.

That said the larger stores may have more stock, but they also have more competition and potentially bigger queues.


Arrive 30 mins to 1 Hour Before the Store Opens

The people at the front of the queue didn’t end up there at random.

They carefully planned their visit, made sure they were at the front to be the first in-store – and once those doors open, they will know exactly where they are heading.

If you want to grab the best sales, you need to be up the front too and know exactly where the items you want are located.


Map Out Your Route Around the Store

Woman’s clothing tends to be right at the front of the store, next are children’s clothes and then upstairs – or at the back of the store – you typically find the men’s wear.

This being said the ranges of clothes within each section of store is different per store location.

Take a pad a pen if you need to, or take photos on your phone, and find out exactly where the items you want.

Plan your route methodically around the store picking up the items you want in the right priority order based on your want list.



Find the Best River Island Bargains in the Online Sales

So many people are now turning away from in-store sales and opting to find the bargains they need online.

With the travelling, paying for parking in town centres, queuing and the hustle and bustle, it’s no wonder we’re turning towards the internet to find good bargains in the sales.

There are now lots of ways to shop online in the sales, such as PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone browser and even retailer’s apps!

If taking to the online sales is your choice, here are some of the best ways and top tricks and tips to help your sale shopping go great!

  • Add the clothes and sizes you want into your shopping basket the night before
  • Bookmark the pages of the products you want into your browser for easy finding
  • Make a note of the product names and also product numbers (sometimes called SKU numbers). It will be easier to find the products you want during the sales with the unique product reference, especially during the panic of sale time!
  • Rise and shine early on sale day. If sales start early then wake an hour beforehand. Get showered, dressed, have breakfast and your first tea or coffee of the day – and be ready, prepared and alert!




What type of discounts are given in the River Island sales?

Up to 60% off sale prices are given during River Island sales. Sale discounts are based on the season of the sale, and the clothing range included. Larger River Island sales throughout the year offer bigger sale reductions, but bank holiday sales can offer up to 50% off or more.



River Island Sale Dates – In Conclusion

The four main River Island sales happen during the Summer, Autumn and two during Winter.

Although sales, in-store sales in particular, were put on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic, but as restrictions were lifted during summer last year it meant businesses return to sales in 2022.

It is best to plan ahead. Make a note of not only the clothing items you want, but also your route around the store. Get there early and grab the best sale bargains.

If you plan to shop online again make note of the items you want, add them to your basket the night before and they will be ready to checkout with as soon as the sales start!

With the number of River Island products in the sales, and the amazing items you can get at largely discounted prices, you will be the one posting your bargains on social media and being the envy of all your friends!

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