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Hot UK Deals


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Hot UK Deals is one of the most popular deal, discount and voucher sites in the UK.

Surprisingly, many people only know of Hot UK Deals (HUKD) for voucher codes.

Having used Hot UK Deals on multiple occasions we’ll guide you through the best ways to use the site and teach you things, and ways to save, that 90% of visitors miss out on!

We’ll also touch upon Hot UK Deals as a company, how good the deals really are and whether it is worth it.


What is Hot UK Deals?

Hot UK Deals showcases the latest savings, deals and offers submitted by users of the community. Deals and savings are rated by others. The deals with the highest community ratings are     given greater visibility. A selection of freebies and voucher codes can also be found and used for further savings.

With over 2 million registered members in the UK alone, it means 1 in every 30 people in the UK have a Hot UK Deals account.

There are a lot of users helping others find big savings and deals found online.

There are also a lot of users policing the deals listed to make sure they are genuine. Deals given poor feedback by the community are swiftly removed. This helps keeps the site authentic and genuine.

Hot UK Deals was founded over 17 years ago, way back in 2004. It is part of the Pepper group of companies. Pepper Deals UK is a registered UK company, plus as part of the Pepper group they are registered in a number of other European companies with similar deal offerings.



How to save on Hot UK Deals (HUKD)?

Save on Hot UK Deals

There are lots of ways to save on HUKD:



The Deals section is where latest promotions, offers, savings and the latest deals – sometimes flash sales – are found.

So many products can be found, and from lots of different categories. Games, gadgets, homeware, clothes, shoes and more.

The Deals section is split in to three separate areas:



The Hot area are those deals given the highest accolade and thumbs up from the community. These are deals that offer the greatest and biggest savings.

This is where the very best deals online can be found.

The only thing to consider is that the Hot rating doesn’t show the number of people who have positively voted.

Although posts and listings from editors (such as Millarcat) can be given more credibility.


The New area is quite self-explanatory and is the area where all the very latest listed deals are shown.

Deals do not stay around long on this page. At time of visiting there were 14 new deals posted in the past 1 hour alone.

That’s a new deal every 4.28 seconds!

New deals are great to take advantage off, especially of stock is limited, you will have to bear in mind these deal listings will have very few reviews, or community likes.

It’s important to vet these deals before buying to make sure the deal is genuine, and the product isn’t available elsewhere for a cheaper price!


The Discussed area is designed to show case the deals that are being talked about the most in the community.

Discussions could be good, bad or challenging but topical deals are always good to check out.



Voucher Codes

The HUKD Voucher Code section has all the very best voucher codes on offer.

In our tests they have reliably been on the more accurate, genuine and reliable voucher code websites in the UK today.

With an average of nine new voucher codes added every day from brands big and small, they have a very extensive database of the top voucher codes available.

Again, like the Deals section, the Voucher Codes section is split in to the same three areas:

  • New
  • Hot
  • Discussed

If you are looking to see whether a voucher code is available, you could try searching for the company name in the search box alongside the navigation buttons near the HUKD logo.




Who doesn’t love a freebie!

With an average of nineteen freebies added every day, there’s always a reason to have a check in your spare time to see if there are any new freebies to get your hands on.

At time of writing some of the freebies include free ebooks, free Whopper or Plant Based Whopper from Burger King, free pint of beer or soft drink, free courses and a free 3 month subscription to Spotify Premium!

The same three areas (Hot, New and Discussed) can also be accessed through the Freebies section to help you find the best freebies and free stuff in the UK!



Hot UK Deals Review

It was through the Voucher Codes section that we first stumbled across Hot UK Deals.

There were so many voucher code websites out there, and many not offering real voucher codes at all, they just had links which earned the voucher code site money if I made a purchase.

HUKD stood out. Their voucher codes were consistently more genuine and reliable than some of the others.

They were not always at the top of the search engines when searching for a voucher code before buying on a site somewhere, but I went looking for the Hot UK Deals voucher code listing because I knew it was likely to be genuine.

It has been this consistent push to show only the very best and most authentic deals and voucher codes – driven forward by the army of a community keep a watchful eye over deals 24/7 – that has seen the HUKD site grow in popularity and loyalty.

It’s also how you grow a website to over 2 million registered users.



How good are the HUKD deals?

Hot UK Deals feature some of the better deals available online. Discounts range from 5% off to 80% off or more. The community aspect of the site provides reliability in the deals, proving their authenticity.

It is clear Hot UK Deals are competing with huge corporations such as Groupon. They are doing a good job so far, although currently Groupon hold a larger share of the market.

There are no less than 15 main groups (categories) with hundreds of deals on travel, finance, shopping, leisure, fashion and more.

Each group gives the ability to drill down even further to categories or brands.

The category pages give a sense of how large the Hot UK Deals website actually is.

For example, the Home and Living category group has 281,603 deals and 3,464,690 comments from the community!

Groups on HUKD

Of course, many of these deals will no longer be valid, but it helps put things into perspective.


What We Liked

Here are some of the things we like about Hot UK Deals:

  • It’s huge! – there are hundreds of deals, freebies and voucher codes listed each day
  • The community help show which deals are genuine, which deals have expired or to avoid – and which deals really stand out!
  • We have always found the HUKD voucher codes to be the most authentic and valuable.


What We Didn’t Like

Here are some of the ways we feel HUKD could be improved:

  • Showing the number of people who have liked a deal would be useful
  • The freebies section could be enhanced and given greater visibility to cover a wider range of UK free stuff and freebies



Is Hot UK Deals worth it?

Hot UK Deals is worth it to find good deals, flash sales and voucher codes online. Genuine deals are given a hot rating or a cold rating by the community. Hot deals are considered good, cold deals are considered bad or expired. Hot UK Deals is worth it to anyone looking to save money when shopping.



What are the HUKD Groups

The HUKD groups simply refer to the categories all the deals are found within.

The groups are categorised into the following categories:

  • Home & Living
  • Electronics
  • Family & Kids
  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Garden & DIY
  • Culture & Leisure
  • Groceries
  • Services & Contracts
  • Travel
  • Health & Beauty
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Gaming
  • Broadband & Phone Contracts
  • Car & Motorcycle
  • Finance & Insurance



Hot UK Deals Alternatives – Money Boost

Every website has some kind of competition or alternative.

In the UK the two biggest alternatives would have to include Groupon and Wowcher.

We couldn’t though finish this article without talking about Hot UK Deals vs Money Boost.

Hot UK Deals focuses, as we’ve seen, on flash deals and offers whereas Money Boost has recently launched its own Shopping Sales area, helping our readers know when the most popular sales in the UK will be, including the Tesco 25% Off sale and Schuh Imperfects Cheap Shoes.

Saving money whilst shopping online is proving to be our most popular category, so it is where we will be focusing our efforts over the coming months, to help you save more and more.

This is alongside our ways of earning money with Side Hustles, Passive Income, Investing and more!



In Conclusion – Hot UK Deals

Whether you are looking for travel deals, grocery deals, gaming deals, health & beauty deals or any other type of deal, HUKD is certainly a website to check out.

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