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Tesco 25% Off Clothing


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The Tesco 25% off clothing sale is always a sale that should be marked on the calendar!

It seems the Tesco sale comes and goes in the blink of an eye. We are bombarded with so many adverts on the media, online and on TV that it can be excused if it’s overlooked altogether.

Money Boost though are keeping a close eye and have your back. We are monitoring all the sales to make sure we can help you get your hands on the latest F&F fashion at the lowest possible prices.

When is the next Tesco 25% off clothing sale? Tuesday 22th September 2022 is expected to be the next Tesco clothing 25% sale date. After this the following Tesco clothing 25% sale is expected to be Thursday 17th November 2022. This falls in line with the pattern of last years Tesco clothing sale dates.

Many of the Tesco F&F clothing sales were either cancelled or postponed so far during 2020 and also 2021 due to the pandemic, which resulted in limited instore numbers and pushed any sales in to online only ones.

The UK Government ended all legal social distancing restrictions on 19th July, although some stores and retailers are yet to fully embrace this and are still restricting in-store numbers, and asking customers to wear face masks, we do expect the Tesco 25% off sales to start going ahead.

There are an average of three different Tesco 25% off clothing sales that take place every calendar year.



The Three Largest Tesco 25% Off Clothing Sales

The three Tesco clothing sales coincide with the colder seasons of the year, namely autumn and winter.

Generally, each sale offers a range of clothes from the past two seasons, as Tesco clear way for new season wear and the latest fashions from its designers.


Although we try and keep dates as accurate as possible, it is worth checking out the latest Tesco Clothing sales page – as dates and times can change throughout 2022. You can find out by clicking here


Every Tesco sale is different. Each of the sales comes with its own volume of stock, different fashion ranges and either a large or small number of size variations – depending on the remaining stock levels in store and at the Tesco warehouse.

Fortunately, we have some tips and tricks for you to help you stay ahead of all the other bargain shoppers, so you can bag those great bargains the moment they go on sale. We will be revealing all shortly.

Let’s look at the main Tesco 25% off clothing sales throughout the year.


Autumn Tesco Clothing Sales

Autumn is the time for jumping in piles of fallen brown leaves, watch Christmas launch in the supermarket’s shelves, also to look out for and also enjoy the first Tesco 25% off clothing sale of the year!

There are in fact two Tesco clothing sales in Autumn. One in September, and again in November.

Usually, the first of the autumn Tesco clothing sales happens around right at the end of September as Tesco look to release the spring and summer fashion ranges as they look to fill their shelves with the latest winter fashions.

The next Tesco clothing sale happens mid-November, although surprisingly before the Black Friday sales.

Expect the next Tesco 25% off clothing sale to be on Thursday 22nd September 2022, and then again on Thursday 17th November 2022



Winter Tesco Clothing Sale

With limited hours of sunlight, and warm weather a distant memory, we start turning towards our Christmas shopping and any Christmas sales we can find.

Fortunately, Tesco doesn’t let us down and has their final 25% off clothing sale just before the Christmas period.

This is great for some last minute Christmas presents, gift ideas or even some winter fashion or even the Christmas party outfit (now that these are expected to happen again in 2021!).

The 2020 December sale took place during the second week of December. There wasn’t such a sale in either 2019 or 2018, but we do expect the trend to follow into this year.

If this trend does continue in to 2021, we would anticipate this sale to happen during the same second week of December.

Expect the next winter Tesco 25% off clothing sale to be on Wednesday 7th December 2022.



How to Find the Best Bargains in the Tesco clothing sales

Shopping in Tesco Clothing Sale

Do you find that it feels that everyone manages to grab great bargains in the Tesco clothing sales, and parade their finds on social media, all except you!

No matter what you do, online searches or scrummaging in the instore sales either sees the item you want already gone, or only the wrong sizes remaining.

Even when you do arrive at a Tesco store shortly after the doors open makes you feel that everyone else managed to find a back door entrance an hour before and strip the shelves of the best deals.

