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Tesco Toys Sale Dates 2021


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The Tesco toy sale is one of the most exciting and anticipated supermarket toy sales of the year!

Although Tesco generally make a buzz around their almost infamous toy sale, it’s one of those sales that is often overlooked during the year.

So many adverts, both online and offline, fighting for attention can mean this one goes a little unnoticed – but it is one of the great sales to stock up on great birthday and Christmas toys and can be a great place to get some Christmas toy inspiration.

Money Boost are regularly checking the Tesco toy sales, keeping an eye on the latest sale dates and will keep this page updated throughout the year as sales and dates become available. We’ll help you find the very best toy sale bargains!

When is the next Tesco toy sale? Monday 21st March 2022 is expected to be the next Tesco toy sale date. After this the following Tesco toy sale is expected to be Friday 8th July 2022, followed by Monday 26th September 2022 and again on Friday 17th October 2022.

Although many of the toy sales were pushed to the Tesco Direct catalogue, there are some that can still be found instore.

There are an average of six different Tesco toy sales that take place during every year.


Although we try and keep dates as accurate as possible, it is worth checking out the latest Tesco toy sales page – as dates and times can change throughout 2022. You can find out by clicking here



The Six Largest Tesco Toy Sales

Tesco Toy Shopping

Tesco usually hold five large toy sales throughout the calendar year.

Predominantly these tend to be later in the year across autumn and winter, but there is a sale to be found during the spring and summer months.

Each sale can be different, with a different range of toys, brands and manufacturers included. Sales vary between 25% off and 50% off, and some toy sales have toys reduced to as low as £4!

Toy stocks during the sales can be limited, particularly around the festive Christmas period.

Fortunately, we have some tricks and tips to help you stay ahead of the competition, and bag those top toy sales the moment they hit the sale shelves. All is revealed shortly.

Let’s look at the five main Tesco toy sales throughout the calendar year.



Spring Tesco Toy Sale

As the sun begins to thaw out the remaining stubborn cold effects of winter, the Tesco toy sale is in full force.

The first major Tesco toy sale of the year.

This is a great sale to get your hands on some bargains for birthdays and gift ideas across spring and summer.

Some really hardcore sale and bargain shoppers use this sale, which is often the quietest of the year, to stock up on Christmas presents, yes 9 months in advance!

The spring sale in 2021 took place on Monday 22nd March.

Monday tends to be the day in which many of the Tesco toy sales start, so it’s important to look out for these at the start of the week so that you don’t miss out!

Expect the next spring sale to happen on Monday 21st March 2022.



Summer Tesco Toy Sale

When summer comes, we all have summer sunshine, holidays and BBQs to look forward to – as well as the Tesco toy sale!

In the past couple of years, the toy sale has happened just before the schools break up for summer. This is great timing!

In 2020 the sale took place on 9th July and including toys from brands Nerf and Lego.

The toys on offer change, and isn’t so easy to predict, but usually cover enough of a wide range of toy options to cater for most children.

Sometimes relatively new toy launches can slip into the sales, but these are often limited in range and volume.

Expect the next summer sale to happen on Friday 8th July 2022 – although we are waiting on official confirmation of the date.



Autumn Tesco Toy Sales

As well as falling leaves and conker fights, Autumn brings with it at least two Tesco toy sales!

This is where competition from other toy shoppers start increasing as the smart sale shoppers begin buying early for Christmas.

It’s possible to pick up some really good bargains!

The last Autumn toy sales that took place in 2020 where on September 28th and October 19th.

These two sales offer the last chance to grab toy bargains until two weeks before Christmas when the toy sale starts.

This though is leaving it until the very last minute, even for the more hardened and seasoned Christmas shopper.

If the September sale is too early, then the late October sale may suit you better.

This sale is very popular so wake early and get in quick!

Expect the next autumn Tesco toy sales to happen on Monday 26th September and also again on Monday 17th October.



Black Friday Tesco Toy Sale

In 2021, Tesco caught many people out by starting the Black Friday sale two weeks early!

The Black Friday 2021 sale started on Friday 11th November, which was two weeks away from the official Black Friday sale date of Friday 26th November.

Could Tesco launch the Black Friday Tesco toy sale early again this year?

It’s impossible to know for sure, but it’s looking likely.

Last year the sale included 40% off Paw Patrol and Babyliss toy ranges, which proved very popular.

Any unsold sale stock remaining for the official Black Friday date is expected to still be on sale, but of course these sales would be very limited.

Expect the next Black Friday Tesco toy sale to happen on Friday 11th November 2022, two weeks before the official Black Friday date of Friday 25th November 2022.



Christmas Tesco Toy Sale

Christmas Tesco Toy Sale

If your stuck for Christmas toy ideas, or generally aim to do your Christmas shopping during December, then the Christmas Tesco toy sale is one to explore – but you need to get in quick!

This sale is incredibly popular, and the best bargains go very fast.

In 2020 the Christmas toy sale started on Wednesday 16th December 2020, and included 50% off Paw Patrol and Barbie toys, amongst other brands.

Top Tip: Many of these Christmas toy sales in 2020 took place in store, and only a selection of the toys was available online. So, visiting a Tesco Extra store may give you a better range of choice in 2022!

Expect the next Christmas Tesco toy sale to happen on Wednesday 14th December 2022.



How to Find the Best Bargains in the Tesco Toy Sales

Many of the toy sales are available both online and in store.

With the hassle involved in in store shopping now, including commuting, parking, crowds, and queues, it’s no wonder so many people are ditching the travel, and browsing and shopping online.

Although all the sales are both instore and online, there is one exception – the Tesco Christmas toy sale.

In the past some of the toys in the sales were instore only, and not available online.

Unlike other high street retailers, this is quite a common practise for supermarket sales.

This means for the Christmas toy sale expected on Wednesday 14th December 2022, you may have to heard out in to store for the best sale bargains.

This is a popular sale, and although stocks are replenished throughout the day, you know the old sale saying – ‘once it’s gone, it’s gone!’.



In Conclusion – Tesco Toy Sales

The Tesco toy sale is one of the toy sales to watch throughout the year.

Although many of the 2021 sales had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, The Tesco toys department will be looking to step this up in to the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter months of 2022 and entice all their customers back.

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