Fortunately, I can share with you some of the tips and tricks the expert sale shoppers use to grab those early 25% sale bargains.

There are even some tips here that will help you step even further ahead of the competition and be one step ahead of the rest!


Find the Best Bargains in a Tesco Clothing Store and Section

Depending on the size of the Tesco store, the F&F clothing section will either be relatively small or relatively larger.

The Tesco Extra stores can have large clothing departments, with some Tesco stores dedicating an entire second floor to clothes and homeware.

No two store layouts are exactly the same.

Almost all stores have ladies’ clothes at the front, children’s clothes mid-way through the store and men’s clothes towards the back but this is usually the only similarity.

It’s important to plan ahead. Here are a few ways on how to:

  • Visit the Tesco clothing area a day or two before the 25% sale starts
  • Make a decision on which Tesco store to visit
  • Arrive early and ahead of the crowds
  • Plan your route around the department in advance


Visit the Tesco clothing area a day or two before the 25% sale starts

Planning ahead is important. Stores and sections can be large and vast, so it’s important to know the layout of your local store and where everything is.


Make a decision as to which Tesco store to visit

If there are more than one Tesco superstore, or Tesco Extra in commuting distance, you may need to make a decision as to which Tesco store you are going to visit in the sale.

Larger clothing sections generally have a larger range of clothes and more sizes, but equally has more shoppers and a more competition.


Arrive early and ahead of the crowds

Just 30 mins can make the difference between a successful sale shopping trip, and a disappointing one!

The most successful bargain shoppers always arrive early. They make sure they are ahead of their competition, and you will notice these shoppers know exactly where they are going the moment the sales start.

If the Tesco clothing sale lasts a few days, you may find the stocks are replenished at the end of the day, just before the store closes, in time for the following mornings shoppers – so if you have the chance to visit the store again in the evening, it may pay dividends with some more bargains on offer!


Plan your route around the department in advance

As we’ve seen, each Tesco clothing department has different layouts and stock.

Just like the rest of the store, the layout can change often depending on season, and latest clothing ranges or fashions that arrive.

Once you know the clothing department layout, and which items you want in priority order, you can plan your route grabbing each item in turn!



Find the best Tesco 25% off clothing bargains in the Online Sales

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular every year!

It’s no wonder why. Avoid the queues, eliminate the commute, save on parking fees and sidestep the crowds and queuing.

What’s not to like!

If though you are planning to shop online, planning ahead is key.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Put the items you want into your shopping basket the night before. As the sale starts, if the item is included in the sale the price will automatically drop – and you only need to check out!
  • Add browser bookmarks to the pages you want to check out when the sale starts
  • Make a note of all the products you want, and also make a note of the Product Code or SKU number
  • Set your alarm, wake up early, have a shower and breakfast, as well as a coffee. Be awake, ready and prepared!


You can see the advantages of planning ahead. It saves you time during the crucial sale items.

With limited stocks it really comes down to who is fastest. These tips will help you save valuable and potentially costly time in advance.



Are all the clothing items in the Tesco clothing sale at 25% off?

A large percentage of items in the Tesco clothing sale are offered at 25% off the standard price, so yes clothing items at Tesco F&F are really 25% off!

It’s been a relatively recent legal requirement for retailers to include not only the original selling price during a sale, but also how long the product has been selling at the original price.

This is because some retailers in the past increased the price of a product just before a sale, and then reduced the price back to where it was, sometimes as little as 24 hours later, calling it a ‘sale’.

Although this was never a practise Tesco clothing ever used, it became widespread in the retail industry and the reason why the UK Government and trading standards stepped in and changed the rules.



In Conclusion – Tesco Clothing 25% Sale

The Tesco clothing 25% sale is one of the most popular sales of the year.

Many sales have been cancelled over the past two years because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but as restrictions are lifted, we are likely to see more Tesco 25% clothing sales in 2022 as they look to entice customers back.

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